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Politics and Money

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I'd like to establish a forum where World politics and the Power of wealth can be discussed.

What is the motivation?

What will make it all better?

It's my belief that we have all the answers.

Whether it be to our financial markets or political and social questions.

I'm doing this for my own education and having fun doing it.

My very basic ideas of the mechanics that drive our society:

1) Wealth is power. Political influence is power. Capitolism as a means to betterment in a fair market.
2)The greater good, the idea of sacrifice and an obligation to advance the human well being to make a difference in the human cause should be empowering.
Balancing the two ideals should be our goal.
Can we rise above the need for Kings and accept the responsibility of self rule ?

Democracy requires independance from the crutch of leadership and freedom respects the rights of others. Money is just a tool for trade.

We can rely on the lessons of our parents?
The traditions of our ancestors?
The lessons we have learned and humility to accept others as they can only add meaning to our lives.


Welcome to the board and please express your opinions.


#115122   You should say let them die as that SoxFan 06/24/17 01:15:13 PM
#115121   Go read the bill, the 50 employees BS mr40 06/24/17 12:45:37 PM
#115120   The CBO was wrong about Obamacare so I lesgetrich 06/24/17 12:30:56 PM
#115119   CBO and JCT estimate that, in 2018, 14 mr40 06/24/17 11:23:45 AM
#115118   Blame it on Paul Ryan. Republicans control the lesgetrich 06/24/17 10:25:27 AM
#115117   Trump has a good track record with being arizona1 06/24/17 09:28:53 AM
#115116   Your GOP CBO report link doesn't work! Another mr40 06/24/17 12:39:51 AM
#115115   No need to sabotage Obamacare, it's taking its lesgetrich 06/24/17 12:23:34 AM
#115114   No need to sabotage Obamacare, it's taking its mr40 06/24/17 12:00:51 AM
#115113   Do you really think that 64 yr. old lesgetrich 06/23/17 11:54:57 PM
#115112   Know how you guys just can't stand to mr40 06/23/17 11:31:31 PM
#115111   I seriously doubt that you've ever been BOREALIS 06/23/17 10:12:01 PM
#115110   You were the one that was wrong about DesertDrifter 06/23/17 09:34:39 PM
#115109   Whatever, you just can't stand to be wrong! mr40 06/23/17 09:31:37 PM
#115108   The forbes piece is an opinion piece. DesertDrifter 06/23/17 09:26:14 PM
#115107   TWO OF THE ARTICLES ARE FROM FORBES! mr40 06/23/17 09:23:02 PM
#115106   An opinion piece by a partisan and FOX DesertDrifter 06/23/17 09:21:02 PM
#115105   Trump considering Camp David-style summit to unite Arab mr40 06/23/17 09:20:43 PM
#115104   You just keep repeating false and fake RNC propaganda... lesgetrich 06/23/17 09:20:36 PM
#115103   As I Predicted, Seattle's Minimum Wage Rise Is mr40 06/23/17 09:15:52 PM
#115102   Page 135. This allows states to let insurance DesertDrifter 06/23/17 08:51:05 PM
#115101   weak deflection. restaurants come and go all DesertDrifter 06/23/17 08:47:51 PM
#115100   Seattle has had a strong economy through most mr40 06/23/17 08:39:43 PM
#115099   But the $15 an hr. wage is not working DesertDrifter 06/23/17 08:18:07 PM
#115098   Obama has been in control for 8 of mr40 06/23/17 08:11:00 PM
#115097   Do you really think that 64 yr. old DesertDrifter 06/23/17 07:49:48 PM
#115096   Do you really think that 64 yr. old mr40 06/23/17 07:39:57 PM
#115095   "The CBO estimated that in 2026 the net DesertDrifter 06/23/17 07:17:52 PM
#115094   FACT: If the Republicans don't fix Obamacare there mr40 06/23/17 06:09:28 PM
#115093   If somehow it does become law, the number DesertDrifter 06/23/17 04:54:11 PM
#115092   Rand is just trying to keep his face DesertDrifter 06/23/17 04:17:18 PM
#115091   Sadly the Republicans have a couple of idiots mr40 06/23/17 04:13:49 PM
#115090   You're more optomistic than I am...I think the PegnVA 06/23/17 04:13:45 PM
#115089   60 votes...LOL the republicans will not DesertDrifter 06/23/17 04:08:01 PM
#115088   LMAO Nothing in GOPcare improves that. In fact, lesgetrich 06/23/17 04:04:42 PM
#115087   Remember when they were trying to pass Obamacare mr40 06/23/17 04:04:05 PM
#115086   Well, at this point I think all they DesertDrifter 06/23/17 04:01:21 PM
#115085   It doesn't matter...Repubs promised to cut taxes for PegnVA 06/23/17 03:57:56 PM
#115084   Gee, I wonder who the 29% of americans DesertDrifter 06/23/17 03:54:49 PM
#115083   We ought to call you the King of lesgetrich 06/23/17 03:30:16 PM
#115082   Fifth GOP senator announces opposition to ObamaCare repeal bill mr40 06/23/17 03:25:53 PM
#115081   At the EPA, at least one perk will mr40 06/23/17 03:19:09 PM
#115080   Out With the Old, In With the New: mr40 06/23/17 03:16:11 PM
#115079   Trump Team Starts to Fill Out OPM Leadership, mr40 06/23/17 03:12:21 PM
#115078   Another Dumb Rat! The Rat Party is in mr40 06/23/17 03:07:42 PM
#115077   Public Accounts by Friends Show James Comey Leaked mr40 06/23/17 03:02:35 PM
#115076   That's what ERs are for but Medicaid patients mr40 06/23/17 02:48:27 PM
#115075   All the liberals love to blame Trump for mr40 06/23/17 02:36:01 PM
#115074   Why did 1,900,000 people who HAD ALREADY SIGNED lesgetrich 06/23/17 02:26:27 PM
#115073   Your 50,000 people will die is BS! lesgetrich 06/23/17 02:00:15 PM