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Since the group of Aussies have taken over management of Radient Pharmaceuticals, they have looted the company of any remaining assets and transferred them to, their personal company based in Hong Kong. The cstamdl site claims all previous clinical trial data as their own, they claim to have a manufacturing facility in the USA named AMDL and show pictures of the facility. They even transferred the trademarks owned by Radient to AMDL diagnostics so Radient is left with nothing but debt and disgruntled former shareholders.

Below are the photos of the building the Aussies claim as their own USA facility.

View through the front window.

View of the entrance where the new sign replaced Radient Pharmaceuticals.

View of the rear door where the sheriff's notice of seizure was removed.

View of the reserved parking spot.

View through the locked front door of the reception desk.

The stock no longer trades.
No company is merging with Radient. Any posts to that effect are just not true.

William Gartner has denied any connection with Radient or Provistadx. There is no merger with Radient.

Provistadx has repeatedly denied any connection with Radient Pharmaceuticals.

Dear Mr. Gartner,

I am intrigued by your recent press release about offering a new Lung Cancer Test.

How do you get your financing? Is there an opportunity for a private investor like me to invest, and if so, how would I accomplish that?

In researching GCDx, I am finding several rumors on the internet (particularly on that your company is merging with, or taking over, Radient Pharmaceuticals and/or Provista Diagnostics. Is there any truth to that rumor? What is your current business relationship with Radient Pharmaceuticals and Provista Diagnostics? Do you own RXPC stock?

I am concerned that Radient might be carrying a lot of debt -- if you are involved with taking over or merging with Radient, what kind of debt responsibilities are you incurring, and if I invest in your company, how would I know that my money is not going towards paying off Radient's debt?

Finally -- do you have any patents or patent applications for The Lung Cancer Test for Early Detection?

Thank you for your time,


Good morning,

Before I answer all of your questions, I need to know more about you, especially whether or not you are a qualified investor under Rule 144. I will say this to clear up that very old rumor. We have no connection whatsoever with Radient Pharmaceutical in any way – company-wise or personally.

Do you represent a firm or is this personal? We must be very careful to comply with all of the regulations.


William Gartner

President and CEO

Global Cancer Diagnostics Inc.

2343 W. University Dr.

Suite 105

Tempe, Arizona 85281 USA

602-908-9604 Office

602-300-4901 Cell

DR70 is used to test for fibrin degradation products.  Some posters are not telling the truth when they claim DR70 is used to break down other proteins. That is just a total lie. DR70 is not in any way used by Provistadx. Both Provistadx and William Gartner of GCDX have denied any connection with Radient.

Both issued patents for DR70 has expired and a patent application has received a final rejection. The patent agent has resigned and the patent office has no current address for Radient. Unless the patent office receives a response within 6 months of the rejection, the application will be declared abandoned.

Currently no company using the DR70 fibrin test is required to pay royalties to Radient. Radient has no source of revenue.

A seizure of assets notice is on the door of the former offices of Radient Pharmaceuticals.

Radient did not pay the annual fee to continue product registration with the FDA.

All patents for Onko Sure have now expired and the only patent application remaining has received a final rejection. The patent agent has resigned and there is no longer any current contact address for Radient Pharmaceuticals.

Telephone has been disconnected. website has been removed from service.

A website in Australia, is pending under construction since May 6, 2014.


With penalties and interest, Radient owes the 2011 lenders in excess of $25 million.




Class action lawsuit: Judge Grants Class Certification Over False Claims by Radient Pharmaceuticals

Insurance company settles class action lawsuit for $2.5 million.

Corporation has been voided by the state of Delaware.

All 5 billion shares authorized were issued.

All former management resigned and new management located in Australia were appointed.
Charts: None. The stock no longer trades.

No company is merging with Radient. Any posts to that effect are just not true.




