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Texas Wyoming Drilling, Inc. operates as a diversified gold, mineral, and rock mining company. Its projects include the Yellow Jacket Mine, which covers approximately 160 acres located in Moapa, Nevada and Blue Jacket Mine covering approximately 70 acres located in Nelson, Nevada with gold and silver claims. TWDL also operates the Legacy Rock Calcium Mine, a Calcium Carbonate project. Texas Wyoming Drilling is incorporated in Delaware with offices in Las Vegas, Nevada. Texas Wyoming Drilling Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiary Legacy Rock Inc. together they are referred to as Texas Wyoming Drilling or TWDL.
Company Website: 
Share Structure As Of 5/20/2013 Transfer Agent:  Media and Investor Relations:
Float 81,117,936
Action Stock Transfer Corporation
2469 E. Fort Union Blvd., Suite 214
Salt Lake City, UT 84121
Telephone: (801) 274-1088
Fax: (801) 274-1099
Media and Investor Relations Contact

OS 260,269,590
AS 699,999,999



Yellow Jacket Mine is located in Clark County, Nevada, in the Moapa Mining District. The property is more particularly referred to as Yellow Jacket Placer Mining Claim #108. TWDL has an option and a right of first refusal on Yellow Jacket Mining Claims # 104, #20, #25, #22, #23, #26 and #27 should the Seller decide to sell these contiguous properties, or in the event that an offer is made to purchase these properties from Seller. TWDL would then have 30 days in which to match any such offer. These Mining Claims are contiguous to Claim #108. The Company will conduct extensive exploration on Claim #108, several assays from samples taken show an abundance of Gold, Silver, Platinum and other Rare Earths.
Press Releases:
Press Release of Yellow Jacket Mining Claim Purchase
Analytical Reports:
Copper State Analytical Lab "Analytical Report"
Copper State Analytical Lab "Analysis Report"
Historical Data:
Yellow Jacket Placer Mine Sites "Historic Test Data"
Yellow Jacket Placer Mine Sites "Exhibit Data"
Yellow Jacket Placer Mine Sites "Yellow Jacket  Shared Brochure"
Green Mining Recovery Program YJ #108
Yellow Jacket Mining DBA Brochure Website
Blue Jacket Mine is a TWDL joint venture with NWWW, Inc. The Blue Jacket Mine is near the historical Eldorado Canyon Mine and will encompass approximately seventy two acres of patented land to include precious metal mining and H20/water rights. Blue Jacket is a past producing gold mine and is the only authorized H20 well in the surrounding area geographically all the way to Boulder City. The Blue Jacket property has access to an estimated 28,000,000 gallons of spring water a year. The mining facility is situated outside Nelson, Nevada which is a twenty minute drive from Las Vegas and Boulder City, Nevada.

Press Releases:
Press Release of Joint Venture of Blue Jacket Mine with NWWW, Inc.
Press Release TWDL finds Platinum deposits within Blue Jacket Mine
Analytical Reports:
Copper State Analytical Lab "Analysis Report"
Legacy Rock Operates the Legacy Rock mine near Logandale, NV. Legacy Rock is a mineral and rock mining company. This division mines and sells calcium carbonate, sands, decorative rock, golf course materials and landscaping rocks. Their larger clients include Lowe's, Walmart, Star Nurseries and Home Depot. Legacy Rock has entered into a contract with NV Energy. NV Energy is the supplier of energy to customers in a 54,500-square-mile service territory in Nevada and northeastern California. The Company has shipped calcium carbonate to be used for erosion control in Pond Projects and Erosion Control Projects at NV Energy's Nevada Generation Plant. Legacy Rock has a stockpile of an estimated 300,000 tons of the mineral ready and waiting to be shipped.
Legacy Rock Website:


Company Priority Project - Yellow Jacket Placer Project Mine

Yellow Jacket Placer Mine Sites "Yellow Jacket Shared Brochure"

MOAPA Valley, Clark County, Nevada.

