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Politics and Money

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I'd like to establish a forum where World politics and the Power of wealth can be discussed.

What is the motivation?

What will make it all better?

It's my belief that we have all the answers.

Whether it be to our financial markets or political and social questions.

I'm doing this for my own education and having fun doing it.

My very basic ideas of the mechanics that drive our society:

1) Wealth is power. Political influence is power. Capitolism as a means to betterment in a fair market.
2)The greater good, the idea of sacrifice and an obligation to advance the human well being to make a difference in the human cause should be empowering.
Balancing the two ideals should be our goal.
Can we rise above the need for Kings and accept the responsibility of self rule ?

Democracy requires independance from the crutch of leadership and freedom respects the rights of others. Money is just a tool for trade.

We can rely on the lessons of our parents?
The traditions of our ancestors?
The lessons we have learned and humility to accept others as they can only add meaning to our lives.


Welcome to the board and please express your opinions.


#113871   Certain members of your family may qualify for benefits ergo sum 03/22/17 06:02:28 PM
#113870   Nope..People who are actually disabled need assistance. n4807g 03/22/17 04:43:58 PM
#113869   I see, the elderly don't have to die, Elroy Jetson 03/22/17 03:46:17 PM
#113868   We have programs for the elderly, no problem there. n4807g 03/22/17 03:26:25 PM
#113867   The elderly are clearly dependent upon their retirement Elroy Jetson 03/22/17 03:15:49 PM
#113866   I am just trying to figure out what ergo sum 03/22/17 03:06:04 PM
#113865   Yes, I stand corrected, now how does that n4807g 03/22/17 02:57:47 PM
#113864   That's not true the 14% includes all government programs. ergo sum 03/22/17 02:46:10 PM
#113863   The entire healthcare system is dependent upon costs Elroy Jetson 03/22/17 02:42:12 PM
#113862   No it doesn't include "entitlements", only needs based n4807g 03/22/17 01:05:24 PM
#113861   Thats a lot of disjointed logic but it ergo sum 03/22/17 11:51:50 AM
#113860 n4807g 03/22/17 09:22:33 AM
#113859   and it's obvious that people become dependent. ergo sum 03/22/17 09:19:53 AM
#113858   Yeah you never responded to the obvious solution n4807g 03/22/17 09:15:12 AM
#113857   That's an easy way out. ergo sum 03/22/17 09:02:15 AM
#113856   But we aren't doing "nothing", so your question n4807g 03/22/17 08:51:47 AM
#113855   Today the AP has a detailed article about PegnVA 03/22/17 08:43:29 AM
#113854   And when you do nothing what happens then? ergo sum 03/22/17 08:37:41 AM
#113853   Agreed...when you facilitate and perpetuate you move them n4807g 03/22/17 07:32:50 AM
#113852   Many of these quack health food / vitamin Elroy Jetson 03/22/17 02:28:52 AM
#113851   These sort of investigations are where self-perjuring Attorney arizona1 03/22/17 01:38:04 AM
#113850   Sweden made their military voluntary in 2010, but Elroy Jetson 03/22/17 01:08:15 AM
#113849   These sort of investigations are where self-perjuring Attorney Elroy Jetson 03/22/17 12:45:09 AM
#113848   FBI has assigned 100+ agents to investigate Russian arizona1 03/22/17 12:30:08 AM
#113847   Former British Prime Minister David Cameron says the Elroy Jetson 03/21/17 10:58:25 PM
#113846   BUSTED: Former Colorado Republican Party chairman charged with arizona1 03/21/17 10:58:08 PM
#113845   Shortly after his inauguration, Trump relaxed the Obama ergo sum 03/21/17 10:34:13 PM
#113844   No I would guess there are far less ergo sum 03/21/17 10:28:54 PM
#113843   You're correct, they facilitate and perpetuate. n4807g 03/21/17 07:15:28 PM
#113842   Hold on there. Traditionally the elderly and Elroy Jetson 03/21/17 06:52:16 PM
#113841   The government didn't invent disabilities or poverty. ergo sum 03/21/17 05:02:20 PM
#113840   Probably the majority of SSDI too. ergo sum 03/21/17 04:59:54 PM
#113839   Arnold Schwarzenegger offers Donald Trump advice in dealing Elroy Jetson 03/21/17 03:05:40 PM
#113838   LOL...that's hilarious! n4807g 03/21/17 02:51:48 PM
#113837   I think a large percentage of Trump voters Elroy Jetson 03/21/17 02:29:41 PM
#113836   Some moronic Trump supporter who works as a Elroy Jetson 03/21/17 02:23:37 PM
#113835   Unfit for Work n4807g 03/21/17 02:15:48 PM
#113834   I agree. PegnVA 03/21/17 01:44:02 PM
#113833   Bannon is running the show ergo sum 03/21/17 01:43:12 PM
#113832   And that's why the last sentence of the n4807g 03/21/17 01:33:18 PM
#113831   That report doesn't reach any conclusion as to lesgetrich 03/21/17 12:38:02 PM
#113830   I totally agree with what author/history prof at PegnVA 03/21/17 12:37:46 PM
#113829   The president doesn't have to be impeached to lesgetrich 03/21/17 12:05:40 PM
#113828   ATM n4807g 03/21/17 09:48:51 AM
#113827   Which state has the highest disability rate? ergo sum 03/21/17 09:33:51 AM
#113826   Two in Five Americans Say They’ll Need $1 n4807g 03/21/17 08:28:30 AM
#113825   This is interesting n4807g 03/21/17 07:56:23 AM
#113824   Ah..SSDI another government ATM program for many n4807g 03/21/17 07:52:30 AM
#113823   I think it borders on being irresponsible for PegnVA 03/21/17 07:32:07 AM
#113822   Republicans Close To Trump Say President Is Showing arizona1 03/20/17 10:39:53 PM