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The DON'T Buy List

(These should not be bought because they will probably never go over .0001  And they all smell of R/S.)

What are no-BIDs?

This message board is dedicated to no-BIDs.  First of all if you are a risk taker or a gambler at heart, then you may have come to the right place.  No-BIDs are sub-penny stocks, A.K.A. Trip-zero stocks, that have fallen to the smallest increment that everyday retail traders can trade only at the asking price at .0001; however, the bid is zero or near-zero.  You got that right, nothing, nada.  Your brokerage account might not even allow you to trade if it is on the do-not-buy list.  If you are looking for safer investments that make steady or near steady small gains, then you probably are not in the right place.

So why buy these stocks?  There exists a tremendous percentage gain for just a few ticks above the current asking price, and even sometimes +1,000% of gains can happen at times.  Should you invest everything you have because of the potential these no-BIDs have – of course not.  Are there any risks of just buying at the asking price – well of course there are.

Prices of stocks trade on the 1/10000-th of a penny or what is called a tick.  A no-BID Trips starts at .0001 and then the next tick if the bid starts to form because of a rumor or front-loading or substantial business improvement is .0002.  Then on to .0003 and so on, up to .01 and even higher.  The first tick after .0001 is .0002 for a 100% gain, and sometimes it is difficult to get the stock price to that point; sometimes there are too many shares in the float, other times other investors just want out even at any price, and even toxic financing agreements with the company may have offered free shares that are being dumped in mass at the asking price.

But occasionally, a stock will trade above .0002 and continue even to .001 for a 900% gain or what is also called a 10-Bagger.  Once out of the no-BID situation, every tick is important to the trader that holds the millions of shares taken at the .0001 asking price.  Because every $100 invested at .0001 is one million shares.  Some sell all of them at .0002 (not too smart really if you have 10’s of millions) or a small portion of the shares to get some of input cash back into the trading account.

There are numerous strategies employed to maximize profit and to limit risk, and this is up to the individual trader, and I suggest talking to others to learn strategies if you are new to this.  One simple strategy is to buy at the .0001 Ask a few million or at some level of comfort just in case it gets stuck for a long time.  For example XYZ Company, you buy $1000 at .0001 for 10 million shares and you sit on them until news or a tremendous rumor or buy-out possibility.  If it can trade between .0001 and .0002 and the bid at .0001 grows, set small sells at .0002, and .0003 and .0004 and try to calculate the minimum shares to sell to break even for what’s called going free.  In the above example you could sell 2 million at .0002, 2 million at .0003 and 2 million at .0004.  If it only trades at .0003 vs .0004 and falls again and your .0004 orders where the only ones not sold you would have sold out for about $1000 which would have been your input cash.  You would still have 6 million shares free.  I would suggest selling most if it jumps on no major news and even if a PR did hit, and take any news with a grain of salt.  From .0008 to .0014 sell around 50% of the remaining 6 million but never all; keep some 'just in case'.

Above was the good, now for the bad.  Usually, unless you pick the right one by pure luck, will sit at no-BID or possibly trade between .0001 and .0002 and even fall back to no-BID for a very long time – even years!  So, trade only with money you can afford to live without for some time just in case this situation happens.  Never bail unless you must but even then selling at .0001 may take months and months.

Now the ugly, many of these can go out of business or reverse split which will 99% of the time wipe out your entire position, i.e. your money invested.  Also some can be halted or suspended or even go dark.  So, make sure you don’t have all of you eggs in one basket.  Do your due diligence, and study the trading patterns, monitor the emotions of the chat boards, and learn any possible rumors that may exist, before leaping.

This is the wild-wild west of the OTC... you have been warned.


No-BID trading Tips

Obviously, there is a lot of money to be made or lost in these types of stocks, so be careful first of all.  Below is a list of items you probably need to do:

  1. -Get an E*TRADE, Scottrade, or TradeKing brokerage account.  Some traders even have multiple accounts because each may have a certain ticker locked out.

    -Sign up for your particular brokerage account for stock monitoring, e.g. for Scottrade it is called ScottradeELITE.  Each has their own trading platform – learn how to use it!

    -Start reading up on Technical Analysis (TA) and charting.  Some sites that may be helpful are the following:

    -Watch and learn about Level II which can be provided via your brokerage account and/or IHub.