Today there are four (4) groups of ten (10) 160-acre Placer Claims available for sale in the Yellow Jacket Placer Project and nine (9) separate mines. There have been samplings taken at various points of the Yellow Jacket Placer Project since 1980 and more recently on February 16, 2009 and April 14, 2009, and in-house assaying has been ongoing from 2008 to the present time. Historic testing and mine evaluations has yielded over 2,000 assay results from drilling and surface sampling to a depth of 620-feet deep by two (2) independent facilities. Using the latest technology and techniques, current test assays have yielded significantly higher values. The USGS Survey Department has provided the Yellow Jacket Placer Project Partners drill samples from a depth of approximately 1700 feet to 1900 feet deep that have been tested and evaluated, indicating a significant mineralization between 1700 feet to 1900 feet on this sedimentary deposit.

There has been a certified geological mine and mineral evaluation prepared on Claim #29 in Fall 2010 reporting a conservative minimum value of $239,000,000 (Fall 2010 prices) per foot of excavation on

one (1) 160-acre surface area claim just on gold (spot price used was $1,275), silver (spot price used was $20.75), platinum (spot price used $1,615), not including bi-products ,transitional metals, or rare earth metals. The current analytical reports show that there are a minimum of eight (8) Transitional Metals and fifteen (15) Rare Earth Metals found on the Yellow Jacket Placer Project.

Transitional Metal - Atomic Number

Rare Earth - Atomic Number

1. Rh = Rhodium #45

2. Pd = Palladium #46

3. AG = Silver #47

4. W = Tungsten #74

5. OS = Osmium #76

6. IR = Iridium #77

7. Pt = Platinum #78

8. Au = Gold #79

1. Lu = Lutetium #7

2. Y = Yttrium #39

3. La = Lanthanum #57

4. CE = Cerium #58

5. Pr = Praseodymium #59

6. Nd = Neodymium #60

7. Sm = Samarium #62

8. Eu = Europium #63

9. Gd = Gadolinium #64

10. Tb = Terbium #65

11. Dy = Dysprosium #66

12. Ho = Holmium #67

13. Er = Erbium #68

14. Tm = Thulium #69

15. Yb = Ytterbium #7

Please find enclosed the conservative Rare Earths Analysis Report from a certified lab, CSAL Inc.

(Copper State Analytical Lab) dated Feb. 27, 2009 Here are some of the conservative numbers per ton:

1. 0.346 oz AU per ton

2. 3.207 oz AG per ton

3. 0.1255 oz PT per ton

4. 0.2405 oz RH per ton

Based on the certified analytical reports and historic data, there is at least 180,480,000 tons per each 160-acre Placer Claim to a depth of 620 feet (2640' x 2640' x 620') = proven cubic feet of placer material per claim then divided by 24 cubic feet per ton.

The Nevada Bureau of Mines & Geology, Mackay School of Mines, UNLV Reno, and the USGS prepared Bulletin #62 - Geology and Mineral Deposits of Clark County, Nevada indicating the highly mineralized sedimentary placer deposit encompassed by the Yellow Jacket Placer Project could easily reach a depth of 6,000 feet thick or ten times the depth of the historic drilling & testing program which conservatively indicated over 62,000,000 ounces of gold, 43,000,000 ounces of Rhodium, and 22,000,000 ounces of Platinum reserves for each 160-acre associated placer claim to a depth of 620 feet or for each 180 million plus ton of blocked out placer material.

Metal Ounce Average Price Total 12/9/12

Au 62,000,000 at $1,700 per oz = $ 105,400,000.00

Rh 43,000,000 at $1,100 per oz = $ 47,300,000.00

Pt 22,000,000 at $1,600 per oz = $ 35,200,000.00


TOTAL 127,000,000…………………..……..$187,900,000.00

Analytical Report dated 4/14/2009 - random surface sampling

Gold . . . . . . . = 0.291

Silver . . . . . . = 0.51

Platinum . . . = 0.494

Palladium . . = 0.015

Osmium . . . = 0.015

Iridium . . . = 0.015

Rhodium . . .= 0.015

The conservative total combined estimate of 3 Transitional Metals total 72,000,000 ounces inthe Yellow Jacket Project will yield 10 times.

We have not mentioned the fifteen (15) Rare Earth metals that can be found in the Yellow Jacket Placer Project:

1. Nd (neodymium) 140 ppm - used to make super magnets, computer hard disks, wind turbines, hybrid cars

2. CE (Cerium) 30 ppm - used in catalytic converters, diesel fuels to reduce carbon monoxide; in carbon arc lights, lighter flints, glass polishers

3. Pr (praseodymium) 24 ppm - used with magnesium to make high-strength metals for aircraft engines and signal amplifier in fiber-optic cables.

