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Spongetech Delivery Systems, Inc. (fka SPNGQ)

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Last Post: 12/13/2017 2:15:54 PM - Followers: 718 - Board type: Free - Posts Today: 0

Spongetech (SPNGQ) is dead and defunct. All money is G-O-N-E.

Any requests for refunds must be sent to STEVEN YEHUDA MOSKOWITZ in Flushing, NY.

Steven Yehuda Moskowitz    
13624 71st Rd   
Flushing, NY 11367   718.575.3045
Steven 917-796-4695

Michael Metter wishes to thank all the SPNGQ shareholders for their munny:

Moskowitz and Metter have plenty of money for any potentially life-saving medical procedures. It's all stashed away.

All requests for refunds of shareholder losses must be sent to:

Mindy Moscowitz

13624 71st Rd   
Flushing, NY 11367   718.575.3045

Doug Furth, promoter of SPNG using the alias Soapy Bubbles, has had his home foreclosed on and auctioned by the Sheriff on 2/13/2017. (Note misspelling - his address is Dorset Lane not Dorest)

Crooked Steven Yehuda Moskowitz never changes - always a SCAMSTER.

In a search for a contractor to replace my roof I had 5 estimates provided from 5 different companies. STEVEN MOSKOWITZ of Renovex  LLC  gave me the best price by over a couple thousand dollars. This was too good to pass on, so I hired Renovex to do the job.
Steve immediately demanded 60% of the cost to be paid upfront. I was hesitant so I told him once the material arrives on site I would give him the 60%. He rudely told me "I am not a bank, and I won't lay out that kind of money." We eventually came to an agreement. The following day, 80% of the material arrived and so I paid him in good faith. That was my second mistake. My first mistake was hiring him in the first place. I was initially promised that the entire job would be completed in 3-5 work days. Over the course of 3 weeks I've heard one excuse after the other. It went from bad weather (which never came) to family emergencies, to sick days (6 in a row, with no communication) This company left my roof unprotected which lead to a  semi-major leak in multiple areas of my home. I am currently in the process of filing a claim against his insurance, which I'm beginning to think is fraudulent. I have gotten no where. After over three weeks from the start date they were only competent enough to complete 45% of the job. I had finally had enough of the excuses and contacted Steve. I told him I have no other recourse at this point. I need to hire someone else to complete the job. His response was,  "Why didn't you tell me that my workers haven't been there in over 5 days? You are just trying to steal my materials and I will see you in court!"  As if I'm responsible for managing his labor force. Save yourself the headache, don't use Renovex LLC for ANYTHING! It was a waste of my time and money in the long run. It was the least professional management I've ever dealt with in my entire life. PLEASE DON'T BE TEMPTED BY THE LOW COST, IT IS A FACADE THAT IS WELL WORTH AVOIDING!

