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Greenway Design Group, Inc. (GDGI)

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Welcome to Greenway Design Group, Inc. (GDGI) Board!!! 


Status: 686 - Published For Opposition

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Greenway Design Group Engages Cannabis
Industry Veteran to Assess Previously
Acquired Cannabis Assets


HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA / ACCESSWIRE / May 13, 2015 / Greenway Designs, Inc, (OTC Pink: GDGI) (GDGI) announced today that a Cannabis industry veteran will assess the value and opportunities associated with the Cannabis-Related Intellectual Property, Information Technology, Daily Deal and Digital Coupon Technologies, Trademarks, Licensing Agreements and Venture Partners acquired in the Deal-X Technologies acquisition and how these assets and opportunities can serve the explosive Legal Adult use and Medical Cannabis Industry. Software Coding and Web Development strengths will also be assessed.

"These Cannabis-Related assets were included in our acquisition of Deal-X Technologies and may represent significant value and opportunities to Greenway Design Group, Inc." said Ben Lefrancois, CEO of Greenway Design Group, Inc.

Deal –X Technologies is a proprietary "Digital Coupon" and "Daily Deal" software platform for local commerce and national e-commerce (online sales). Deal-X Technologies' website is

About Greenway Design Group, Inc.:

Greenway Design Group, Inc. is a green technologies company aggressively pursuing business opportunities to increase shareholders value.

Safe Harbor:

This Press Release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. These forward-looking statements are based on the current plans and expectations of management and are subject to a number of uncertainties and risks that could significantly affect the company's current plans and expectations, as well as future results of operations and financial condition. A more extensive listing of risks and factors that may affect the company's business prospects and cause actual results to differ materially from those described in the forward-looking statements can be found in the reports and other documents filed by the company with OTC Markets, Inc.'s OTC Disclosure and News Service. The company undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.


Ben Lefrancois

SOURCE: Greenway Designs Group, Inc.

GDGI Share Structure as of 12/11/14

Shares/PV Authorized: 950,000,000
Shares/PV Outstanding: 477,942,380

Free TradingShares: 185,215,914



How it works

Our "pre-cool" flash evaporation methodology (using mist water to cool ambient air temperature) is an effective means to increase heat flux (the rate of heat exchange) by lowering ambient air temperature. Air temperature is the primary function of heat transfer from the refrigerant; the cooler the outside air, the faster the system can remove heat. Cool-n-Save decreases ambient air temperature by about 30 degrees, which improves overall HVAC efficiency and performance.

About five years ago, our engineers discovered that the easiest way to solve the "hot air" problem is with a little evaporative 'magic'. Our Cool-n-Save pre-cool system raises a "pre-cool shield" of treated water mist into the air around the HVAC unit. Flash evaporation causes the mist to evaporate almost instantly. The result is what engineers call an adiabatic boundary - a shield that literally insulates the HVAC from excess heat. Ambient air temperature around the unit drops by as much as 30°F. That means that if the ambient air temperature is 98°F, Cool-n-Save will knock it down to 68°F. The air then acts on the fins and increases heat exchange efficiency. Relative humidity is the amount of moisture in the air compared to the amount of moisture the air could absorb at the same temperature. It is a crucial factor in determining cooling potential. The lower the relative humidity, the more water can be vaporized, and the more heat can be removed (see chart). A solution that works in almost any climate. Even in areas with high relative humidity the moisture level around HVAC coils is very low (less than 20%). This is due to the high heat output of the coils - about 85°F. That's why Cool-n-Save HVAC Pre-cool is effective in almost any climate.

With a properly installed system in place, Cool-n-Save treated water evaporates quickly enough to produce that crucial drop in ambient air temperature, which leads to the lower fin temperature and greater heat flux (temperature differential between coolant and fin). The result is that the condenser runs less frequently.

That's how Cool-n-Save reduces HVAC energy consumption by as much as 30%.

The Cool-n-Save Solution

Greenway solved the "hot air" problem by injecting treated water mist into the air around the outdoor coils. As most of the mist evaporates instantly, creating what we call a pre-cool shield.Inside the 'shield', the air temperature can be 30°F lower than surrounding ambient air. For instance, if the ambient air temperature is 98°F, the mist will knock it down to approximately 68°F. According to a white paper published by Colorado Springs Utilities in 2005, for every degree Fahrenheit reduction in ambient air temperature, a reduction of 1 to 1.5% in energy demand is realized. Thus, cooler ambient air dramatically increases the EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) of the air conditioning system. The system runs more efficiently and less frequently, thus less energy is used for GREATER cooling power.

Third-party tests have shown that Cool-n-Save® Evaporative Pre-Cool Systems produce up to 30% savings on energy use; the average is around 26% depending on climate, and the conditions and size of the system (the larger the system, the greater the potential energy savings). Cool-n-Save also helps reduce wear and tear on equipment (thanks to gained efficiency) which leads to lower overall cost for repair and replacement.

