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Textmunication Holdings Inc. (TXHD)

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Welcome! to the TXHD Board - Textmunication Holdings, Inc

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The purpose of this IBOX by a certain individual is to create fear while trying to cover an MM NAKED SHORT position. BMAK is rumored to be the short MM. They shorted when they saw convertible debt come into the market and the rumor is there may be a 70 million share NAKED SHORT position in the stock. This NAKED SHORT position is an asset for the stock as it will create sustained buying as the MM runs for cover. This is a fast growing silicon valley tech company with revenues creating a paradigm shift in advertising. Do not be scared of the FBI and SEC BS in this IBOX. This company is the furthest thing from a pump and dump. It only verifies the rumor of a huge NAKED SHORT position. TXHD was recently issued a $0.02+ price target by equity research firm Ludlow Research, which cited the low market cap valuation as reason for their coverage. 

Short and distort Scheme

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Short and distort" is a type of securities fraud in which Internet investors short sell a stock and then spread negative rumors about the company in an attempt to drive down stock prices.[1][2]

One way of shorting and distorting involves the sale of a security that is not even owned by the seller, but is either rented or borrowed, with the specific purpose of selling it to another person, then spreading untruthful, negative information to tank its stock price.[3]

It is often performed as a form of naked short selling in which stock is sold without being borrowed and without any intent to borrow.[4][5] Once the stock price has declined, the investor uses the proceeds of the initial sale to buy a larger number of the company's shares than sold originally. Some of the newly purchased stock is used to fulfill the short-selling contract; the remaining shares are then offered for sale, which causes an additional decline in the company's share price.

During the takeover of The Bear Stearns Companies by J.P. Morgan Chase in March 2008, reports swirled that short sellers were spreading rumors to drive down Bear Stearns' share price.[6] Democratic Senator Christopher Dodd felt this was more than rumors and said, "This is about collusion."[7] Chase was victimized by a similar "short and distort" scheme six years earlier when rumors arose about its purported relationship with Enron.[8]


A bear raid is the illegal practice of ganging up to push a stock's price lower through concerted short selling and spreading adverse rumors about the targeted company. A bear raid is sometimes resorted to by unscrupulous short sellers who want to make a quick buck from their short positions. A bear-raid target is generally a company that is going through a challenging period, since its vulnerable position makes it easy fodder for short sellers.

While short selling per se is perfectly legal, coordinated short selling is viewed as market manipulation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), while spreading false rumors is tantamount to fraudulent activity. 

Bear Raid taking place now!


Why TXHD is being attacked.

Cellar Boxing


Show the judge this….

Cellar Boxing Part 1

There’s a form of the securities fraud known as naked short selling that is becoming very popular and lucrative to the Market Makers that practice it. It is known as “Cellar boxing” and it has to do with the fact that the NASD and the SEC had to arbitrarily set a minimum level at which a stock can trade. This level was set at $.0001 or one-one hundredth of a penny. This level is appropriately referred to as “the cellar”. This $.0001 level can be used as a “backstop” for all kinds of market maker and naked short selling manipulations.


“Cellar boxing” has been one of the security frauds du jour since 1999 when the market went to a “decimalization” basis. In the pre-decimalization days the minimum market spread for most stocks was set at 1/8th of a dollar and the market makers were guaranteed a healthy “spread”. Since decimalization came into effect, those one-eighth of a dollar spreads now are often only a penny as you can see in Microsoft’s quote throughout the day. Where did the unscrupulous MMs go to make up for all of this lost income? They headed “south” to the OTCBB and Pink Sheets where the protective effects from naked short selling like Rule 10-a, and NASD Rules 3350, 3360, and 3370 are nonexistent.

The unique aspect of needing an arbitrary “cellar” level is that the lowest possible incremental gain above this cellar level represents a 100% spread available to MMs making a market in these securities. When compared to the typical spread in Microsoft of perhaps four-tenths of 1%, this is pretty tempting territory. In fact, when the market is no bid to $.0001 offer there is theoretically an infinite spread.

