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Radient Pharmaceuticals Corporation (fka RXPC)

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The stock no longer trades.
No company is merging with Radient. Any posts to that effect are just not true.

DR70 is used to test for fibrin degradation products.  Some posters are not telling the truth when they claim DR70 is used to break down other proteins. That is just a total lie. DR70 is not in any way used by Provistadx. That claim has been denied via emails to Provistadx.

Provistadx has repeatedly denied any connection with Radient Pharmaceuticals.

William Gartner of GCDx denies any connection with Radient Pharmaceuticals.

Dear Mr. Gartner,

I am intrigued by your recent press release about offering a new Lung Cancer Test.

How do you get your financing? Is there an opportunity for a private investor like me to invest, and if so, how would I accomplish that?

In researching GCDx, I am finding several rumors on the internet (particularly on that your company is merging with, or taking over, Radient Pharmaceuticals and/or Provista Diagnostics. Is there any truth to that rumor? What is your current business relationship with Radient Pharmaceuticals and Provista Diagnostics? Do you own RXPC stock?

I am concerned that Radient might be carrying a lot of debt -- if you are involved with taking over or merging with Radient, what kind of debt responsibilities are you incurring, and if I invest in your company, how would I know that my money is not going towards paying off Radient's debt?

Finally -- do you have any patents or patent applications for The Lung Cancer Test for Early Detection?

Thank you for your time,


Good morning,

Before I answer all of your questions, I need to know more about you, especially whether or not you are a qualified investor under Rule 144. I will say this to clear up that very old rumor. We have no connection whatsoever with Radient Pharmaceutical in any way – company-wise or personally.

Do you represent a firm or is this personal? We must be very careful to comply with all of the regulations.


William Gartner

President and CEO

Global Cancer Diagnostics Inc.

2343 W. University Dr.

Suite 105

Tempe, Arizona 85281 USA

602-908-9604 Office

602-300-4901 Cell

A seizure of assets notice is on the door of the former offices of Radient Pharmaceuticals.

Radient did not pay the annual fee to continue product registration with the FDA.

All patents for Onko Sure have now expired and the only patent application remaining has received a final rejection. The patent agent has resigned and there is no longer any current contact address for Radient Pharmaceuticals.

Telephone has been disconnected. website has been removed from service.

A website in Australia, is pending under construction since May 6, 2014.


With penalties and interest, Radient owes the 2011 lenders in excess of $25 million.




Class action lawsuit: Judge Grants Class Certification Over False Claims by Radient Pharmaceuticals

Insurance company settles class action lawsuit for $2.5 million.

Corporation has been voided by the state of Delaware.

All 5 billion shares authorized were issued.

All former management resigned and new management located in Australia were appointed.
Charts: None. The stock no longer trades.

No company is merging with Radient. Any posts to that effect are just not true.




