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Smoky Market Foods, Inc. (SMKY)

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Online Store:

Corporate Website:!/smokymarket


 SMKY Share Structure

 Float 83,064,451

O/S 152,144,804

Restricted 69,080,353

A/S 200,000,000 

per Pacific Stock Transfer Co. 702-361-3033 (as of March 22, 2013)


 CEO Eddie Feintech

 Phone: 831-457-7719

P.O. Box 2864

Aptos, CA 95001



Smoky Market Foods Company Information:

As a result of current consumer trends and preferences toward healthfulness, taste, price/value and convenience in the packaged food and restaurant food they purchase, consumers are demanding food quality attributes that meet their standards.  Smoky Market, with its tantalizing smoky aroma, pure Smoke-Baked wholesome quality and great convenience, can fulfill their need.   

As a result of economic conditions and retirement plan losses there are millions of "baby-boomers" and experienced individuals seeking low-risk entrepreneurial opportunities to create either full-time or part-time income.  Smoky Market, with our superb quality of wood-smoked foods and innovative retail & foodservice franchise programs, can fulfill their need.      

As a result of a persistent and diligent process, SMKY's time has come …


Origin of Concept

The concept for Smoky Market originated from the barbecue restaurant enterprise previously operated by the Founder, Eddie Feintech.  The custom-designed, wood-burning brick & iron ovens used in each restaurant produced a quality of real smoked goodness; each oven prepared about 700 pounds of wood-smoked meat per day.  However, growing the concept into a chain of hundreds, if not thousands of outlets that had to cook raw product on site was not feasible.  Developing a national chain of smoked food restaurants, as well as the prospects of building a national packaged smoked food brand, would require mass-production using a USDA-approved, commercialized design of the proprietary smoker-oven.

Eddie personally financed much of the early stages of R&D and began taking in seed investors to cover continuing development costs. Standard USDA approved "smokehouses" burn hickory dust or atomize with liquid smoke to only smoke-flavor meat and fish, and require the use of additives and preservatives. But, Eddie's proprietary design and commercialized wood-burning oven would genuinely "smoke-bake" and mass-produce restaurant quality product, and the development process required several million dollars and nearly 13 years to complete.

In fulfillment of his dream to create a national food brand enterprise, Eddie developed his proprietary smoking design into custom-engineered & USDA-approved, wood-burning oven technology, which can produce up to 20,000 lbs. of real smoked meat per day or up to 30,000 salmon fillets.  Because food processing was so capital intensive with substantial fixed expenses, Eddie secured a large commercial food-processing partner with whom to contract for production of product on a national scale and readied the concept for financing and implementation.

Company's Business

Smoky Market Foods, Inc. (SMKY) produces a line of uniquely prepared, wood-smoked food and operates as a holding company of three business divisions established to generate revenue from branded distribution on a national and international scale.  Each entity operates in a respective sector of the two primary sectors of the food industry: 

  • Smoky Market  operates in the retail sector and generates revenue through on-line ordering and POS display merchandising of premium quality, wood-smoked prepared foods; retail will be first to launch with financing.
  • Smoky Kosher  operates in the retail sector and generates revenue through on-line ordering and POS display merchandising of premium quality, wood-smoked foods that are prepared Kosher and in strict accordance to certification standards of the Orthodox Union for Kosher food.
  • BarBQ Diner operates in the "fast-casual" foodservice sector and generates revenue through innovative franchising of "no-cook" modular restaurants; this division will be launched when cash flow has been created from retail operations, unless licensed for its launch.  


SMKY's management is comprised of industry professionals and corporate operating affiliates for a well-rounded organization of expertise in all areas of its operations. SMKY's structure of virtual management reduces its fixed overhead.

Edward Feintech; Chairman, Pres. & CEO

Eddie has 30 years experience in the industry and operated barbecue restaurants that also produced for satellite restaurant outlets, which initiated the mass-production concept for Smoky Market operations. He designed the smoker-oven technology and developed the Smoky Market menu systemization plan for modular restaurants, and is the Company's largest private cash investor and shareholder. 

Eddie's plan for executive management of SMKY is the concept of "Servant Leadership", which enables his brand managers and regional operating group managers to enjoy creativity with support, while adhering to strict accountability. 

Shane Campbell, CPA; CFO

Shane has served as a financial officer and business advisor to numerous small and medium sized businesses including publicly traded companies over his 23 years of public and private practice.  He has been a guest speaker on mergers/acquisitions, audit/accounting standards and other topics.  He has also been retained as an expert witness in forensic accounting in litigious matters.  Mr. Campbell specializes in providing financial services to early stage and pre-revenue companies.

Dennis Harrison, PhD; CIO

Dennis has held senior level management positions as VP/Business Development, Executive Vice President and CIO.  As such he has been responsible for technical design and integration for complex business processes in the retail service areas that included domestic, as well as off-shore projects involving eCommerce, voice and data customer service. His technological expertise is in reducing complex problems to their simplest and most economical solutions.

