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Radient Pharmaceuticals Corporation (fka RXPC)

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Provistadx has repeatedly denied any connection with Radient Pharmaceuticals.

William Gartner of GCDx denies any connection with Radient Pharmaceuticals.

Dear Mr. Gartner,

I am intrigued by your recent press release about offering a new Lung Cancer Test.

How do you get your financing? Is there an opportunity for a private investor like me to invest, and if so, how would I accomplish that?

In researching GCDx, I am finding several rumors on the internet (particularly on that your company is merging with, or taking over, Radient Pharmaceuticals and/or Provista Diagnostics. Is there any truth to that rumor? What is your current business relationship with Radient Pharmaceuticals and Provista Diagnostics? Do you own RXPC stock?

I am concerned that Radient might be carrying a lot of debt -- if you are involved with taking over or merging with Radient, what kind of debt responsibilities are you incurring, and if I invest in your company, how would I know that my money is not going towards paying off Radient's debt?

Finally -- do you have any patents or patent applications for The Lung Cancer Test for Early Detection?

Thank you for your time,


Good morning,

Before I answer all of your questions, I need to know more about you, especially whether or not you are a qualified investor under Rule 144. I will say this to clear up that very old rumor. We have no connection whatsoever with Radient Pharmaceutical in any way – company-wise or personally.

Do you represent a firm or is this personal? We must be very careful to comply with all of the regulations.


William Gartner

President and CEO

Global Cancer Diagnostics Inc.

2343 W. University Dr.

Suite 105

Tempe, Arizona 85281 USA

602-908-9604 Office

602-300-4901 Cell

Onko-Sure™ is a simple, non-invasive blood test, which targets a cancer-caused breakdown product. Onko-Sure™ detects a tumor marker that is associated with most cancers. The biological target for the Onko-Sure™ test is abundant and floats-freely in blood (unlike Carcinoembryonic antigen, CEA). Biomarker levels rise dramatically with cancer progression (up to 38 times greater than in normal patients). Onko-Sure™ may become the first "pan tumor" marker in general widespread usage. Onko-Sure™ has international regulatory approvals as a general cancer marker in Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, India and Europe (CE Mark certification). In addition, Onko-Sure™ is approved for the detection and monitoring of lung cancer in Canada (Health Canada). In the US, Onko-Sure™ has been cleared to market as a colorectal cancer monitoring test.

Radient did not pay the annual fee to continue product registration with the FDA.

All patents for Onko Sure have now expired and the only patent application remaining has received a final rejection. The patent agent has resigned and there is no longer any current contact address for Radient Pharmaceuticals.

Telephone has been disconnected. website has been removed from service.

A website in Australia, is pending under construction since May 6, 2014.


With penalties and interest, Radient owes the 2011 lenders in excess of $25 million.




Class action lawsuit: Judge Grants Class Certification Over False Claims by Radient Pharmaceuticals

Insurance company settles class action lawsuit for $2.5 million.

Corporation has been voided by the state of Delaware.

All 5 billion shares authorized were issued.

All former management resigned and new management located in Australia were appointed.



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#25353   All of these patent applications would have lapsed Gold Seeker 09/19/14 04:48:04 PM
#25352   No Australian patents. They are all expired or lapsed. Gold Seeker 09/19/14 04:46:15 PM