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Welcome to Technical Analysts board, this board is open to all Penny AND Big board stocks

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The power of the triangles

Ascending Triangle is When a chart makes higher lows but not higher highs, entrance on the bottom trendline or when the price breaks above the previous flatline of highs. Sell when the stock makes a lower low.
Descending Triangle is When a stock holds its lows but makes lower highs. Buy at support bottom trendline or makes its first higher high and sell when it loses support or makes a lower low.

Symetrical Triangle is When a stock makes lower highs AND higher lows, buy at the bottom trendline or when the stock makes its first breakout with a higher high and sell when it makes a lower low or profits are made.


Chart Posting Formula: 


1. Double Top - #msg-38898323 
2. Triple Top - #msg-38909205

Technical Analysis Chart Lessons
1. Moving Averages #msg-17587817
2. Moving Averages 2 #msg-17587835
3. MACD indicator #msg-17587768
4. Williams %R indicator #msg-17587714
5. RSI indicator #msg-17587680
6. ADX/DMI indicators #msg-17587655
7. Aroon indicator #msg-17587692
8. Finding Resistance #msg-17587755
9. Finding Support #msg-17587741
10. Stock_Analyzers Entry and Exit strategy #msg-17587731
11. What is a cup and handle: #msg-18255652
12. Parabolic SAR  #msg-19208309
13. Moving Averages  #msg-19208263
14. Bollinger Bands  #msg-19208548
15. The ART of SELLING ON THE ASK  #msg-20282564
16. Support & Resistance Levels
17. Drawing Trendlines
18. Positive Divergences
19. Trendline Break + 50% Hold
20. Using Zig-Zag Re-Tracement Lines

Lessons on Market Sentiment
Lesson 1 Emotion
Lesson 2 Crowd Behavior
Lesson 3 Volume


Chart tools:
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(3) Chart indicator definitions
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(7) Find out if your stock is on the SHO List,7,9
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Opinions expressed on this board are only people’s opinions. I, nor any moderator or assistant of this board is a licensed broker. Trading strategies discussed on this board are often high risk and not suitable everyone.
No one is responsible for your gains or losses in the market except YOU. If you follow stock strategies, charts and or buy and sells signals discussed on this board you may LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY.
Please weigh the strategies discussed here carefully against what you are willing to risk.
Please do your own due diligence before buying or selling ANY SECURITY in the open market, there are no guarantees.

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