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About NeoMedia

NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. is a pioneer in QR technology and a leader in mobile barcode solutions that enable the barcode ecosystem worldwide. Its solutions have transformed 50+ million mobile devices with cameras across 193 countries into barcode scanners through its barcode scanning app, NeoReader, enabling a range of practical and engaging applications. With its suite of products, services and extensive IP portfolio encompassing over 60 patents, NeoMedia is the only company able to offer customers a mobile barcode solution, fully supported by its IP portfolio. NeoMedia’s current customers include global brands, agencies, retailers and handset manufacturers. The company has over 75 IP license agreements in place with some of the industry’s most prominent companies. Learn more at or connect with us at: Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.   

Its important to understand that Denso Corporation (JAPAN) started the QR CODE however its patent was related to  first designed for the automotive industry in Japan.(Originally designed for industrial uses),  so the patents owned my NEOM  Process / marketing / etc , so as far as the use of the QR codes and revenues today come from marketing of which all patents are owned by Neomedia  , scaning of products..

Patents expire 2024;jsessionid=bd4xvygygccnt3hwnfd5nuz5 Patent Term Calculator | USPTO

Aug 2015 GOOGLEs PATENT   were cited by NEOMS patent more than 8 times :::

According to this patent Granted August 12, 2014  (PLAIN ENGLISH)

We claim: 

1. A method of a user computing device comprising a scanner and a computer accessing one of a plurality of remote information computers available for communication over a network, comprising: scanning a bar code symbol affixed to an article of commerce, the bar code symbol encoded with an index readable by the user computing device; transmitting the index by the user computing device to a remote server computer over the network for the remote server computer to access with the index a database comprising a plurality of records comprising predetermined relationships that link an index to a pointer which identifies a remote information computer on the network, extract a pointer from the database as a function of the index, and return the pointer to the user computing device over the network; and the user computing device receiving the pointer and then using the pointer to establish communication directly via the network with the remote information computer identified by the pointer. 

KEY IS THAT commerce == whole system of an economy (all activities, functions and institutions involved in transferring goods from producers to consumers) 

What constitutes infringement of a patent? 
To decide whether an inventor is violating (infringing) a patent, it is necessary to carefully examine the patent's "claims." (Claims are terse statements of the scope of the invention, and most patents contain more than one of them.) The elements of each claim must be compared with the elements of the accused infringer's invention (usually a device or process). 
If the elements of a patent claim match the elements of the device or process (called "reading on" or "teaching" the device or process), an infringement has occurred. 
Even if the claims don't literally match the elements of the infringing device, it is possible that a court would find an infringement by applying what's known as the "doctrine of equivalents"; that is, the patented invention and the allegedly infringing device or process are sufficiently equivalent in what they do and how they do it to warrant a finding of infringement

LIST OF ALL PATENTS,+Inc.%22&gws_rd=ssl

Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) licensed the NeoMedia technology for the life of the patents, until 2023 or 2025 for the core patents, Marriott said. It has a similar license arrangement with San Jose, Calif.-based eBay Inc. (Nasdaq: EBAY), and with another large customer NeoMedia cannot disclose.

Snapchat Plans Music Feature, Acquired QR For $50M And Vergence 12/16/2014   this massive because it puts much needed value for Neomedia NEOM


Among the over 2,000 people who took part in the contest, about half said that they actively scanned package QRcodes, while 36 percent had never scanned a barcode before, and 14 were uncertain. This shows that consumers are quite willing to scan and that the barcodes present a considerable mobile marketing opportunity.

