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Economic Collapse

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Welcome to Economic Collapse, a page where most everything financial is on topic! Enjoy.


If you have some insight about the markets, the banking industry, the commodities markets, lets hear it!



Think this is the next CEO of JPMorgan? Or the current one?


Or just believe we are about to see:    

Then this is probably a good board for you. Welcome!


$$$ USD $$$


Economic Collapse Board Rules:

We have a fairly open board here but feel the need for a few rules:

1) Keep political posts based on economy driven ideas only.

2) Don't post music videos or music video links. They will be considered 'OFF TOPIC' and removed.

3) ALL 3rd party content is required to have a link accompany that content.
Failure to do so will result in postings being removed.
(some people may wish to be able to verify the content). 3rd party content must be the original link; links to other boards will be treated as off topic.

4) Religious posts are technically off topic and from this time forward they will be deleted as such.



Don't Shoot the Messenger

The issues going on in the world today, the lies, the deception and tyranny need to be exposed and people need to be ready for what's to come. 

I value the knowledge you may bring to this board and whether or not I agree with any of you, I will always respect your opinions.

I dont wish to win any popularity contests with the Economic Collapse board but I am hoping to see it grow and make people say, "hmmm.... something isnt right, something is going on!"


If you would care to add something to this board or have ideas that you think will make it better, please PM HotRod with your thoughts. Thank you!


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