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    BIG NEWS on March 2, 2016  


 MMMW , $300,000 market cap, with no toxic debt is starting to  deliver solar units.  Any new  technology beyond these initial sales and sustained sales could have additional fuel for corporate growth.




MMMW HAS NOT YET SOLD A SINGLE SOLAR UNIT OR TRACKING STSTEM OF ANY TYPE OR KIND TO DATE (06/09/2016), THIS IS DESPITE MMMW PUBLISHING SEVERAL VERY MISLEADING PR's TO THE CONTRARY (the above poorly ad-libed PR exerpt well serves to exemplify the most recent [3/02/16] misleading MMMW PR campaign, and only serves to perpetuate the now 15 year old blatent lie of "sales have or will soon close". Please notice how NO FACTUAL INFORMATION relative to the number of units, dollar amounts, costs, mark-ups, or profit/loss has ever been provided in any MMMW "sales announcement" PR). 






OTC Markets Group's designation for MMMW
OTC Pink No Information Logo  No Information

Definition for OTC OTC Pink No Information Logo   No Information designation;

Indicates companies that are not able or willing to provide disclosure to the public markets - either to a regulator, an exchange or OTC Markets Group. Companies in this category do not make Current Information available via OTC Markets Group's News Service, or if they do, the available information is older than six months. This category includes defunct companies that have ceased operations as well as 'dark' companies with questionable management and market disclosure practices. Publicly traded companies that are not willing to provide information to investors should be treated with suspicion and their securities should be considered highly risky.


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 Some  of  the  statements  under  "Executive  Summary,"  "Risk  Factors,"
"Management's  Discussion  and  Analysis  of  Financial Condition and Results of
Operations,"  "Business"  and  elsewhere  in  this  prospectus  constitute
forward-looking  statements.  These  statements involve known and unknown risks,
uncertainties  and  other  factors  that may cause our actual results, levels of
activity,  performance,  or  achievements  to  be  materially different from any
future  results,  levels  of activity, performance, or achievements expressed or
implied  by  such  forward-looking statements. Such factors include, among other
things,  those  listed  under  "Risk  Factors" and elsewhere in this prospectus.
     In  some  cases, you can identify forward-looking statements by terminology
such  as  "may,"  "will,"  "should," "could," "expects," "plans," "anticipates,"
"believes,"  "estimates," "predicts," "potential," or "continue" or the negative
of  such  terms  or  other  comparable  terminology.
     Although  we believe that the expectations reflected in the forward-looking
statements  are  reasonable,  we  cannot  guarantee  future  results,  levels of
activity,  performance,  or  achievements.  Moreover,  neither  we nor any other
person  assumes  responsibility  for  the  accuracy  and  completeness  of  such
statements. We are under no duty to update any of the forward-looking statements
after  the  date  of  this  prospectus.
Among  the important factors that could cause actual events to differ materially
from  those  indicated  by  forward-looking  statements  in  this  registration
statement are the failure of the Company to achieve or maintain necessary zoning
approvals  with  respect  to  the  location  of  its  power developments; to
successfully produce the product on time and remaining competitive; the inability of
the Company to sell its current turbines offered for sale or any future sale, if
needed,  to finance the marketing and sales of its electricity; general economic
conditions; as well as those risk factors detailed in the periodic reports filed
by  the  company

