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 Imagin Medical is a medical imaging company
Imagin Medical will establish a new standard of care in the detection and removal of cancer using endoscopes by commercializing an advanced, proprietary and patented imaging technology
 Initially targeting bladder cancer 
 Thereafter expanding to all minimally invasive surgical (MIS) procedures where endoscopes are used

Benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS)

• Performed using tiny holes or incisions (less muscle cut)
• Reduced pain, smaller / no scarring
• Quicker recovery, shorter hospital stay, less expensive
• Minimally invasive surgeries performed using endoscopes


Endoscopic Primer

• Endoscopic means “to look inside”
• Endoscope – a medical device with attached light used to look inside organs
• Endoscopy performed when other tools, such as an MRI, X-ray, or CT scan, are inappropriate
• Endoscopies commonly performed to diagnose cancer, take tissue samples for biopsies, and to remove cancer
• Different medical specialties use different types of endoscopes
• Cystoscopes, Bronchoscopes, Gastroscopes, Laparoscopes


Endoscopic Market
 $46B growing global endoscopy market
 $1B is spent annually in US alone on bladder cancer surveillance
 Bladder cancer is 3rd most common in men and 6th most common in US overall with recurrence rate of 40 – 70% making it the most expensive cancer to treat over the lifetime of a patient
 4 million estimated urology endoscopy procedures performed each year targeting bladder cancer
 Imagin’s disruptive imaging technology squarely addresses limitations in:
• Endoscopies targeting bladder cancer (cystoscopies)
• Endoscopies targeting many other cancers



Endoscope Limitations - White Light

• Current endoscopes use “white light” (or visible light) that has been the gold standard for decades
• Highly effective for detecting protruding cancerous tumors
• Limitations of white light:
• Tumors that are flat may look the same as normal tissue
• Not effective in visualizing the edges of the tumor
• Inability to illuminate tumors beneath skin surface


Endoscope Limitations - Blue Light

• Blue light cystoscopes (white light with blue filter) used with contrasting agents induce fluorescence and improve ability to detect flat cancers and visualize edges
• Drawbacks of existing blue light technology:
• Requires one hour for the agent to be absorbed by bladder
• Surgeon must manually “switch” between white light and blue light to see tumor area
• Repeated usage of imaging agent causes adverse side-effects (FDA limits use of contrast agents to one-time use per patient)

Disruptive Technology - Endoscopes with i/Blue Imaging System

• Significantly reduced prep time with bladder absorption in less than 15 minutes vs. one hour
• Optics 100,000 X more sensitive
• Simultaneous acquisition of differing images
• No switching back and forth
• Blends the white light and fluorescence images into one
• Enables the surgeon to better visualize and resect the cancer
• This advancement makes i/Blue technology practical, not only for the O.R. but also potentially for the physicians’ office
• Adapts seamlessly to most types of endoscopes on the market
Future Development - i/Vision Imaging System

• Incorporates multiple illumination sources in one system
• Accommodates the most commonly used fluorescing contrast agents, i.e., such as those based on the emission of Protoporphyrin IX (PpIX) and Indocyanine green (ICG)
• This instrument enables expansion into multiple endoscopic procedures such as laparoscopic (general and gynecology), colorectal, thoracic and gastroenterology procedures related to cancer and non-cancerous conditions
• Like i/Blue, blends two images into one, adapts to most endoscopes, and orders of magnitude more sensitive
Future Development - i/Red Imaging System

• Requires no contrasting agents - uses the fluorescence produced by the body and tumor itself
• Contrast between normal and cancer tissue is potentially related to difference in porphyrin content within the cells
• Dramatically expands the market to endoscopic procedures where imaging agents cannot be practically administered
• Like i/Blue, blends two images into one, adapts to most endoscopes, orders of magnitude more sensitive
Intellectual Property

• Underpinning company’s technology are three issued patents and two pending patent applications on technology related to near-infrared spectroscopic imaging for cancer and other medical applications obtained, under exclusive license, from Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC
• Aim of licensing agreement is to commercialize the technology invented by Dr. Stavros Demos, a key advisor to the company

Product Development Roadmap

Why Invest in Imagin Medical?

• Key investment risks removed, high investment return potential
• Disruptive cutting edge imaging technology will dramatically reduce bladder cancer recurrence rates addressing $1B growing global market
• Limited R&D risks as concept is proven – this is an execution play
• Experienced medical device management team that has done it before
• Management in medical device field for over 30 years
• Worked together in previous companies
• High-margin product with strong clinical and economic advantages
• Commercial launch expected in 2018 with positive operating cash flows
• Strong acquisition market
• Most medical device companies grow by acquisition, not organically
• Company expected to have significant value with multiple liquidity options

Number of Shares Outstanding as at February 28, 2017:                50,068,739
Shares Subject to Resale Restrictions    
1) Shares subject to escrow (1,725,000 released every 6 months - Feb 9 & Aug 9) 5,175,000  
2) Performance shares 5,000,000  
3) Private Placement from Q4/2016 (Tranche 2 released on Feb 20 & Apr 9, 2017) 3,873,605  
Total Shares Subject to Resale Restrictions   14,048,605
Total Tradeable Float   36,020,134
Total Shares Outstanding   50,068,739

Number of Warrants Outstanding as at February 28, 2017:             25,005,064
Warrants Outstanding    
Feb 2016 Private Placement Strike @ 0.35 - expire Feb 9, 2018 7,007,413
Warrants from BSS acquisition Strike @ 0.15 - expire Feb 9, 2019 8,905,786
Q4/2016 PP - Tranche 1 Strike @ 0.12 - expire Oct 20, 2019 5,111,300
Q4/2016 PP - Tranche 2 Strike @ 0.12 - expire Dec 9, 2019 3,980,565
Total Warrants Outstanding   25,005,064

Number of Options Outstanding as at February 28, 2017:                4,200,000
 Management Options Outstanding    
Tranche 1 Strike @ 0.08 200,000
Tranche 2 Strike @ 0.15 4,000,000
Total Options Outstanding   4,200,000
Various Company Links

Company Web Site
Corporate Presentation

CSE Web Site for Imagin Medical
SEDAR Web Site for Imagin Medical

Listing Statement CSE - February 16, 2016

Share Issuance - February 9, 2016
Share Issuance - August 22, 2016
Share Issuance - October 21, 2016
Share Issuance - December 13, 2016
Convertible Debt Issuance - March 3, 2016

Option Grant - June 30, 2016
Option Grant - December 19, 2016

Information Circular - October 31, 2016

Monthly CSE Filings (CSE Form 7)
  2016 2017
January N/A Link
February Link Link
March Link  
April Link  
May Link  
June Link  
July Link  
August Link  
September Link  
October Link  
November Link  
December Link  

Financial Statements (FS) & Management Discussion and Analyses (MD&A)
      2015 2016
Q2 Quarter Ended March 31 FS   Link
MD&A   Link
Q3 Quarter Ended June 30 FS   Link
MD&A   Link
Q4 Quarter Ended September 30 FS Link Link
MD&A Link Link
Q1 Quarter Ended December 31 FS Link Link
MD&A Link Link


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  • 1M
  • 2M
  • 3M
  • 6M
  • 1Y
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