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Newron Sport (NSPT)

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SBK and Newron offers the hockey player the same stride on a hard surface as on ice.
Thanks to wheels mounted in pairs on a light frame with suspension.
This facilitates fast departures with the toe kick and imitating perfect cross overs.
The skate SBK NEWRON is a revolutionary product


Newron Sport (OTC:NSPT)

Contact Information 
Newron Sport 
1785 E Sahara Ave. 
Suite 490 
Las Vegas, NV 89104 

Phone: 418-614-6280 
Fax: 418-614-4792 
E-mail: info@newronsport.com

Share Structure:

Madison Stock Transfer, Inc.
P.O. Box 290-145
Brooklyn, NY 11229-0145
Tel:   718-627-4453         718-627-4453
Fax: 718-627-6341

Outstanding Shares 9,989,028,018 as of March 19, 2010
Authorized Shares  10,000,000,000 as of March 19, 2010

Pink Sheet Information


Patent Information


The Company

Newron Sport is a progressive company that is focused on the distribution of patented inline skates made with hi-tech materials and innovative ideas. The current production of this revolutionary inline skate system has no present competition.

Newron Sport is in the business of distributing products of Newron
Design, Inc that will provide improvement and safety among sport
participants and more. The primary function of the Newron inline
skates is to improve performance, confidence and safety.


The Newron Skate allows the hockey player to execute a hockey stride on hard surface exactly the same as on ice. With the wheels mounted in pairs on a light weight chassis where support springs allow for a toe kick and replicated cross-over strides, the Newron Skate is a revolutionary product.

For years, the pros and cons of rollerblading have been intensely discussed among hockey professionals. The "roller-stride" is a common term used to describe the detrimental effects to an inline player switching over to hockey. A "roller-stride" can’t execute the toe kick with efficiency and the result is to avoid a significant part of the stride extension. Inline players have slower acceleration, less extension and shorter recovery on their strides. The one positive element of inline hockey is that skating flow is increased (not losing speed when changing direction). Since a player can’t break similarly to a stop on the ice, changing direction needs to utilize a perfect turn or forward

to backward sidestep. The Newron Skate increases the execution of these movements while eliminating all negative effects of inline skating to a hockey player


Now, players can substitute the expensive ice time for free concrete or asphalt surfaces around the world, and workouts are not limited by time constraints but rather the endurance of each player. Furthermore, parents don’t even have to take the child to a rink to get those extra hours of ice. Your driveway, street, basketball court or tennis court becomes a rink! The Newron system is not to be confused with a standard inline skate; it is an "OFF-ICE" hockey skate, a perfect transition from ice to hard surfaces such as concrete.

Reduces stress on muscles and joints, produced by ground impact.

SPEED: 10% increase in speed. Friction is greatly absorbed by the blade system.

AGILITY: Ability to skate more freely, just like an ice skate. You can now skate on roads, concrete, or any other hard surface, just like you would on ice.

SECURITY: Surface imperfections are now absorbed by the Newron system. This scientifically reduce injuries.

Order Page

Newron Sport YouTube Videos: 
The demonstration with the conveyor belt is amazing.. 









Recent News:

  Tue, July 6th,  2010        
  • News News Alert: Newron Sport Provides Management Discussion on Company and Outlook Moving Forward        
   Tue, June 8th,  2010        
  •  News News Alert: Newron Sport (NSPT) Receives Inventory of New 2010 Model Inline Skates        
Wed, June 2nd,  2010
  • Newron Sport Opens Talks With Major Partners Regarding Licensing Patented Inline Technology
Thur, May 27th,  2010
  • Newron Sport (NSPT) Finalizes Negotiations With Sports Excellence for Distribution of Skates Across Country
Thur, May 6, 2010
  • Newron Sport (NSPT) Will Be Appearing on National Television Morning Show Broadcast
Wed, April 14, 2010

Newron Sport N.A. (NSPT) Receives Purchase Order for New 2010 Edition From Lortie Boucher Sports

Tue, March 16, 2010


Mon, Nov 16, 2009
Newron Sport (NSPT) Receives Purchase Order From Hockey Expert Group Doré Beaulieu Sports Corporation




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