Scott L. Bargfrede; Board Member

Scott has served as a director of SMKY since May 2006.  He has been the President and CEO of First American Bank in Webster City, Iowa since October 1999, and graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1979 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Ag-Business Finance. In 1992, he graduated from the University of Wisconsin Graduate School of Banking. 


Regionalized Market Operations

 SMKY's field management will be a decentralized operating organization comprised of five "Regional Operating Companies" (ROC) to be developed by a respective Regional President who is familiar with the particular demographic food preferences within his or her region. Smoked meats and fish, recipe dishes and side order products will be specifically stylized to regional consumer preferences, with each ROC having been formed to offer the unique opportunity of "corporate entrepreneurship."

The management philosophy of "Servant Leadership" is the support structure by which a decentralized operating organization can viably function. Its inverted pyramid design enables SMKY to provide veteran industry ROC executives with the foundation support of quality product, capital, branded marketing plan and accountability. They "buy in" for the dream shot of tapping their creativity and expertise to build their own successful food company, and to receive an enticing share of the profit they deserve and the up-side equity appreciation of SMKY they helped create.


Unique "Smoke-Baked" Foods

The value feature of SMKY's wood-burning oven design is that meat, fish & barbecue beans are uniquely, but delicately "Smoke-Baked" by the billows of moist smoke heat generating from the firebox, which is slowly burning freshly cut timber. The smoke-heat-vapor infuses the meat and fish with a delicious and unmistakably authentic smoked taste that is also light and delicate. No additives (water, sugar, high amounts of sodium, liquid smoke, etc.) and no preservatives are used in the process; only garlic, natural spices, and very little sea salt are applied as seasoning.  SMKY will produce and market a complete line of delectably good Smoke-Baked foods that includes beef, pork, poultry, lamb and fish along with a gourmet menu of quiches, soups, casseroles, finger-foods and side order dishes. 

By contrast, commercial smokehouses used by typical competitor companies to produce smoked meat and fish use hickory dust to create smoke flavor or liquid smoke to penetrate the product for merely a sensation of smoky taste, with high concentrations of additives and injected liquids (and brining) to make up for cook shrinkage cost or to cure in the smoking process. Under USDA standards governing labeling and nutritional panel regulations for smoked food processing, SMKY's quality of Smoke-Baked meat and fish is believed to be the only authentic and genuinely healthful of all smoked meat processors in the country.


USDA Food Processing

SMKY is in partnership with a large and well-respected USDA contract meat processor (Mary Ann's Specialty Foods, Inc.) located in Webster City, Iowa.  Their facility includes 100,000 square feet of processing, cold and dry storage space, with 15 acres of land and existing buildings available for plant expansion, corporate offices and distribution. Under the terms of the Processing Agreement, the Company pays a fixed per-pound or per-unit processing fee. The fees will vary based on the particular item being produced and there is no minimum guarantee of processing fee, so essentially SMKY has no debt and very limited fixed overhead expense to produce its product. The affiliation with Specialty Foods provides SMKY with expert management in meat processing and distribution, and the ability to tie into Specialty Foods' economies-of-scale in raw product and packaging/shipping materials requisitioning to support solid margins.

By forging strategic partnerships, SMKY will expand its product offerings while maintaining its unique brand identity.  SMKY will use co-packing affiliates to produce a selection of specialty gourmet items, including one-dish meals of smoked meat/fish pasta, casseroles, quiches, pizzas and delicious meat pastries.  Co-packers will provide SMKY with expert assistance in developing unique menu items that remain consistent with the healthful focus of Smoky Market brand foods.

SMKY has the existing production capacity from its mid-size smoker-oven to generate annual (retail) revenue of $35 million; EBIDTA is projected at 20% with only 15% of capacity needed to reach sustaining profitability and cash flow As capacity is increased, new menu items will gradually be introduced to continually stimulate customer demand.  Each full-size smoker-oven requires only 120 days to fabricate and install, with each oven ($500,000 cost) capable of generating annual revenue up to $70 million. 

Processing & Product Highlights

  • Only hormone-free, free-range and 100% naturally raised or harvested meat, poultry and fish are purchased for processing.
  • Wood-burning smoker-oven systems burn freshly-cut hickory & apple timber to delicately Smoke-Bake meat and fish; it is a real and authentic preparation.
  • Smoke-Baking process is real, authentic and pure; no additives (water, sugar, high sodium, MSG, brine solution) or chemical preservatives.
  • Food items are portion-packaged and vacuum-sealed, requiring minutes to heat by its foodservice chain operators and consumers.


Marketing Operations

Smoky Market is a "life-style" food product that fulfills and satisfies peoples' needs; it's flavorful, healthful, entertaining, convenient and versatile.  Sampling creates customers and the brand's story will be promoted to grow buying continuity.  This is relationship marketing where customers are built and maintained around product quality and direct personalized customer service. SMKY plans to make its products easily available for purchases in either hot or cold form, and to invest heavily in the sampling of its products to drive consumer demand.


