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CEO UPDATE: June 13, 2014:

Our planned filing release this week was and is still being held up due to a backlog of applicants applying for business licenses with the State of Nevada, ours among them. KMA paid for expedited service which as of today, obviously didn't help with the speed of it's completion. We started this process several days ago and are still waiting for our application to be made active.

Rest assured, we have pushed very hard this entire week to fulfill our promise to shareholders about the Form 10 getting filed, but sometimes governmental issues are beyond our control.

Here are the facts- The press release has been written and attorney approved, our Form 10 along with the two years of KMA's audited financials are completed, peer reviewed and ready to be queued to Still, we continue to be side tracked from our filing goal due to one needed Government document from the State of Nevada. We were told today by Nevada's Secretary Of State Office to anticipate our business license application being completed early next week.

Jeff Duncan Reid CEO
KMA Global Solutions International, Inc.

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KMA Global Solutions International Inc.
Investor Relations

CEO UPDATE: June 6, 2014

KMA Global Solutions International Inc.

Announced on Facebook and Twitter on 6/6/2014

"The PR" will be released next week. Hold tight KMAG shareholders. Redemption time! Hello Edgar!
Jeff Reid

CEO UPDATE:  May 30, 2014

KMA Global Solutions International Inc.
There have been many questions on the correct form KMA will be submitting to in the next few days. In the last few weeks we have talked to our legal team about the what KMA filed in the past and what we are wanting to accomplish with our pending filings. We were told KMA is filing a form 10, but following the formatted template of the old form 10-KSB to expedite it's completion, KMA used this form 10-KSB back in 2006. In our haste yesterday evening to update shareholders about the a newly discovered needed peer review of our our audited financials causing a unseen delay in our May timeline, we verbally relayed incorrect nomenclature wording to our Social Media group to get ahead of this peer review delay announcement. I was traveling for business and could not proof read this latest Face Book release. This was nothing more than a honest clerical error as to the correct form being used by KMA due to a verbal misunderstanding. 
I'm sorry about this commutation mix-up, but the fact still remains the same, we are in the process of registering our shares with the SEC using the form 10. This form 10 will be submitted to once the a peer review of our audited financials is completed in the next several days.

Again, I'm apologize about this nomenclature wording mix-up, the buck stops with me, and I take full responsibly. This will not happen again.

Jeff Reid CEO
KMA Global Solutions International, Inc. 
Contact Information 
KMA Global Solutions International Inc.
Investor Relations

CEO UPDATE:  May 16, 2014

KMA Global Solutions International Inc.
KMA's management feels very confident that during this month of May we will finally be able to make a official announcement that KMAG has been given a green light to proceed forward with its previously submitted, long term business plan. KMA Global Solutions has endured many months of questions by those in authority. Our responses throughout the last several months have been backed up with factual, verifiable replies. KMA today is finally seeing the light at the end of this long tunnel, a 20 month long tunnel that KMAG was unjustly placed into due to circumstances beyond our control.

Think about this, KMA and its RFID partner are in the business of tracking consumer goods. With our new technology we can currently track tens of millions of units in "Real Time", yes real time inventory at the push of a button! This technology alone could save retailers millions of dollars in Inventory costs. So what is this type of cost saving technology worth to retailers, to shareholders? That is just part of KMA's Future! Innovation is the strength/future of any growing company and KMA Global along with our new RFID partner have a "lock on this Innovation".

Rest assured shareholders, I, Jeff Duncan Reid am doing everything asked of me to see that our previously submitted business plan begins to be implemented this month. Thank you for your continuing support and for remaining a loyal KMAG shareholder. Business at KMA Global Solutions continues to be very strong, our time is near!
Jeff Reid CEO.
KMA Global Solutions International, Inc.


KMA Global Solutions International Inc.
April 6 · Edited

To all shareholders;
Starting next week we will proudly start posting current business updates and pictures to our Social Media sites. We believe this will show our huge base of loyal KMAG shareholders that they made the correct assessment with their investment during these trying times.
We are also working on a in depth, complete, factual timeline of events that have transpired since that fateful, Sept. 17, 2012 morning. In the near future we will post this timeline for all to see on Face Book and our soon to be released company web site. We feel this type of transparency will quash many of the rumors, innuendos, and half-truths concerning myself and our company, KMA Global. 

Jeff Reid CEO
KMA Global Solutions International, Inc.


TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - April 3, 2014) - KMA Global Solutions International, Inc. - KMAG continues to make efforts to convey our long established leadership role in the International RFID sector to investors. Currently, our attempts to up list off the grey market has been slowed due to 3rd party intervention which at present time, we are trying to find a resolution to this issue.

New material filings are anticipated, so to ensure in the future that current shareholders have the transparency they deserve, we have created several new social media outlets to enable the viewing of these releases.

Facebook - KMA Global Solutions International Inc.

Twitter -

About KMA Global Solutions International, Inc.

At KMA, our Business Mission is to constantly reinforce our industry leadership as a preferred competitive supplier in the timely delivery of superior, cost effective, source tagging products - all the time, every time.

Forward-Looking Statement

Statements included in this press release which are not historical in nature, are intended to be, and are hereby identified as "Forward Looking Statements'' for purposes of safe harbor provided by Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. Forward Looking Statements may be identified by words including "anticipate'', "await'', "envision'', "foresee'', "aim at'', "believe'', "intends'', "estimates'' including without limitation, those relating to the company's future business prospects, are subject to certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those indicated in the Forward Looking Statements. Readers are directed to the company's filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for additional information and a presentation of the risks and uncertainties that may affect the company's business and results of operations.



TORONTO, Oct. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- KMA Global Solutions International, Inc. (KMAG: OTC) continues to develop unique solutions for the retail market internationally. Test markets using the new Gemini Tag have developed long term business opportunities and partners that will enable KMAG to grow its position in this evolving market.

KMAG has recently partnered with a Technology provider that has required unique product developments and created a platform to move forward in a joint effort toward the future.

KMAG is moving toward a fresh start that will deliver value to the shareholders for their long term loyalty and support. We will endeavor to update shareholders on a more frequent basis as we move forward with our plans.

About KMA Global Solutions International, Inc.

At KMA, our Business Mission is to constantly reinforce our industry leadership as a preferred competitive supplier in the timely delivery of superior, cost effective, source tagging products - all the time, every time.





SEC Suspension of Trading, September 17, 2012


What Is Source Tagging?


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