Must SEE 


QR Codes Help in Keeping Accurate Vaccination Records
Corporate Headquarters

1515 Walnut Ave.                         
Suite 100
Boulder, CO 80302

Phone: +1 303 546 7946                          
Fax: +1 636 648 9922                               

NeoMedia Europe, AG
European Headquarters
Jens-Otto-Krag-Str. 11
52146 Wurselen (Aachen)
Phone: +49 2405 49922-0
Fax: +49 2405 49922-99





 Yorkville Advisors
NeoMedia's principle investor & senior debt holder

 McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP
NeoMedia's Law Firm

 NeoMedia's SEC Filings


Share structure

Market Value1 $119,232 a/o Sep 16, 2014
Shares Outstanding 1,190,287,218 a/o Aug 12, 2014
Float Not Available
Authorized Shares 7.5 BILLION


Medication management goes digital Published August 05, 2014

"like Google on crack"
Scott Seaborn, Head of Mobile at OgilvyOne


"It's not every day you get to see a killer application for the first time"
Robert Scoble, Microsoft's Longhorn evangelist and blogger, July 2004


The Potential possibilities

Demonstrating the Cellphone Code Reader:

Bar Codes Can Talk With Your Cell Phones:

Chip Hoffman Presents At Mobile Summit - "The Future is Now - How to Make it all Mobile":

Chip Hoffman talks to Nicole Scott at CTIA 11/07:

Chip Hoffman Presents On American Airlines:


NY Times Front Page Article on qode, April 1, 2007


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Public Disclaimer: This board and any/all of its participants do not endorse or promote Buy/Sell/Hold recommendations of NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. or any/all of its affiliates and/or subsidiaries. We share personal views only. Please perform your own Due Diligence and contact your Broker before making any financial decisions. Additionally, by posting on this board, you agree to abide by the Rules of the Road. Please read them above before posting.


NeoMedia and Gavitec Unveil NeoReader

NeoMedia and Gavitec launch the NeoReader

NeoMedia's qode:

qode MySpace:

qode YouTube:

qode SlideShare:

The qode story:

Gavitec AG - Mobile Digit:

NeoMedia Adds to Wireless Offerings with Acquisition of Gavitec AG, February 21, 2006

Gavitec Profile & Product Presentation

NeoMedia and Gavitec Reach Agreement on Acquisition Price, January 29, 2007

Mobile Codes Consortium (MC2):

MC2 Mission Statement:

MC2 Standards Discussion:

Publicis Slide Presentation:

Pressure Mounts for Industry Standards as Telecom Giants Join Mobile Codes Consortium - June 5, 2007

Global mobile industry bodies GSMA and OMA commit to drive worldwide mobile barcodes standards - December 17, 2007

QUALCOMM joins the Mobile Codes Consortium (MC2)

NeoMedia Goes to U.K. for Partner in Marketing, June 23, 2006:

NeoMedia is Expanding Around the Globe, May 3, 2006:

NeoMedia Update March 16, 2007:

Link to Chas Fritz - Tobin Smith Interview, Feb. 23, 2006: (Interview is on Segment #1 - 30 min. mark)

Commentaries posted by June 28, 2006 shareholders' meeting attendees:

Link to various info on Dec 16, 2005 Shareholders' Meeting:

Connecting the Physical World to the Internet:

Note: NeoMedia sues ScanBuy for Patent Infringement: At time of the lawsuit and of course preceeding it, ScanBuy had no patents, not even patent applications, only copyrights. Subsequent to being sued for patent infringement, ScanBuy filed for patents; this post contains current status of these applications as of May 24, 2006 (of 10 applications, so far 5 have been denied or are pending denial; other 5 still in review.) However, in any case, these applications are WAY after the time frame of infringement, and do not superceed NeoMedia already granted patents which have so far resulted in licensing or settlements by other companies:


Link to qode Patents in various countries:

Breakdown of NEOM Patents by Stock Raving Mad:

Link to 'NEOM 101' Post:

Link to Virgin info on Kiosk Screen with photos of Paperclick and Keywords:

Link on Go Window list of Words and Numbers:


Official launch of qode Keyword Registry September 26, 2005:

Shareholders' Report from the CTIA SF September 27-29, 2005:

Analogy explaining qode, the Go Window & Keywords:

Inside DCX: October 4, 2005 Interview by Daimler Chrysler with Chas Fritz:







USPTO Reexamination Litigation Search:  Insert Application No. 90008779 - Then select Image File Wrapper:

NeoMedia's Barcode Look-up Patent Approved

Barkume & Associates Wins Reexamination Proceeding For NeoMedia

streetstylz Blog

dlethe01's Blog

ER doctors use Google Glass and QR codes to identify patients

Verizon Says Passwords Suck, QR Codes Offer Better Way

uis mobileapp



08 September 2014

Epson has launched a portable business projector with QR code connectivity, it has been designed to make collaboration and thesharing of content from smart devices almost instant.

