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Short Sales, Insider Buys, Extremely Undervalued Stocks

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Short Sales, Insider Buys, Extremely Undervalued Stocks 

Independent and uncompensated!
My iHUB board tracks daily short sales, insider buying and seeks out the most undervalued stock presented to you in the sticky section as my current number 1 pick. I believe that my current number 1 pick is extremely undervalued with potential for significant percentage gains, a possible life changer! 

Board Rules:
Please stay on topic. The only topics to be discussed here are information on short sales, insider buying or stocks that you believe to be extremely undervalued. Please feel free to post information about your stock if it meets the above criteria!

 NO bashing, personal attacks or politics!

Anytime you post about other users or reference others as bashers, pumpers etc your post will be deleted. Your messages need to focus on the stock you are posting about and should not contain comments about people who post on the board.
Other posters are never the topic of the board. 


I am not a registered investment adviser, before making a purchase or sale of any securities featured on this board, I strongly recommend consultation with a registered securities representative. I am independent, uncompensated and have no affiliation  with any executives, owners, brokers, promoters or analysts.

***My Current Number 1 Pick is Scores Holding (SCRH)***

Just read what an amazing stock this is and just how under the radar it is, but it will not stay this way, now is the time to buy while it is trading near historic lows!

Scores Holding (SCRH), business is BOOMING, new revenue records set to pass a million dollars in 2015 and increasing quarter over quarter, year over year! Franchises have more than doubled to over 20 in 2015 so far. With virtually no debt, expenses or liabilities and with no dilution in over 7 years Scores Holding (SCRH) is a potential lifechanger!


Business is BOOMING for Scores Holding (SCRH), they grant the exclusive licence to place the famous "SCORES" trademarks in connection with the ownership and operation of upscale, adult-entertainment cabaret night clubs/restaurants and for the sale of merchandise by such establishments.

Revenues have been increasing quarter over quarter, year over year!

Just look at this consistent and accelerating growth:

2009 revenues 387K 
2010 revenues 514K 
2011 revenues 629K 
2012 revenues 693K 
2013 revenues 731K 
2014 revenues 835K 
2015 revenues are projected to be between $1 million and $1.3 million 

2016 revenues are projected to be a new all time record surpassing the $2 million mark!!

Despite this awesome consistent and accelerating growth the share price is now trading near historic lows presenting the astute investor with an incredible buying opportunity getting in on the ground floor! 


At the end of 2014 Scores Holding (SCRH) had only 9 (NINE) adult-entertainment cabaret night clubs/restaurants who paid them licencing and royalty fees totaling $835,240 for the 12 month period ending December 31st 2014. This was a new record beating the same time frame for 2013.

Now here is what is awesome, the expansion of operations has led to a total of more than 20 (TWENTY) adult-entertainment cabaret night clubs/restaurants now in the "SCORES" family. Despite there being a lag time in the collection of fees Scores Holding (SCRH) will have skyrocketing licencing and royalty fees moving forward.

Each year the company continues to add new licencees. It is now projected that by the end of 2016 Scores Holding (SCRH) will have as many as 40 (FORTY) adult-entertainment cabaret night clubs/restaurants in the "SCORES" family pushing revenues past the $2 million mark! 

Blue skies are ahead with new revenue records coming for 2015 and 2016 looks even better! (What a BUY SIGNAL, buying shares in SCRH is a NO-BRAINER!)




With quarterly expenses fixed, projections are for $2 million in revenues per year in the future and a likely $1.4 million net profit for 2016

What makes Scores Holding (SCRH) so attractive and impressive is the royalty revenues they receive come with almost no expenses!

Scores Holding (SCRH) has virtually no debt or liabilities!



Scores Holding (SCRH) CEO Robert Gans owns a majority share of Penthouse and is a former officer of Fortune 500 company Priceline.


Dancers at Scores listen to club owner Bob Gans, third from left, discuss plans 

Scores Holding (SCRH) has very high standards, only 10% of applicants get approved to use the "SCORES" trademark for adult-entertainment cabaret night clubs/restaurants

Scores Holding (SCRH) has had NO DILUTION in the past 7 years, what other penny stock can say that!

Scores Holding (SCRH) has assets of almost ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

As of November 11th 2015, there were ONLY 165M O/S

Scores Holding (SCRH) was trading around 0.06 cents not too long ago, it is worth much more now as the licencing and royalty fees grow along with the demand to join the "SCORES" trademark. Currently trading under .05 cents now is the time to buy Scores Holding (SCRH)!  With it's tight share structure and continued growing explosive revenues it likely will be be trading in the 30 cent range or higher as it gets discovered!


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