4. LA (lanthanum) 16 ppm - make carbon arc lamps used in film and TV industry studio & projector lights. Found in batteries, camera lens, cigarette-lighter flints.

5. Y (yttrium) 7 ppm - conducts microwaves and acoustic energy; simulates diamond gemstones, strengthens ceramic, glass, aluminum and magnesium alloys

6. Gd (gadolinium) 6 ppm - used to control rods at nuclear power plants; used in medical applications like MRI; improve workability of iron, chromium, and other metals

7. Sm (samarium) 3 ppm - mixed with cobalt creates permanent magnet with highest de-magnetization resistance. Crucial for building "smart" missiles; used in carbon arc lamps, and glass.

8. Dy (dysprosium) 2 ppm - used in controls rod at nuclear power plants, certain types of laser, found in hybrid vehicle batteries; high-intensity lighting

9. Ho (holmium) 2 ppm - highest magnetic strength of any known element. useful in industrial magnets and nuclear control rods.

10. Yb (ytterbium) 1 ppm - used in portable x-ray devices, certain lasers, stress gauges for earth- quakes, and doping agent in fiber-optic cables.

Each Yellow Jacket Placer Project mine is 160 acres with in-ground assets to a depth of 620 ft (Au, Pt, Rh) = 127,000,000 oz X $1,466.67 per oz (average price) = $187,900,001,466.67

10 mines = $187,900,001,466.67 X 10 = $1,879,000,014,666.67

In addition, you have to account for all the rare earth and transitional metals that are present in the placer.

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has done testing beyond 1900 feet and has reported that the placer material extends beyond this depth.

I-15, railroad, airport and medical facilities not far from the Yellow Jacket Placer Project deposit as well as another fully permitted and operational mining project close to the Highway and Las Vegas.

Yellow Jacket Placer Project is located in Moapa Valley,

50 miles north of Las Vegas, 6 miles from I-15 and State Hwy 160
Commercial water, power, natural gas, railroad; close to housing, airport and hospital

I-15, railroad, airport and medical facilities not far from the Yellow Jacket Placer Project deposit as well as
another fully permitted and operational mining project close to the Highway and Las Vegas.



News Release

May 06, 2013, 07:12 ET Texas Wyoming Drilling (OTC TWDL) Announces Progress In Funding Negotiations

Texas Wyoming Drilling (OTC Pink: TWDL) announced today that they are in serious negotiations for substantial funding. Once the funding is approved, it will have no effect on share structure. No additional shares will be issued for this purpose. The next step in the process will be to have a...

Jan 23, 2013, 08:00 ET Texas Wyoming Drilling, Inc. (OTC: TWDL), a US-based Exploration Mining Company and its Yellow Jacket Placer Mining Claim located in Moapa Valley, Nevada

Texas Wyoming Drilling, Inc. announces today that the Yellow Jacket Placer mine located in Moapa Valley, Nevada will be the first project that the company will commence mining. Analytical and Historical reports of the property which is located in Moapa Valley, 50 miles north of Las Vegas...

Jan 22, 2013, 08:00 ET Texas Wyoming Drilling, Inc, ( OTC: TWDL), a US-based Exploration mining company is ready to prove that GOLD can be Green.

Texas Wyoming Drilling, Inc., (OTC: TWDL) a US-based exploration mining company announces today that the company is working with an industrial Engineer that is designing a state of the art piece of Mining Equipment. TWDL will hold the license rights for this Green Recovery mining...

Dec 12, 2012, 09:00 ET Texas Wyoming Drilling Inc., a US-based exploration mining company seeks to capitalize on its Blue Jacket Mine Precious Metals Find

Texas Wyoming Drilling Inc., (OTC: TWDL) a US-based exploration mining company is encouraged at its prospects for capitalizing its precious metal find as recently reported. The spot price of Platinum and Gold as of 12/11/2012 was listed as 1631oz /1710oz respectively. Based on the fire assay...

Dec 05, 2012, 09:00 ET TWDL Resumes Active Path to Mining

Texas Wyoming Drilling, Inc. (OTC:TWDL), a diversified mining company, announced today that they have signed a contract for continuing financing. This is imperative for the Company to go forward with its mining projects. Although not necessarily inclusive or in the order of priority,...


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