Chris Goff, product manager, Epson UK, says: "The iProjection QR code connection makes it easy for anyone with a smartphone or tablet to link to theEB-W28. Once the Epson iProjection app has been downloaded to a smart device,it's just a matter of scanning a QR code that's projected by the EB-W28."


QR Code Detective: Ultimate do’s and don’ts of marketing with 2D barcodes

Brands and marketers need to discover the yeses and the no-nos of connecting with consumers over smartphones.

A growing number of highly successful campaigns that have incorporated a QR code have eliminated any doubt that it is possible to use these barcodes for tremendous achievements, but at the same time, there is a right way and a wrong way to getting the most out of what they have to offer a mobile marketing strategy.

Learn the do’s and don’ts of using quick response codes in order to skyrocket the potential of a campaign.

Our investigators have been seeing some fantastic campaigns with a QR code, but there have also been some clear failures that have been spotted over the weeks. Mobile marketers that are seeking to use these barcodes for an inexpensive strategy that really pays off will need to pay attention to what other firms have done successfully, and where they have let themselves down.

Our QR code investigators have compiled some of the best tips for ensuring mobile marketing success.

scan qr code

Among the do’s that our investigators recommend based on some of the leading campaigns that they have seen in the past are:

• Do create a call to action. Tell smartphone carrying consumers to use their mobile devices to scan the QR codes in order to be able to obtain something they want, whether it is an app download or a digital coupon for incredible savings.
• Do provide a mobile friendly experience. Even if you convince a consumer to scan, if all they see on their small screen is a website designed for a larger display, this will be a fast track to the end of the experience. By making the experience easy to see and navigate on a smartphone, consumers will be more willing and able to stick around and interact with what they find.
• Do offer social media sharing options. The only thing that is better than engaging one consumer is engaging many more. Give people who scan the QRcode the chance to share what they discover and like.

On the other hand, there are some don’ts that are important to avoid but that are still found all too frequently in campaigns featuring quick response codes.

• Don’t place the barcode in a location that is hard to scan. Regardless of the offer and the great call to action, if your barcode requires too much effort to read – or if it is likely to drive off before a scan can be completed – then even the best campaigns will fail.
• Don’t forget to use multimedia features. Remember that the whole point of QR codes is to reach consumers on their smartphones. In this type of situation, a video can provide a much friendlier experience than a lengthy written document. It is also much more likely to be shared over social media.
• Don’t forget to check the function of the QR code. If you come up with a stunning campaign, but the barcode doesn’t actually work due to some kind of error, then you have placed all of your eggs in a basket with a hole in the bottom.

QR Code Detective - Bank of America App

This week, our investigators saw a QR code campaign that was close to perfect at Bank of America. The barcode was positioned so that customers waiting in line (and who therefore had nothing better to do than view the ad and read the barcode) could scan and download the mobile banking app. There was a call to action that explained exactly what the customer had to do and why, but it also took the additional step of telling the consumer that they can have the application demoed by a bank employee. This additional effort including employee support was exactly what was missed at the Venetian Hotel in Vegas, as pointed out by our investigators a few weeks ago.

7 awesome QR code marketing campaigns that you could adopt
QR code minimum size

QR Codes for Mobile Auto Marketing  

QR Code License Users


Partial List of NeoMedia IP Agreements


NeoMedia currently has IP relationships with some of the world's most prominent brands.  A partial list of recent IP agreements is below.