Smoky Market - Brand Development

SMKY will execute a three-point marketing strategy to develop the Smoky Market brand and product distribution on a national scale.  The timing of each plan is dependent upon the amount of available capital SMKY has secured from its financing to cover the respective costs.


Internet Sales

Retail sales direct to consumers via Internet marketing operations that target specific segments of on-line food buying population that include health & fitness, recreational, gourmet dining & entertainment.  Internet sales require capital for only direct marketing expenses and inventory to build brand awareness & revenue, with mostly variable cost and high retail profit margins.  


Retail Point-of-Sale Merchandising

Retail sales of selected items through supermarkets, beverage chains and upper-scale retailers where premium quality gourmet foods are sold. Selling venues will feature attractive point-of-sale (POS) display merchandisers that sell both food packages and containers of SMKY barbecue sauce, coleslaw dressing & Smoke-Baked beans to enhance Smoky Market's branding presence. The objective is to make Smoky Market products more easily and conveniently accessible to customers, which makes advertising expense much more effective and capital-efficient from cross marketing promotion between Internet operations and retail merchandising.


Cable TV Infomercial Sales

National branding of Smoky Market will be significantly intensified with the introduction of new and exciting gourmet menu items that will be featured on cable TV informercials and related food channels. The expanded line includes seafood specialties, lamb, Cornish hen, cocktail finger foods, and sumptuous one-dish healthful meal recipes that will only be sold on-line. Infomercials will also be produced to feature an innovative program of Smoky Market business opportunities that promote the use of self-contained modular carts for on-site tasting and sales of Smoky Market products.  


Launch of Smoky Market Retail Sales

SMKY will execute a three-point marketing strategy to develop the Smoky Market brand and product distribution on a national scale. The timing of each plan is dependent upon the amount of available capital SMKY has secured from its financing to cover the respective costs.  

With financing, SMKY will launch into retail branded sales of its opening products through Internet marketing and display merchandising in supermarkets.  Internet sales will be generated by targeted marketing to i) the customer databases of corporate affiliates and ii) the groups of consumers that include millions of truckers, RV users, gourmet food buyers and the huge population of diet/ fitness enthusiasts whose life-style Smoky Market fits into. SMKY will be paying Weight Watchers a monthly fee to reach their six million members every month, with similar programs with other Internet affiliates as well. Social networking will enable peoples' excitement about SMKY (and its stock) to go viral.

To introduce the brand with the highest impact for positive consumer perception, SMKY will feature its Smoke-Baked salmon. This item is most unique as all other brands of commercial smoked salmon sold in the market contain high levels of sodium, sugar, water brine, starch, coloring and forms of preservative. SMKY's salmon is an incredibly versatile product and demonstrates very well the economic benefit of price/value when using it as an ingredient in recipe dish meals, salads, etc. 

Coming Soon …

Smoky Kosher Foods -

Unique to the Market! Smoky Market Foods, Inc. has established a subsidiary company to distribute a complete line of "OU" certified Kosher smoked foods under the brand name "Smoky Kosher", which is expected to be introduced in early 2012.  The Smoky Kosher Company will offer its unique line of delectable kosher smoked beef, poultry, lamb and fish through retail channels of marketing that include the Internet and display merchandising in supermarkets, and will also be exporting the line internationally. Presently, Smoky Market Foods, Inc. intends to build a kosher production facility at its Iowa plant property.  Watch for more up-dates on this event to come!



Coming Soon …

BarBQ Diner - Franchise Development

The concept of mass production enables foodservice menu systemization for restaurant chain operation.  Smoky Market Foods, Inc. has created the fast-casual concept "BarBQ Diner" to become the nation's premier smoked food/barbecue restaurant chain.   This concept is totally innovative to the restaurant industry because no handling or cooking of raw meat product is done on site, which is a very critical aspect of foodservice system operation that guarantees quality consistency, saves labor, reduces kitchen investment cost, affords total inventory control and eliminates food shrinkage that are major problems with all foodservice concepts. 

Since the wood-smoked barbecue restaurant segment is void of a large national chain or franchise brand, the segment is a true niche' market with the potential for BarBQ Diner to develop several thousand outlets in just a few years.  The concept's key features of pre-fabricated, modular buildings and "no-cook" food preparation is highly capital and labor efficient, and enable ease of installations for rapid deployment.  The added element of BarBQ Diner's innovative franchise-partner program, called a "Franship" TM makes it explosive…

Look for BarBQ Diners to begin popping up in America & Canada in late 2012. 

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©2009-2011 - Smoky Market Foods, Inc.
The Smoky Market ® brand is a registered trademark of Smoky Market Foods, Inc.
The Smoky Kosher and Bar-B-Q Diner logos are registered trade names of Smoky Market Foods, Inc.


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 CEO Interview on StockGoodies.Com:

CEO June 2011 Letter to Shareholders:

CEO October 2011 Letter to Shareholders:


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