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Rejuvel Bio-Sciences Inc. (NUUU)

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Technology Applications International Corporation (NUUU) is focused on producing, distributing, marketing and selling anti-aging skincare products, in addition to engaging in the environmental management and water purification industries.

The company conducts its business through two separate wholly owned subsidiaries: Rejuvel Int'l, Inc. and NueEarth, Inc.

NUUU’s management team is methodically establishing its brand in the marketplace with well-respected associations and strategic marketing initiatives. As the company continues to pursue direct consumer sales and other opportunities, it stands to do well with the foundation management has laid for growth.

NUUU recently reached agreements with three shareholders, including the current CEO of the company, to exchange, or buy back and retire a total of 68,666,119 shares of common stock, which represents 57.86% of NUUU’s total outstanding shares. As a result, the company’s outstanding shares were reduced from roughly 118 million to 50 million.

NUUU: Rejuvel:


Investment Highlights

  • Operates through Two Established Subsidiaries
    Utilizing Patented NASA Technology
    Admitted into Space Certification Program
    Revolutionary Anti-Aging Skin Care Products
    Addressing Global Water Purification Concerns


Patented Technology

The key manufacturing element to NUUU’s skin care product is the company’s use of the patented NASA Rotating Wall Vessel (RWV) bioreactor, licensed from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund under U.S. Patent No. 6,730,498.

Representative of the depth of the NASA partnership, Melanie Saunders, associate director for the Johnson Space Center, in July, 2014, welcomed NUUU Chief Executive Officer Charles Scimeca to a ceremony to sign an additional exclusive patent license marking a continuing relationship between NASA and the cosmetic and personal care product company.

For a full report on this event, click here: From Cosmic to Cosmetics: NASA Bioreactor Technology Finds New Purpose Developing Beauty Products


Rejuvel Subsidiary

Revolutionary anti-aging facial cream created utilizing a NASA patented technology*

As we age, elasticity decreases, blotching and wrinkles appear. Our skin shows uneven skin tones and discoloration. Rejuvel’s latest product, RE’JUVEL, repairs your skin from within using products that counteract the effects of time with ingredients that restore its youth and resiliency.

Just exactly how RE’JUVEL counters the effects of aging is a matter of science.

NASA scientists and astronauts in collaboration with other engineers developed a bioreactor tested in space and proven on earth. This device allows the growth and multiplication of plant and/or mammalian cells in simulated weightlessness. These cells are grown three-dimensionally, just like in the human body.

The key ingredient in RE’JUVEL’s product formula is a blend of plant and mammalian 3D cell cultures that work on the cellular level to increase hydration, visibly reduce lines, wrinkles, and enhance skin health. These cells were all grown using NASA patented technology.

Fibroblast skin cells are naturally found in the layers of human skin. The fibroblast cell’s function is to biosynthesize the connective tissue that provides structural support and plays a critical role in the skin’s healing process. Fibroblast cells are responsible for making collagens, elastic fibers and glycoproteins. The human body generates less fibroblast cells as it ages, thus creating wrinkles, sagging, and blemishes.

RE’JUVEL’s formulation stimulates the growth of fibroblast cells, which keeps skin looking firmer longer.

Clinical Product Study

Technology Applications International Corporation completed a clinical study to test the efficacy of the RE’JUVEL product line at Essex Testing Clinic in Verona, New Jersey. Team members on The Essex Testing Clinic staff included doctors, nurses, clinical study, recruitment professionals, quality assurance and trained evaluators and a large network of consulting physicians, all possessing considerable experience in clinical investigation.

After 6 weeks of product use, 32 subjects responded with the following:

  • 100% – Smoother and softer skin.
    100% – Facial skin had an improved texture.
    100% – Product regimen was gentle and non-irritating.
    84.4% – Appearance of fine lines on face is less noticeable.
    78.1% – Appearance of wrinkles on face is less noticeable.
    81.3% – Improvement in the firmness/elasticity of skin.
    75.0% – Reduction in the appearance of dark, under the eye circles.
    84.4% – Skin appeared renewed and discolorations were reduced.
    87.5% – Moisture content in skin had increased.
    90.6% – Skin appears brighter and more radiant.
    90.6% – Skin appears healthier.
    93.8% – Skin appears refreshed.
    87.5% – Overall appearance was improved.