The following companies are licensed as end users that may use bar code resolution services from providers not licensed under certain patents owned by NeoMedia:


  • A Confectionary Company**
    An Electronics Manufacturer**
    A Global Food and Beverage Company**
    A Global Life Science and High-Tech Materials Company**
    A Greeting Card Company**
    A Manufacturer of Advanced Integrated Digital Technology Platforms**
    A Meetings Management Technology Company**
    A Restaurant Group**
    Elmer's Products, Inc.
    Fortune 50 Financial Services Company**
    Global 500 Financial Services Company**
    Global Beverage Manufacturer**
    Global Manufacturer and Marketer of High-Quality Food and Beverage Company**
    Global Pharmaceutical Company**
    Kraft Foods Group, Inc.
    Large Quick Service Restaurants**
    Major Insurance Company**
    Major US Automobile Manufacturer**
    Mass Media and Communications Company**
    Mastronardi Produce Ltd.
    Medical Products Company**
    Mondelez Global LLC
    Multinational Consumer Goods Company**
    North American Retailer of Household Goods**
    Quick Service Restaurant Chain**
    Skechers USA, Inc.
    The Kroger Co.
    The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies
    Tyson Foods, Inc.
    W.M. Barr & Company, Inc.


The following companies have agreements with NeoMedia regarding certain patents owned by NeoMedia:


  • A National Arts & Crafts Company**
    A Premium Food Producer & Retailer**
    American Fast Food Restaurant Chain**
    American Industrial Conglomerate**
    Backyard Play Systems LLC
    ConAir Corporation
    Dassault Systemes, S.A.
    Gaiam, Inc.
    GN Store Nord A/S
    Homegrown Organic Farms
    Industrial Company**
    International Nutritional Supplement Company**
    Kao USA Inc.
    Krispy Kreme
    Lancaster Colony
    Multi-Title Catalog Company**
    National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak)
    Old World Industries, LLC
    RE/MAX, LLC.
    Rite Aid HDQTRS Corp.
    Shumann Produce Inc.
    The Wendy's Company
    Walgreen Co.


The following companies are, at a minimum, licensed to provide bar code resolution services using indirect codes under certain patents owned by NeoMedia:


  • 4GQR LLC
    CodeBroker LLC
    Technology Company**
    NeoMedia Technologies, Inc.
    Paperlinks, Inc.

**   Due to terms of some license agreements, we are not able to disclose all licensee names and use confidential descriptions by licensee approval.



Nothing in this list conveys any rights or alters any terms of license or other agreements that NeoMedia has entered with any party.  The terms of those agreements control their interpretation and nothing in the descriptions used in this document are intended to be nor should be interpreted to be a modification or explanation of those terms.   


Available QR Code Patents


NeoMedia is a Pioneer & Innovator in the Mobile Barcode Industry


With over 60 patents awardded and pending worldwide, NeoMedia is the pioneer and innovator in the mobile barcode industry.  NeoMedia's US patent portfolio includes:

  • US Pat. 5,933,829
    US Pat. 5,978,773
    US Pat. 6,089,610
    US Pat. 6,108,656
    US Pat. 6,199,048
    US Pat. 6,315,329
    US Pat. 6,430,554
    US Pat. 6,434,561
    US Pat. 6,530,601
    US Pat. 6,542,933
    US Pat. 6,651,053
    US Pat. 6,675,165
    US Pat. 6,766,363
    US Pat. 6,865,608
    US Pat. 6,993,573
    US Pat. 7,383,209
    US Pat. 7,430,588
    US Pat. 7,581,682
    US Pat. 7,765,126
    US Pat. 8,131,597
    US Pat. 8,189,466
    US Pat. 8,191,787
    US Pat. 8,238,885

For information on our complete family of patents, please contact us today!

  • 1D
  • 1M
  • 2M
  • 3M
  • 6M
  • 1Y
  • 2Y
  • 3Y
  • 5Y
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