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MedX Holdings Inc. (MEDH)

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MEDH - MedX Holdings - MedX Pharmacueticals

Kathy Roberton

Kathy Roberton  CEO

"Kathy Roberton serves as the CEO & Director for MedX Holdings. MEDH is a Wyoming corporation which functions as a holding company with one wholly-owned subsidiary MedX Pharmaceuticals, Inc. an Alabama corporation. MEDH together with MedX Pharmaceuticals has a Three Prong Approach to be rolled out in Three Phases. Phase One: MedX Pharmaceuticals is licensed as a Manufacture/Re-Packager/Wholesale Distributor of Pharmaceuticals in the state of Alabama. Our first product is a 5% Lidocaine Ointment (Pain) that has an approved ANDA (Abbreviated New Drug Application) and next, 1.5% Diclofenac Ointment, both having over 125 million scripts written per year. MedX will advance to be licensed in up to 49 other states within the next 12 months. MedX has structured agreements with Amneal Pharmaceuticals and Gemini Laboratories who are the FDA Approved Manufactures of Finished Dosed Drugs. Phase Two: We have 3 products to launch in the OTC realm, two we will manufacture and one we will have a licensing agreement on. This may prove to be our largest sector as a couple products are suited for Kathleen Roberton’s contacts who own very large network marketing companies."

CDIF Daniel Thompson Recommendation Letter


Volunteer Experience & Causes

When Able... Where Needed

Missions and Charitable Needs
November 1981 – Present (35 years 3 months)

In early years Kathy founded a Crisis Pregnancy Center in Brewster, Washington which evolved into 3 different locations in N. Central Washington State each offering assistance, resources and counseling to women of all ages, In 1997, Kathy went with a team of medical, dental, family life, children's ministry and Christian outreach to the Highlands of New Guinea. There she served alongside 2 doctors as they treated over 600 patients. They were the first American medical team to visit the Highlands ever. Kathy continues to serve in the community when able and where needed!


28.7 million outstanding shares
3.9 million float
100 million authorized shares

Only $10,000 convertible debt shown in filings.
Bottom page 4 shows Roberton holds 80% all restricted.. 

licensed in Alabama as manufacturer, repackage, wholesale distributor of pharmaceuticals & is in process of licensing in the rest of the states.

Structured agreement - to distribute 
AMNEAL PHARMACEUTICALS recently ANDA approved "RX 5% lidocaine ointment" and recently FDA approved "1.5% generic diclofenac solution"

three unspecified over the counter drugs, two manufactured by MedX, and the other through strategic agreement with GEMINI LABORATORIES for its fda approved over the counter drugs.

Licensing Update: In Florida, the company will ship directly to a Third Party Logistic partner who will legally ship to all of the clients in Florida. A Third Party Logistic Warehouse represents the fastest path for MEDH to legally sell in the state of Florida. 

On May 17, 2016, MEDH announced that it is in the process of becoming licensed as a Wholesale Distributor of Pharmaceuticals in the state of Alabama. As a result, the company has also entered into an Exclusive Marketing Agreement with B&B Consulting whose sales exceeded over $7,000,000 dollars in pharmaceutical sales in 2015. 

In addition, MEDH has also secured an agreement with one of the largest FDA Manufacturers in the United States. Our first product that has been approved to sell is a 5% Lidocaine Ointment 50g jar. Our negotiated price allows us to have very competitive pricing to offer B&B’s current list of clients.

MEDH is introducing, Collaborative Profit, an innovative approach that allows each acquisition to become a stand-alone subsidiary with all the advantage and power of public company while keeping their independent management control. 
This unique diversified platform, designed by MEDH, offers protection for both the investor and the subsidiary. It provides acquisitions the ability to raise capital and offers investors the assurance that their investment is at low risk.


MedX Pharmaceuticals’ focus is safe and effective FDA Approved products with proven superior therapeutic value.

We begin with 5% Lidocaine Ointment which effectively relieves pain without the use of controlled narcotics. This is an FDA Approved Finished Dosed product.

5% Lidocaine Ointment is effective for treating chronic pain, arthritis, muscle soreness, eczema, scratches, burns, insect bites (including mosquito bites) as well as hemorrhoids, headaches and even sore throats.

Lidocaine Ointment benefits are so powerful and immediate you can overcome discomfort and pain almost instantly. Beyond this, it does not just stop the pain, it will allow your body to address the issue and heal itself much more readily. Preventing chronic inflammation and chronic pain caused by common ailments such as arthritis, by using a topical lidocaine ointment regularly you can dramatically reduce the discomfort as well as the cause of the pain.

Our bodies natural response to pain is inflammation, a healthy and natural reaction until it is prolonged and we enter the realm of chronic inflammation. With chronic inflammation often comes chronic pain, which begins to spiral into a circle of cause and effect harming nearby cells. This makes stopping the pain a necessity for the healing process to begin. By stabilizing the neuronal membrane Lidocaine will inhibit something called ionic fluxes. These ionic fluxes are required for the conduction of our nerves impulses. So by inhibiting our nerves ability to conduct impulses signaling our brain, lidocaine is an extremely effective local anesthetic. With no signal from our nerves that there is pain our body ceases the inflammatory response to that area which stops the pain when the lidocaine ointment usage stops. This becomes one of the most effective way to begin healing your body naturally and relieving pain to a specific area, such as the hands for arthritis.

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