Scientific Measurements results after 6 weeks of use are as follows:

  • 78% of subjects Fine Lines/ Wrinkles were significantly reduced
    88% of subjects Under Eye Discoloration significantly improved
    78% of subjects Firmness/ Elasticity significantly improved
    97% of subjects Skin Moisture significantly improved

Recent Highlights

  • Filmed with intent to air first 30-second television commercial in New York City at Windmill Studios to introduce and highlight REJUVEL's Breakthrough Facial Repair Crème. The Company is planning to air the advertisements nationally in different cities across the United States and will also be available for viewing on
    Formed an Advisory Board, to which Dr. Jacob G. Appelbaum was appointed as chairman. Dr. Appelbaum is an internationally recognized physicist and multidisciplinary technologist with a broad spectrum of scientific interests and technological expertise, ranging from nanotechnology-based broad-spectrum antiviral therapeutics to 3D suspended cell cultures in a simulated microgravity environment for cosmetics and regeneration medicine, as well as environmental and medical applications of electron beam accelerators and microwave assisted freeze drying, extraction and distillation

* Licensed from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and Administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund under U.S. Patent No. 6,730,498


NueEarth, Inc. Subsidiary

NueEarth provides environmental management solutions and water purification techniques using a mobile electron beam accelerator unit which creates high-energy electrons that produce free radicals in the wastewater to decompose organic compounds or pollutants.

The company has identified a number of different markets for this particle accelerator technology, including the removal of pollutants from wastewater, drinking water, municipal sludge and water that’s contaminated by the fracking process.


There is an urgent demand for reuse of reclaimed municipal and industrial wastewater, as well as of remediation of water resources contaminated by industry and agriculture. A major problem in wastewater treatment is that industrial wastewaters are usually mixed with municipal wastewaters. Conventional drinking water treatment processes were not designed to remove trace quantities of pharmaceuticals, such as antibiotics and endocrine disrupting chemicals. Given the increasing number of reports of its presence in the environment, it is essential that alternative technologies be developed that can effectively degrade or remove these compounds.

One of the most promising alternative technologies is use of e-beam accelerators for purification of water through advanced oxidation/reduction process, which is induced by high-energy electrons blasted into biologically or chemically polluted water. E-beam treatment may be combined with other advanced oxidation techniques such as addition of ozone, (O3) which further enhances the effectiveness of the pollutant degradation. The key distinction of the e-beam treatment technology compared to various filter-based technologies is its advanced reduction-oxidation process induced by e-beam. It results in an ultimate destruction of dangerous chemicals in the treated medium, while passive filter-based technologies retain the unwanted contaminants removed from polluted water. However, using e-beam accelerators for chemical purification of drinking water, municipal and industrial wastewaters, is still considered an emerging technology despite multiple pilot plants and a few full-scale treatment facilities established around the world.

The application of electron beam processing for drinking water, wastewater and groundwater treatment offers a cost effective process that insures adequate availability of that resource worldwide. Potable water is the cornerstone of development and essential for sustainable growth.

The first consideration for drinking water is to produce water that has been disinfected. As mentioned above, the most common process is disinfection of drinking water by chlorine and some chlorination by- products may be carcinogenic or have other toxicological effects associated with consumption. Also, new pathogens are emerging that are not easily inactivated by chlorine. Therefore, the water treatment industry worldwide is eagerly trying to discover alternatives to disinfection by chlorine.

In addition to disinfection, there is an increasing problem with the presence of toxic chemicals in source waters (waters used as sources of drinking water). These source waters may be surface waters or groundwater. Surface waters often are influenced by the discharge of treated wastewater and the biological and chemical quality compromised. Ground waters used as a source of drinking water may also be contaminated. In general, if the quality of groundwater is compromised, it is the result of chemical contamination.

Waste water remediation by e-beam processing is promising due to a number of features that make this an attractive process for commercial application. Several advantages in the application of electron beam processing are:

  • Both oxidizing and reducing reactive species are formed in relatively the same proportion in aqueous media and then react with a pollutant.
    The e-beam remediation process can be used for simultaneous control of biological and chemical hazards.
    The e-beam process is a physical process and requires no additional chemicals.
    The process is extremely rapid, allowing for maximum flexibility in plant design and combination with more conventional wastewater pretreatment technologies.
    While similar in its mechanism of action to gamma ray processing, the e-beam process does not involve any nuclear materials.
    The electron accelerators only require electricity to operate.
    The systems are totally automated for ease of operation.

The underlying scientific basis for the application process to solving water pollution problems is as well established as any technology that is already in use. However, large scale commercialization of the e-beam technology has been relatively slow, so very few full-scale e-beam waste water treatment plants currently exist.


Space Certification

Awarded a “seal of approval” from the Space Certification program

The origin of NUUU’s RE’JUVEL product comes directly from technology and resources derived from the space program, which qualifies the company as a Certified Space Technology™ by the Space Foundation. This technology has been adapted to improve life here on Earth.

The Space Foundation works closely with NASA to recognize organizations that develop innovative products based on space technology. In addition to being space certified, the technology used to make NUUU’s products has been inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame.


Technology Applications International Corp.
Chase Bank Building
150 SE 2nd Ave, Suite 403
Miami, FL 33131
Phone: (800) 670-0448




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