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#346447   Yes it did, and SPNGQ 'investor' munny went shajandr 12/13/17 02:15:53 PM
#346446   Baloney. Post a link and prove that BS claim. shajandr 12/13/17 02:08:16 PM
#346445   shajandr, SPNGQ died long ago... CRAZY $$$ 12/12/17 09:23:45 PM
#346444   That's not correct. M&M made only about cowtown jay 12/12/17 01:16:13 PM
#346443   Nobody made as much munny off the SPNGQ shajandr 12/12/17 11:57:26 AM
#346442   This board is still here? Wow, it's been rocky113 12/11/17 01:49:03 PM
#346441   And Walgreens. Now, let's go to the blue shajandr 12/10/17 09:59:01 PM
#346440   But, But,'s in Wal-Mart! Teflon2Insults 12/10/17 01:25:58 AM
#346437   CONVICTED FELON STEVEN YEHUDA MOSKOWITZ wishes every one shajandr 11/24/17 01:59:15 AM
#346435   STEVEN YEHUDA MOSKOWITZ is the Thanksgiving turkey and shajandr 11/21/17 12:31:12 PM
#346434   STEVEN YEHUDA MOSKOWITZ has ratholed enuff swindled SPNGQ shajandr 11/11/17 02:08:31 AM
#346429   I found an interesting article in reference to Thoth 10/09/17 11:54:23 AM
#346428   "And don't forget to put Steve and Mindy shajandr 09/27/17 09:21:40 AM
#346427   Congratulations! That is $61 more than Jay Booth shajandr 09/26/17 11:12:36 PM
#346425   Nahhh....just a waste of time. Smallville 09/26/17 08:17:25 AM
#346424   Smallville, people still hold out hope for some flaflyersfan 09/26/17 08:14:00 AM
#346423   Yes, other people got them, too. Smallville 09/26/17 08:05:57 AM
#346422   Smallville, true? Final chapter written and storybook closed flaflyersfan 09/26/17 07:45:59 AM
#346421   I got a $61 restitution check today. Smallville 09/25/17 08:04:23 PM
#346420   SPNGQ was such an obvious scam and anybuddy shajandr 09/21/17 03:53:43 PM
#346419   Before that he was pumping and hyping the 236T568 09/21/17 12:14:27 AM
#346418   Oh - he's been all over the board Teflon2Insults 09/20/17 09:41:35 PM
#346417   This is a shell, right? Termite7 09/19/17 11:54:14 AM
#346416   He actually didn't lose his entire investment 236T568 09/12/17 05:50:31 PM
#346415   Jay...really dude. Teflon2Insults 09/12/17 02:49:09 PM
#346414   This regularly revisited topic makes no difference. Teflon2Insults 09/12/17 02:36:10 PM
#346411   An oldie butt still true and educational: shajandr 08/31/17 01:17:42 AM
#346406   Jay you bought shares in a worthless pennystock shajandr 08/11/17 07:34:29 PM
#346405   "I think Bomart may have been the right shajandr 08/11/17 07:11:20 PM
#346401   I think Bomart may have been the right cowtown jay 08/10/17 04:12:50 PM
#346400   I heard David Bomart had your check....did you thecrusher2011 08/10/17 03:59:08 PM
#346399   So, again no munny for you. Bummer, dude. shajandr 08/03/17 04:08:02 PM
#346397   Since this activity was not long after cowtown jay 08/03/17 12:39:47 AM
#346396   Has Mindy Moskowitz sent the refund check yet, shajandr 08/02/17 08:37:54 PM
#346395   So, still no munny for you. Bummer, dude. shajandr 08/02/17 06:00:16 PM
#346394   This Avi Mirman? cowtown jay 08/02/17 05:07:53 PM
#346385   Jay, has Mindy Moskowitz sent you a refund shajandr 06/23/17 03:33:14 PM
#346384   I believe you were involved with my transaction. Teflon2Insults 06/21/17 03:55:34 AM
#346383   Bummer for you again. Your hoped for munny shajandr 06/20/17 10:03:38 PM
#346381  Restored Thanks, Whip. But as with everything about cowtown jay 06/20/17 08:37:43 AM
#346380  Restored Great DD! Whiplash_Investor 06/20/17 05:57:27 AM
#346379  Restored Sandias Azucaradas cowtown jay 06/19/17 11:32:15 PM
#346378   Spongetech is garbage Snug Harbour 06/09/17 09:31:35 PM
#346377   Moskowitz and SpongeTech CEO Michael Metter were arrested CRAZY $$$ 06/08/17 03:01:45 AM
#346376   SPNG went from .006 to .25 CRAZY $$$ 06/08/17 02:51:48 AM
#346375   Bummer for you. Ain't happening. I'm shure Steve shajandr 06/06/17 10:46:50 AM
#346374   I agree that this is a very big cowtown jay 06/06/17 09:37:48 AM
#346372   Bummer for you, dude. No munny ever comin' shajandr 06/06/17 03:17:07 AM
#346368   Is the 10k out yet? n/t dlewisfl 05/16/17 08:12:21 AM
#346365   Are these scammers refunding folks via the instruction Mengo80 05/12/17 03:37:16 PM