    -Watch the BID and the ASK sizes throughout the trading day.  Learn what it means and watch when buys and sells are executed if the size actually changes.

    -If you really like one particular stock, buy a starter position first.  Then buy more as you feel comfortable, and I suggest you do not go all in unless you have gained much experience.

    -If you are new, limit yourself to 1000 dollars or less per individual stock in or near no-BID.

    -Read the individual boards with a grain of salt to listen for the ‘emotion’ of the board.

    -Learn what bashing and pumping are. Google it at least.
    (Take with a grain of salt)

    -Lastly, remember in most cases trading involves emotions of thousands of people.  These will trade mostly on pure emotion, not some kind of business improvement, i.e. don’t drink the Kool-aid.

(Information drawn from
Ticker 52 Wk Range AS (Mil) OS (Mil) Float (Mil) Notes
ARIOQ .0001-.0002 9500 178 ? In bankruptcy proceedings…
BAYP .0001-.0123 700 239 ? Low AS play
BSSP .0001-.14 100 371 ? Merger (2.2B OS most likely)
BTZO .0001-.001 2000 7320 ? Cozzi Merger?
BVTK .0001-.01 5000 1288 ? Needs 8K
CBYI .0001-.0002 9000 4639 4139 CEO most likely Rodger the scammer, but always seems to do something
COBI .0001-.0027 1000 525 256 Merger scam?
COWI .0001-.0005 35000 11000 7824 Late 10K
DCAC .0001-.09 5000 817 669 ?
DKGR .0001-.001 4950 4511 4185 ?
DNAX .0001-.001 10000 5990 ? Had CC Apr 21, 2016
DOLV .0001-.075 10000 699 643 Low OS/SS
DRGV .0001-.001 5000 2048 1583 ?
EGOH .0001-.0002 10000 8391 8363 ?
EMBR .0002-.0051 300 300 ? Shell play?
EMJI .0001-.0002 10800 6052 4768 ?
EPAZ .0001-.25 5000 2849 1311 No 10K
GDGI .0001-.0016 30000 1129 697 ?
GNCP .0001 30000 26741 16000? RS?
GRPS .0002-.001 1000 942 903 Bottom play?
HBRM .0001-.001 10000 2202 ? MJ play?
HIMR .0001-.0003 25000 308 ? Wood selling, what?
HTDS .0001 8888 5482 1072 Dark
HYBE .0001-.001 8000 8000 1200 Board is dead
ICOA .0001-.0001 10000 8483 5961 ?
ICNV .0003-.32 500 107 25 ?
IFXY .0001-.0027 ? 841 ? Maybe…
INOH .0001-.0002 4400 3608 238 Some volume
KALO .0001-.14 15000 6805 3484 Unusual volume, no news ‘yet’
KNSC .0001-.001 10000 5217 3017 Board is dead
LGBS .0001-.0011 2000 1404 557 Keep on watch
MDIN .0001-.0009 3000 1824 1480 Bottom play?
MNVN .0001 5000 1594 ? Silent…
NNRX .0001-.0048 750 580 ? CEO change, but be careful
NSAV .0001-.001 3000 2999 2944 New CEO?
PIHN .0001-.0004 10000 1792 1511 ?
PRDL .0001 9000 8288 2939 On watch only
PRPM .0001-.001 12000 10594 2461 Not good
PVSP .0001-.0023 8978 3563 2475 ?
RCHA .0001-.07 ? ? ? Merger? Be careful
RITE .0001-.001 5000 2119 2119 ?
RMRK .0001-.0013 780 ? ? Board is dead
RMTD .0001 29000 ? ? Dark/Shell play
SPRV .0001-.0007 20000 5487 2451 10K due? Has volume
SUTI .0001-.0005 3500 2969 1018 Divy? LOL
TGGI .0001-.0003 10600 8007 7827 Merger?
USMJ .0001-.032 4000 2754 2721 ?

Note from Moderators:

Disclaimer: Buying any of these may mean that you will be "stuck" in them and never find a buyer so do your D/D, or at least use money you are willing to lose. No bids can also be very profitable (that is if you take profits off the table).  As Steve Miller Band sings, "Go on and Take the money and run!" 

PLEASE: No bashing or major pumping.  If you want to do this, go to the IHub board for that particular ticker.

Other links to IHub's for research

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