Investing  in  the company shares is risky.  You should carefully consider the following risks  before  making  an  investment decision.  The trading price of our sharescould  decline  due  to  any of these risks, and you could lose all or a part of
your  investment.
1.   New Product Development
The  new product and has the potential  of not being successful. The technological and operational success  is the key to the Company's success. As in the commercial development of any  new  mechanical  product,  long-term operation may lead to the discovery of deficiencies  in  the  design  and/or  in its manufacturing.  For instance,long-term  operation  might  disclose  that the loading exceeds design criteria,resulting  in  materials  fatigue  failure.
2.   New Business Risks
The  early  stages  of  any start-up business are subject to many risks. Company
success  is  highly  influenced by the normal expenses, problems, complications,
and  frequent  delays  associated  with  a  new business. It is likely that Mass
Megawatts  Wind  Power,  Inc.  will  continue  to require substantial capital in
addition  to  the  proceeds  of  this offering. The ability to raise capital and
support  growth  of  its  operations is dependent on maintaining suitable profit
margins  for  each  investment  the Company makes in its product.
Additionally, numerous factors including the nation's economy, conditions of the
capital  markets  in  general, and conditions affecting the wind energy industry
may  affect the company’s ability to raise capital. There is
no  assurance  that  the Company's products will result in a commercial success.
3.   Company not at Mass Production Stage
Currently no product suitable for commercial or mass production have been
completed  or  tested.  Fatigue  and weather related structural testing has been
done  on  a limited basis with a proof of concept prototype.  The future success
of  the  Company  is  dependent on its ability to manufacture and to deliver the
the product  on  a  timely basis at a sustained and acceptable cost.
4.   No Customer Contracts and Market Risk
The  Company  does not currently have any customer contracts for the purchase of
electricity.  The  future  success  of  the  Company  is dependent on the market
acceptance  of  the  product.  In  the  past,  the  introduction  of  new wind power
technology  has  been  received with hesitance as many technologies have failed.
Additionally, many potential customers believe that wind energy is unpredictable
and  not  economical  in  comparison to other energy sources.  There is a belief
among  energy  industry  participants  with  little knowledge of the wind energy
segment  that  a  suitable power quality with a stable voltage and frequency can
not  be  produced  using  wind. No favorable utility purchase agreement has been
signed  at  a  purchase  price  that would result a profit. The Company does not
currently  have  a sales and marketing team. There can be no assurances that the
Company's own marketing efforts will be successful.  
5.   Possible Loss of Investment
Prospective  investors  should be aware that their entire investment could be at
6.   Intellectual Property
There  can  be  no  assurances  that  patents will issue from any of the pending
applications.  In  addition, with regard to any patent that may issue, there can
be  no  assurance  that the claims allowed will be sufficiently broad to protect
the  Company's  technology  or  that  issued  patents  will not be challenged or
7.   Risk of Inability to Achieve the Maximum Proceeds in the Amount of the
It will be more difficult for the company to achieve a successful implementation
of  its  business  plan  if  the  maximum  proceeds  made available through this
offering  cannot be raised. Wind power generating facilities require substantial
investments.  General economic and capital market conditions may have a negative
impact  in the Company's ability to achieve the maximum proceeds amount. If less
than  the maximum proceeds are sold, the percentage of non-product manufacturing
expenses  (offering, legal, accounting, and advertising expenses) to the overall
use  of  offering  proceeds  will  be greater than the percentage if the maximum
proceeds  are  sold.
8. Oil price risk
Price of oil is unstable.
9.   Stock Market Risk
There  has  been no guarantee of a market for our Common Stock and the Investors
10.  Growth Management
Rapid  growth  could  impair the Company's ability to effectively manage growth.
Managing  growth  requires  expanding  the  employee, operational, and financial
bases.  Failure to develop efficient construction and manufacturing processes of
the  products  could  have  a  negative impact on the ability to manage growth.
11.  "Going Concern" Qualifications
Our  auditors  have  included  an  explanatory paragraph in their reports on our
financial  statements  regarding  our  ability  to  continue as a going concern.
During  the  ordinary  course  of  business, operating losses have incurred each
period  since  inception,  resulting in an accumulated deficit and negative cash
flows.   going  concern.
12.  Limited Site Locations
Local regulatory, permitting, and zoning constraints may limit, delay, or affect
the  cost  of  site  development.  The  visibility  of  wind turbines as well as
threats  to  endangered  or migratory birds may require turbines to not be sited
near  areas  where such species might be threatened. In addition, suitable sites
may  be  located  in  areas  where  the  availability  of wind resource does not
coincide  with  power  needs  and  it  may  be remote from adequate transmission
facilities.  In  some otherwise favorable sites the energy cost may be low. Some
sites  might be limited with the high cost of acquiring easements and other land
use  rights. Site development may be affected by social policy concerns, such as
noise  and visibility of wind energy systems.  The danger to migratory birds and
other  wildlife may require the site locations to be abandoned or moved to areas
where  the endangered species might not be threatened. Other site related issues
include  local  regulatory,  zoning  and permitting constraints which may delay,
limit  or  affect  the  cost  of  site  development.
13.  Regulations
The  electric  industry  is  subject  to  energy  and  environmental laws at the
federal,  state,  and  local  levels.  The Public Utility Regulatory Act of 1978
provides  qualifying  facilities  ("QFs")  important exemptions from substantial
federal and state legislation, including regulation as public utilities. Loss of
QF status by any one of the Company's projects could cause the Company to become
a  public  utility  holding company, thereby causing many of the Company's other
projects  to  lose  their  QF  status and become subject to regulation as public
utilities.  The  compliance  of  the  regulations  may  be  complicated  or
difficult.  Specialized  or  legal assistance may be required for the company to
carry  out  its  business.
Electric  generation projects also are subject to federal, state, and local laws
and  administrative  regulations,  which govern the geographic location, zoning,
land  use,  and  operation  of  plants  and  emissions  produced by said plants.
Recently, modified legislation of the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935
("PURPA")  increases  competition  by  allowing  utilities to develop production
facilities  that  don't qualify as QFs without being subject to regulation under
14.  Suppliers Reliance
Interruption  of  suppliers  operations  can delay delivery of components to the
company,  which  could adversely impact the company's operations. Mass Megawatts
Wind  Power,  Inc.  purchases  components  from  outside venders and is aware of
alternative  suppliers  for  single-sourced items. The Company believes that the
loss  of  any one supplier would have only a short-term impact on its production
schedule.  In the long term, additional suppliers will be required as production
volume  increases.
15.  Competition
Fossil  fuel-fired plants including gas-fired and petroleum-fueled power plants,
are  the  primary competition of the Company.  In addition, the increased use of
competitive bidding procedures has made obtaining power purchase agreements with
utilities more competitive.  Competitive bidding generally has reduced the price
utilities  pay  independent  power  producers,  which,  in  turn,  reduces  the
profitability  of many independent power projects.  If wind power becomes a more
widely  accepted  technology,  large  and well-capitalized companies deciding to
invest  in  any  of  the  various wind power technologies, may also increase the
16.  Fluctuation of Conventional Energy Prices
Survival  of  wind-powered facilities depends on producing electricity at a cost
that  is  competitive  with  other forms of generation.  Low fossil fuel prices,
which  reduce  the  cost of electricity generated by fossil fuels, may adversely
affect  the  Company's  ability  to  generate  profits.
17.  Dilution
The  proposed  initial  public  offering  price is substantially higher than the
average  price per share paid by investors in the Company to date.  Accordingly,
new investors in the Company will experience substantial immediate dilution with
respect  to  their  investment.
Note:  In addition to the above risks, businesses are often subject to risks not
foreseen  or  fully  appreciated  by  management.  In  reviewing this Disclosure
Document,  potential  investors  should  keep  in mind other possible risks that
could  be  important.


Share Structure:

Outstanding Shares

61,311,477 as of June 15, 2015


Authorized Shares

67,000,000 as of  April 30,2015




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