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Last Post: 10/17/2017 9:18:22 AM - Followers: 35 - Board type: Free - Posts Today: 0

Welcome to the board, here I will primarily focus on finding, trading and conducting due diligence on new or newer issue OTC tickers(IPOs).

Any and all posts, on or off-topic, are welcome and encouraged, however, PLEASE no random drive-by 'promoting' of your favorite stocks, unless they are newly trading, or not yet trading.

In other words, if your stock has gotten pumped, all over iHub, umpteen times, by all the usual suspects..... and/or..... has been trading for years, it is not in line with the theme of the board, and those posts will be deleted. There are dozens of other boards on iHub for promoting these types of tickers( BB''s Stock Haven, MOMO'S BREAKOUT BOARD, etc, etc ), so please use those instead.

Again, the primary focus here is on OTC Initial Public Offerings(IPOs) or new trading OTC tickers, and the niche strategy of buying those early shares of stock, that are first made available to the public. OTC IPO's don't get  all the pomp and fanfare that they typically do on the big fact they largely go completely unnoticed.......however, they can be also
incredibly lucrative, as I will show you in some examples of tickers I have followed this year.

IPOs Currently on RADAR (new or not yet trading OTC tickers with potential)
ARUU(CBD hemp oil) First trade price $2.50 (pre 6:1 f/s, so roughly .41 cents avg)
APCN(cryptocurrency) Waiting on first trades
CRCW(cryptocurrency) First trade price $3.45

ARTL(cannabis biopharma) Waiting on first trades

WARNING: Buying brand new OTC tickers is not a strategy for everyone, many, if not most, times they can be HIGHLY ILLIQUID and typically require a certain amount of patience. 
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#47  Sticky Note I've updated the iBox with a section I Big Brother 08/22/17 12:53:24 PM
#230   .04 to .75 is still pretty darn good, Big Brother 10/17/17 09:18:22 AM
#229   As you know, I like the Chinese/Asian tickers adijas 10/17/17 08:57:24 AM
#228   Well folks generally don't like Chinese tickers, and Big Brother 10/17/17 07:44:06 AM
#227   Yeah, me too. adijas 10/16/17 02:47:21 PM
#226   There ya go, saw that one coming from Big Brother 10/16/17 02:45:56 PM
#225   That´s quick, change of control adijas 10/16/17 02:04:53 PM
#224   $1.02 accepted, cool thanks MadeBucksOnThis 10/16/17 12:53:09 PM
#223   i.ll try again MadeBucksOnThis 10/16/17 12:50:51 PM
#222   Hmm...I just put a bid in with TDA, Big Brother 10/16/17 12:49:17 PM
#221   APLL change of control, grabbed a few hun MadeBucksOnThis 10/16/17 12:41:46 PM
#220   I tried the $1, just missed them MadeBucksOnThis 10/16/17 12:37:36 PM
#219   No, put a bid in, in case they Big Brother 10/16/17 12:35:15 PM
#218   Did you get any? MadeBucksOnThis 10/16/17 12:32:54 PM
#217   SRTN: first shares came available here today(2k) on Big Brother 10/16/17 12:18:25 PM
#216   lol...yeah, knew it was a good price for Big Brother 10/16/17 10:30:12 AM
#215   Hmm. should have bought. 1.75 now adijas 10/16/17 10:12:26 AM
#214   .60 cents is not a bad price at Big Brother 10/15/17 07:23:07 AM
#213   10 million shares offered at .01 last year adijas 10/13/17 02:55:27 PM
#212   KLDK: first trades today, a 10K share whack Big Brother 10/13/17 02:49:06 PM
#211   NXNN: Headed in the wrong direction since IPO, Big Brother 10/11/17 10:58:14 AM
#210   For big board IPO stocks ... JohnCM 10/11/17 08:25:38 AM
#209   QRON: New Website Online and PR Big Brother 10/11/17 06:24:30 AM
#208   MYYZ RM 8k out adijas 10/11/17 05:37:49 AM
#207   PetSafe invisible fence works on a farm with JohnCM 10/10/17 12:51:25 PM
#206   Looks like they decided to give up on it. Big Brother 10/10/17 10:18:35 AM
#205   What happened to this one? JohnCM 10/10/17 08:08:15 AM
#204   All those trades were almost certainly pre-arranged fills Big Brother 10/09/17 07:37:23 AM
#203   What intrigues me is the amount of buyers: adijas 10/09/17 05:10:02 AM
#202   BRRM: I think this one could be getting Big Brother 10/08/17 08:31:09 AM
#201   ILUM: They have already updated the Nevada SOS Big Brother 10/08/17 08:17:50 AM
#200   ILUM: Have you been able to dig up Big Brother 10/08/17 08:10:52 AM
#199   MYYZ bid goes up to .75 adijas 10/06/17 03:51:48 PM
#198   Good luck! adijas 10/06/17 03:26:26 PM
#197   Yes, Gives me something to do this Big Brother 10/06/17 03:22:50 PM
#196   There are a LOT of new owners, lol adijas 10/06/17 03:21:05 PM
#195   Hmm...interesting, new Chinese owners, not quite what I Big Brother 10/06/17 03:20:12 PM
#194   ILUM, there it is adijas 10/06/17 02:23:20 PM
#193   MYYZ .7 x .99 adijas 10/06/17 01:58:46 PM
#192   CFN Media Group Interview with Hugo Alves, President chasem 10/05/17 06:57:14 PM
#191   ILUM bids going up. 1.5 now adijas 10/05/17 12:08:03 PM
#190   Need more promo's like LBUY's, no CE, suspension, Big Brother 10/05/17 12:02:57 PM
#189   TGRP... sigh. Sometimes they move, and sometimes they adijas 10/05/17 11:45:48 AM
#188   High bidder hiding their real offer, another good sign. Big Brother 10/05/17 11:30:16 AM
#187   Interesting: 700 sold at 1.3 but bid stayed adijas 10/05/17 11:15:42 AM
#186   Yeah. Something must be coming. Maybe last deal adijas 10/05/17 11:04:46 AM
#185   Very curious indeed, I'm pretty sure there has Big Brother 10/05/17 11:01:54 AM
#184   ILUM 1700 bid at 1.3 adijas 10/05/17 10:49:09 AM
#183   That's what I'm guessing too, lol adijas 10/05/17 10:06:24 AM
#181   Same here, looks like a number of insiders Big Brother 10/05/17 10:05:31 AM
#180   Interesting. I bought some adijas 10/05/17 10:00:39 AM