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#29903   CSTAMDL website has not been updated in awhile. GetSeriousOK 11/21/15 06:53:41 PM
#29902   it appears we have achieved consensus . . livinginsv 11/19/15 01:05:59 PM
#29901   Provista abandoned DR-70 a long time ago. GetSeriousOK 11/09/15 05:31:58 PM
#29900   it's so peaceful now, isn't it? GetSeriousOK 11/08/15 04:37:13 PM
#29899   the private corporation is VOID. livinginsv 11/08/15 01:16:27 PM
#29898   Yeah and looks like the glass half full runncoach 11/06/15 03:00:52 PM
#29897   the 11/2/10 agreement with provista has now expired. livinginsv 11/06/15 02:06:40 PM
#29896   radient news ended when the company went void. livinginsv 11/01/15 04:17:31 PM
#29895   hopefully, the company is void, shares revoked, and livinginsv 10/28/15 04:57:05 PM
#29894   ok.... so, no more pumps about this defunct stock? bulldog27 10/26/15 08:37:32 PM
#29893   Not posting here anymore. jimtash 10/26/15 10:39:55 AM
#29892   sooo, have'nt heard from gaurdianangel, guess the reverse bulldog27 10/25/15 06:27:50 PM
#29891   QUESTION: does anyone here own shares of . livinginsv 10/18/15 03:36:38 PM
#29890   Yep. That's why the Aussies took over. It's jimtash 10/15/15 12:43:15 PM
#29889   and, bankruptcies are not free . . . livinginsv 10/14/15 10:11:18 PM
#29888   Mac would not have wanted to file for Gold Seeker 10/13/15 07:31:24 PM
#29887   LOL, bankruptcy would've been easier. Especially before the lawsuit. jimtash 10/13/15 06:32:30 AM
#29886   ADI owns all trademarks and IP . . livinginsv 10/13/15 01:10:42 AM
#29885   will White use the eWell model for ADI livinginsv 10/11/15 01:48:30 PM
#29884   The insurance company formularies are published in late Gold Seeker 10/08/15 04:53:36 AM
#29883   it is covered by CMS . . . livinginsv 10/07/15 09:18:33 PM
#29882   Our RXPC merger theorists bought AMBS in 2013 GetSeriousOK 10/07/15 09:55:33 AM
#29881   FDA approval does not really mean much without Gold Seeker 10/07/15 07:49:16 AM
#29880   OUCH, anyone want to lend me some money? livinginsv 10/06/15 11:27:19 PM
#29879   AMDL shares from 2003 were renamed RPC . livinginsv 10/05/15 02:38:32 AM
#29878   It is more than obvious that no former Gold Seeker 10/03/15 06:07:29 PM
#29877   Not sure why the posts, we all know Egy_Pharaoh 10/03/15 05:15:19 PM
#29876   IMO, it was a cheap way for the Gold Seeker 10/03/15 04:06:23 PM
#29875   it means the name is locked out . livinginsv 10/03/15 02:52:53 PM
#29874   Actually it does. jimtash 10/03/15 07:21:27 AM
#29873   oct '15, still no evidence of reinstatement . livinginsv 10/02/15 03:17:11 PM
#29872   GCDx has their own shareholders, not radient shares. livinginsv 09/23/15 06:03:24 PM
#29871   RADIENT RESTRUCTURED BY A PLANNED REVERSE MERGER guardiangel 09/23/15 12:50:34 PM
#29870   Probably an amendment to the Articles of Incorporation. GetSeriousOK 09/22/15 07:01:13 PM
#29869   he forgot to sign it. livinginsv 09/22/15 06:30:56 PM
#29867   Why do you think GCDx filed an amendment? GetSeriousOK 09/22/15 11:12:15 AM
#29865   The GCDx Amendment probably adds a Business Phone. GetSeriousOK 09/22/15 09:22:47 AM
#29864   the name "AMDL Inc." is available. GetSeriousOK 09/22/15 08:31:36 AM
#29863   CIT and Jade have no value. GetSeriousOK 09/22/15 08:00:06 AM
#29862   RADIENT RESTRUCTURED BY A PLANNED REVERSE MERGER guardiangel 09/22/15 06:43:52 AM
#29861   CIT is dead. Read the final 10K. GetSeriousOK 09/21/15 02:55:49 PM
#29860   RADIENT RESTRUCTURED BY A PLANNED REVERSE MERGER guardiangel 09/21/15 12:45:37 PM
#29859   that LOI expired 3/31/2011 . . . no livinginsv 09/21/15 12:32:41 PM
#29858   RADIENT RESTRUCTURED BY A PLANNED REVERSE MERGER guardiangel 09/21/15 12:00:17 PM
#29857   Provista wants nothing to do with RXPC. GetSeriousOK 09/21/15 11:51:29 AM
#29856   RADIENT RESTRUCTURED BY A PLANNED REVERSE MERGER guardiangel 09/21/15 11:45:05 AM
#29855   "No need for the name Radient Pharmaceuticals to GetSeriousOK 09/21/15 10:12:28 AM
#29854   ONLY a FORM 211 filing is PERTINENT . livinginsv 09/20/15 02:20:20 PM
#29853   RADIENT RESTRUCTURED BY A PLANNED REVERSE MERGER guardiangel 09/20/15 09:27:23 AM
#29852   and so we agree, ADI is privately held livinginsv 09/19/15 05:48:40 PM