A detailed analysis of how Cool-n-Save improves the efficiency of air conditioning condenser units was conducted by the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Tulane University in Louisiana in 2005 (see sidebar "Beyond the Tulane Study"). In the 29-page report, researchers concluded that Cool-n-Save "substantially" increases heat transfer of air conditioning units and "that cooler air will be able to circulate throughout a structure and that this will decrease the time the condenser unit runs thus reducing electricity cost to the user." A separate study presented in 2009 during an international conference held in Glasgow, Scotland by researchers from Hong Kong Polytechnic University confirms that the application of water mist to pre-cool "ambient air" increases performance and efficiency of air conditioning systems by 30% or more. Subsequent system field tests of Cool-n-Save installations show instant and sustainable reduction of energy consumption - on average about 26%, with peak savings of more than 30%.

Greenway was also recently declared the winner of TechAmerica's 18th Annual High-Tech Innovation Awards for "Green Engineering" from Harvey Mudd College. Cool-n-Save was recognized as an innovation that has wide reach and high potential to significantly reduce energy consumption wherever air conditioning systems are used.

According to researchers at UC Davis, the world NEEDs innovations like Cool-n-Save. HVAC operations account for more than 25% of electricity consumption in California alone. In climates where heat is more intensive (e.g, the U.S. "sunbelt region", Central America, South America), HVAC operations can account for more than 40% of annual energy consumption. The California Energy Commission California Commercial End-Use Survey (CEUS) reports that roughly 65% of commercial floor area is cooled by 'split system' packaged rooftop units. About 80% of the individually connected air conditioning systems fall in this category.

Greenway's Cool-n-Save pre-cool system is proven to be the first economically viable, turnkey commercial solution that increases efficiency of split system HVAC by as much as 30%. This level of efficiency improvement will be essential to reach energy efficiency goals set by national, state policies and throughout the business community.


Beyond the
Tulane Study

"Cool-n-Save can lower the cost of running HVAC systems by as much as 30%" and "Cool-n-Save can reduce energy consumption of HVAC systems up to 30%" are not just idle claims. They are based on real world results, not superlatives and speculation. Some research - in particular the one from Tulane University - have fund that, under certain conditions, savings might even be greater than 30%. The study itself can be found HERE.

No doubt, the Tulane study was a great boost for Cool-n-Save development team, but some of those findings presented a bit of a conundrum for the marketing department at Greenway Design Group. Amid the observed gained efficiencies from pre-cool AC misting, the Tulane researchers observed that Cool-n-Save increased heat flux by 170%. Since heat flux is a measurement of HVAC efficiency, this conclusion might seem incredible were it not based on the results of a controlled laboratory experiment.And that's where the conundrum started.

The first reaction by our marketing department was to take up the claim that Cool-n-Save "increases efficiency by 170%." However, cooler heads prevailed and Ben Lefrancois and Darius Jakubik decided to take a more conservative course. Rather than suggest very high (and unreasonable) expectation for energy savings, the company went beyond the Tulane study and relied on the real world results. In so doing, we also burdened ourselves with taking in all of the variables and conditions that can affect Cool-n-Save performance.

For instance, weather and climate have significant impact on performance. Warmer, dryer conditions tend to generate the best results (e.g., the upper end of the savings scale) while cooler, wetter conditions do not (e.g., lower end of the savings scale). Then there's the location, size and condition of the condenser unit. Smaller, older units that are poorly maintained will not produce the same level of savings of larger, better-maintained or newer units. We found that there are far too many variables to make blanket, unconditional claims.

We found the answer from our clients: people were saving "up to 30%" on the cost of running their HVAC system (the average saving is about 25%). According to EIA data (Energy Information Administration), electricity for HVAC alone can be 25 to 50% of the monthly cost of building operations (depending on local electricity rates). That means many of our clients see reduced overall energy consumption from 7 to 15%, which in any economy is a huge dividend.





Photon LTD (Pictured Above), is the exclusive sales and manufacturing partner paying royalities to GDGI for all sales in Asia.

Customers Include:

Banchoon Enterprises in the Phillipines

Korea University of Technology

Device INC

Giant INC

Just some of Greenway's billion dollar clients.


Pepsi co(USA)

Hughes Network Systems(USA)

Denny's Restaurants(Costa Rica too) 1684 restaurants !!!

Korea Telecom(S.Korea) 500 Buildings !!!

Kash Casinos(Mexico)

Chesapeake Energy Corporation(USA)

Banco Nacional de Costa Rica(Costa Rica)

Nike Training Centers (1 center in OC)

Soriana(Mexico) 500 retail outlets !!!

International Rubber Company (Headquarter facility)





               Purchase the residential cool-n-save unit and start saving up to 30% on your electric bill at any of these authorized distributors:



"DAVID LEVY was convicted of engaging in this pump and dump scheme with three companies that he helped take public: Cardiac Network, Inc., which has traded under symbol ACNWI,@ Banneker, Inc., which has traded under symbol “BANI,” and Greenway Design Group, Inc., which has traded under symbol “GDGI.

"In addition to the prison sentence, Judge Crotty sentenced DAVID LEVY, 61, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to three years of supervised release and ordered him to pay a $500 special assessment fee. In addition, DAVID LEVY was also preliminarily ordered to forfeit $12 million, his home in Florida, certain luxury vehicles, and certain bank accounts."


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