In order to participate in “cellar boxing”, the MMs first need to pummel the price per share down to these levels. The lower they can force the share price, the larger are the percentage spreads to feed off of. This is easily done via garden variety naked short selling. In fact if the MM is large enough and has enough visibility of buy and sell orders as well as order flow, he can simultaneously be acting as the conduit for the sale of nonexistent shares through Canadian co-conspiring broker/dealers and their associates with his right hand at the same time that his left hand is naked short selling into every buy order that appears through its own proprietary accounts. The key here is to be a dominant enough of a MM to have visibility of these buy orders. This is referred to as “broker/dealer internalization” or naked short selling via “desking” which refers to the market makers trading desk. While the right hand is busy flooding the victim company’s market with “counterfeit” shares that can be sold at any instant in time the left hand is nullifying any upward pressure in share price by neutralizing the demand for the securities. The net effect becomes no demonstrable demand for shares and a huge oversupply of shares which induces a downward spiral in share price.

In fact, until the “beefed up” version of Rule 3370 (Affirmative determination in writing of “borrowability” by settlement date) becomes effective, U.S. MMs have been “legally” processing naked short sale orders out of Canada and other offshore locations even though they and the clearing firms involved knew by history that these shares were in no way going to be delivered. The question that then begs to be asked is how “the system” can allow these obviously bogus sell orders to clear and settle. To find the answer to this one need look no further than to Addendum “C” to the Rules and Regulations of the NSCC subdivision of the DTCC. This gaping loophole allows the DTCC, which is basically the 11,000 b/ds and banks that we refer to as “Wall Street”, to borrow shares from those investors naive enough to hold these shares in “street name” at their brokerage firm. This amounts to about 95% of us. Theoretically, this “borrow” was designed to allow trades to clear and settle that involved LEGITIMATE 1 OR 2 DAY delays in delivery. This “borrow” is done unbeknownst to the investor that purchased the shares in question and amounts to probably the largest “conflict of interest” known to mankind. The question becomes would these investors knowingly loan, without compensation, their shares to those whose intent is to bankrupt their investment if they knew that the loan process was the key mechanism needed for the naked short sellers to effect their goal? Another question that arises is should the investor’s b/d who just earned a commission and therefore owes its client a fiduciary duty of care, be acting as the intermediary in this loan process keeping in mind that this b/d is being paid the cash value of the shares being loaned as a means of collateralizing the loan, all unbeknownst to his client the purchaser..


Naked short selling, or naked shorting, is the practice of short-selling a tradable asset of any kind without first borrowing the security or ensuring that the security can be borrowed, as is conventionally done in a short sale. When the seller does not obtain the shares within the required time frame, the result is known as a "failure to deliver". The transaction generally remains open until the shares are acquired by the seller, or the seller's broker settles the trade.[1]




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TXHD News: Textmunication Holdings, Inc. Announces Share Structure Update 02/22/2017 09:00:00 AM
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TXHD News: Current Report Filing (8-k) 02/10/2017 12:42:56 PM
TXHD News: Textmunication Announces Text Messaging Recruiting Platform 02/09/2017 10:00:00 AM
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#9479   Note Holder can HOLD and SELL 5% of The Prophetic One 02/23/17 04:23:24 PM
#9478   $TXHD float going to 2,003,759,793 shares mdimport 02/23/17 04:22:03 PM
#9477   Textmunication recently increased its Authorized Share total to 4B.[/quot Immortan 02/23/17 04:17:41 PM
#9476   92 million t-trade that's 50% of the float madeindet 02/23/17 04:09:11 PM
#9475   When they finish it will bounce but that's The Prophetic One 02/23/17 04:06:55 PM
#9474   The only thing that will be green today Cid Vicious 02/23/17 03:50:49 PM
#9473   I would assume a nice sizeable bounce is Immortan 02/23/17 03:44:34 PM
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#9471   $Txhd This is Huge !!!!!!! GreenWarning 02/23/17 03:02:47 PM
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#9462   Gift that keeps on giving!! TXHD $$$ DSherman 02/23/17 12:00:48 PM
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