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CopyTele Inc.

Company Overview
Website -

CTI's management team has over 30 years of combined experience in Patent Monetization and Patent Assertion, and has generated in excess of $150 million patent licensing revenues.

 CTI currently has 64 U.S. Patents and 11 U.S. Patent applications with coverage primarily in five technology areas: Key Based Encryption; ePaper® Electrophoretic Display, Loyalty Awards Programs, Nano Field Emission Display, and Micro Electro Mechanical Systems Display. CTI's primary business is the monetization and assertion of patents, and the acquisition of patents and patent monetization and assertion rights from third parties.

Patent Assertion

Article 1, Section 8, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution provides that for limited time periods, authors and inventors shall have exclusive rights to their respective writings and discoveries. A patent is in effect a contract between the inventor and the government: in exchange for sharing a new or novel invention with the world, the government gives the inventor the right to exclude others from manufacturing, selling, or using the patented invention for a limited period of time.

Patent Monetization is the generation of revenue from patents and patented technologies. Patent Assertion is a specialized type of Patent Monetization where a patent owner, or a representative of the patent owner, seeks to prohibit or collect royalties from the unauthorized manufacture, sale, and use of a patented invention.

CTI's business model is Patent Monetization and Patent Assertion. In executing its business model, CTI will monetize its existing patent portfolios, and acquire additional patents and patent assertion rights from third parties.


Robert Berman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Director
Henry Herms, Chief Financial Officer, Vice President of Finance, Director
John Roop, Senior Vice President of Engineering
Edward Lewit, Vice President of Engineering
Anthony Campisi, Vice President of Engineering
Ron Tenio, Vice President of Investor Relations

For more information on all of the above click the link below.

Board of Directors

Lewis H. Titterton Jr., Chairman of the Board
Robert Berman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Director
Henry Herms, Chief Financial Officer, Vice President of Finance, Director
Amit Kumar, Ph.D, Strategic Advisor, Director
Bruce Johnson, Director
Kent Williams, Director

For more information on all of the above click the link below.

Patent Portfolios: CTI Patented Technologies

Key Based Encryption
ePaper® Electrophoretic Display
Nano Field Emission Display
Micro Electro Mechanical Systems Display
Loyalty Awards Programs

Key Based Encryption

Portfolio covering the generation and management of encryption keys used for securing e-mail, text messages, data, voice and facsimile. This type of encryption technology is commonly used for cloud based storage and email archiving, to comply with HIPAA and other regulations regarding the safeguarding of personal information.  KB Encryption can also be used for protecting sensitive cellular, satellite, and local area network communications.

ePaper® Electrophoretic Display

Fundamental portfolio covering the underlying chemistry, manufacturing, assembly, and internal operations of core electrophoretic technology used in the worlds' most popular eReader devices. Coverage includes both the particles, and the suspension, which are the primary elements used to create highly reflective grey scale images to simulate reading on paper.

Nano Field Emission Display

Portfolio covering a new type of flat panel display consisting of low voltage color phosphors, specially coated carbon nanotubes, Nano materials to generate secondary electrons, and ionized noble gas, resulting in a bright, sharp, high contrast color image. Emerging technology that would result in a flat panel display utilizing less power, with better picture quality and lower manufacturing costs.

Micro Electro Mechanical Systems Display

Portfolio covering vanadium dioxide coated pixels that electrically modulate light at extremely high speeds to form an image. Additional coverage on use of electrostatic force to move pixel sized membranes that create a color image.  Emerging low voltage technologies with numerous potential commercial applications.

Loyalty Awards Programs

Patent portfolio relating to coalition loyalty awards programs commonly provided by airlines, credit card companies, hotels, retailers, casinos, and others. The portfolio covers the electronic conversion of non-negotiable, loyalty awards points into negotiable funds used to purchase goods and services from third parties, as well as covering the electronic conversions of awards points into points and awards provided by other loyalty program providers.

News & Press

Stock Information on


Filings and Disclosure

CTI in the News

Investor information:

Contact Information:

CopyTele Inc.
900 Walt Whitman Road
Melville, NY 11747
United States - Map
Phone: 631-549-5900
Fax: 631-549-5974
Web Site:



Thoughts and Data from the previous moderator:

CopyTele, Inc. engages in the development, production, and marketing of multifunctional encryption products that provide information security for domestic and international users over communications media. Its encryption products include multifunctional, hardware-based, digital encryption systems that provide voice, fax, and data encryption using either the Citadel CCX encryption cryptographic chip, or the Triple DES or AES algorithm. The company also develops two software-based security products, one of which uses either the Triple DES or the AES algorithm to encrypt data files and email attachments in both desktop and laptop computers utilizing Microsoft Windows operating systems; and the other encrypts voice and data in cellular and satellite phones, scanners, and printers. Further, CopyTele develops, produces, and markets flat panel CRT displays. The company sells its encryption products directly to end-users, as well as through dealers and distributors. CopyTele was founded by Frank J. DiSanto in 1982 and is based in Melville, New York.

LVND™ Thin Flat Low Voltage Phosphor Display

Electron emission display technology is recognized as one of the most promising candidates to replace the cathode ray tube ("CRT"). CRT's have been highly successful for decades, but are bulky and power hungry. CopyTele's LVND™ Display matches the desirable characteristics of a CRT - including color or monochrome; a wide viewing angle; the ability to operate in severe environmental conditions; and a long operational life - in a much more compact, energy-efficient, flat panel display.

CopyTele's LVND™ Display not only matches the desirable characteristics of a CRT, but also achieves high-brightness, has a unique low voltage and power electron emission and control system having a thin film technology ("TFT") pixel structure with built-in pixel memory, and has long life.


CopyTele's LVND™ Display technology permits production of a display that matches all of the desirable characteristics of a CRT while offering significant improvements in power and space consumption.

Benefits of CopyTele's LVND™ Display technology:

* significantly more compact
* dramatically improved energy efficiency
* available in color or monochrome
* wide viewing angle
* operable in severe environmental conditions
* long operational life
* display widescreen and standard TV formats for digital TV and DVD operations
* no picture geometric distortion - phosphor in each pixel is stimulated individually
* high brightness with video capability

Display Technology Proprietary CopyTele LVND™ Display utilizing Pixel Matrix Electron Control System (PMECS) to accommodate virtually any Electron Emission System for LVND™ Displays
Display Area 114.7 mm (H) x 79.3 mm (V)
Display Diagonal 140 mm [5.5 inches]
Number of Pixels 960 x 234
Pixels Pitch 0.119 mm x 0.339 mm
Viewing Angle Almost hemispherical
Video Response Time 10 microseconds
Display Colors Red/Green/Blue
Pixel Cross Talk None
Voltage Swing Nominal 24 Volts
Temperature Range -40o C to 85o C

My primary interest in this company is their LVND Display. This tech holds great promise in everything from PC's to Laptops to Cell Phones to Portable Gaming because of it's low power comsumption,weight savings and wide viewing angle.

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