#24675  Sticky Note William Gartner of GCDx denies any connection to RXPC. Gold Seeker 09/01/14 04:56:34 PM
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#26408   Yawn Living. Evidently you have temporary amnesia dcspka 11/25/14 10:27:41 PM
#26407   this money trail ended with the word insolvent livinginsv 11/25/14 10:21:36 PM
#26406   Living, the problem with following this money trail dcspka 11/25/14 10:06:05 PM
#26405   current market caps are relevant . . . livinginsv 11/25/14 09:48:10 PM
#26404   No Living- AMBS is content with the narrow dcspka 11/25/14 09:18:34 PM
#26403   today AMBS could buy provista . . . livinginsv 11/25/14 09:13:36 PM
#26402   Yawn- I think guardiangel has covered your concerns dcspka 11/25/14 08:20:22 PM
#26401   dcspka you said: GetSeriousOK 11/25/14 08:05:46 PM
#26400   The money will come from a successful Provista dcspka 11/25/14 07:56:19 PM
#26399   AMBS does in fact have a public shell livinginsv 11/25/14 07:41:55 PM
#26398   Back in 2010, the most interesting point Radient dcspka 11/25/14 06:30:42 PM
#26397 guardiangel 11/25/14 01:34:35 AM
#26396 J guardiangel 11/25/14 01:15:29 AM
#26393   we have to be specific..AMDL In.c was changed guardiangel 11/24/14 02:23:56 PM
#26392   Don't forget that AMDL is a wholly owned dcspka 11/24/14 01:46:16 PM
#26391   Good- now we need public acknowledgement from AMDL/Radient/PDx dcspka 11/24/14 01:38:23 PM
#26390   What does radient have left....Low accounts payable, Federal guardiangel 11/24/14 01:32:03 PM
#26389   No- I did not save the earlier underdawg dcspka 11/24/14 01:23:40 PM
#26388   DC This is an important milestone for William guardiangel 11/24/14 01:18:28 PM
#26387   DC The Wolf is not the Underdawg guardiangel 11/24/14 01:03:14 PM
#26386   If Provista does not begin to sell Videssa dcspka 11/24/14 11:03:18 AM
#26385 This is why we believe Provista guardiangel 11/24/14 10:47:34 AM
#26384   Dc Here is a good link ..This is guardiangel 11/24/14 10:33:15 AM
#26383   The GCDX promotional campaign of a lung cancer guardiangel 11/24/14 10:23:38 AM
#26382   Oh- now I see- Provista specializes in female dcspka 11/24/14 09:18:44 AM
#26381   Agreed- its obvious the collaboration between Provista and dcspka 11/24/14 09:08:29 AM
#26380   DC "Videssa" it is a female name...Provista guardiangel 11/24/14 09:03:05 AM
#26379   Dc The Uni-Pharma Inc. agreement between AMDL Diagnostics guardiangel 11/24/14 08:53:41 AM
#26378   DC The agreement was between Uni-Pharma and guardiangel 11/24/14 08:47:26 AM
#26377   This is why Mac changed AMDL Diagnostics Inc. guardiangel 11/24/14 08:32:36 AM
#26376   Who is William Gartner and why do we guardiangel 11/24/14 07:53:55 AM
#26375   DCMAN...This is all one needs to know you guardiangel 11/24/14 07:48:33 AM
#26374   AMDL Diagnostics Inc. is a division of Radient.. guardiangel 11/24/14 07:20:54 AM
#26373   i would trade my shares for a 2nd livinginsv 11/23/14 12:35:16 PM
#26372   I have seen the light. GetSeriousOK 11/23/14 10:11:21 AM
#26371   DC....Proteomark Trademark by ProvistaDx is most likely for guardiangel 11/23/14 08:20:58 AM
#26370   Our diamond in the rough is about ready dcspka 11/22/14 10:59:32 PM
#26369   This is why we believe Radient and provistaDX guardiangel 11/22/14 10:55:13 PM
#26368   This is why we believe ProvistaDX will use guardiangel 11/22/14 10:46:38 PM
#26367   Never mind, Living. You will be dragged dcspka 11/22/14 10:45:17 PM
#26366   the current research is not related to radient livinginsv 11/22/14 10:42:44 PM
#26365   Provista could end up having a very large dcspka 11/22/14 10:42:15 PM
#26364   This is why we believe provista DX will guardiangel 11/22/14 10:33:29 PM
#26363   Tell me living, don't you get tired of dcspka 11/22/14 10:24:40 PM
#26362   provista disowned all things radient years ago . livinginsv 11/22/14 10:15:14 PM
#26361   And apparently Provista continues to unify companies to dcspka 11/22/14 10:08:41 PM
#26360   RCP has nothing to do with DR70 . livinginsv 11/22/14 10:02:19 PM
#26359   Provista Life Sciences is an umbrella organization that guardiangel 11/22/14 10:02:11 PM
#26358   Uh, hello. Yes, we all know that. dcspka 11/22/14 09:56:57 PM
#26357   Proteomark? Doesn't that have to do with dcspka 11/22/14 09:50:46 PM