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Welcome to Dragon's Corner....


Where you can post comments on anything on stocks and investments you want to....That is until they remove this board; which I am told will never happen....   






Note:  Any posts or charts on this board is not a suggestion nor implication to buy or sell any security; and if they seem that way, it is only an opinion not a fact. This board is merely used for observation purposes of trending movements in the markets. Though comments may be made that some securities were bought, does not mean you should follow or buy them also. You can and will lose money if you are not careful and do not do your own due dilligence on any security for investment purposes, particularly those issues that you are interested in. I am not a broker, market maker, financial advisor, banker, or have any thing to do with the financial markets; I am merely a solitary investor and do not make claim to any gains imagined or otherwise; and please do not even think of using me as an excuse, if you do lose out on your decision making and your clicking the mouse button at the wrong time.   You should not deal in securities unless you understand their nature and the extent of your exposure to risk. You should be satisfied that they are suitable for you in the light of your circumstances and financial position. If you are in any doubt you should consult an appropriately qualified financial advisor.  Any post that I may make in regards to any security, equity, stocks, etc are in my opinions only and this disclaimer is posted and effective no matter what board I am on.





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Fire Monkey – Years 1956 and 2016

Full of strength and determination, Fire Monkeys are excellent at not only setting goals, but in meeting them as well. Others enjoy being in the company of Fire Monkeys, even though these Monkeys want the upper hand in every situation.







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#3973  Sticky Note Pretty funny stuff... dragon52 11/09/11 06:46:41 PM
#3452  Sticky Note Dilbert dragon52 07/16/10 04:08:45 PM
#4468   well... it could test 295 without resistance now... lol dragon52 02/22/17 10:04:11 PM
#4467   seems that way... could be profit taking dragon52 02/22/17 10:03:10 PM
#4466   You would think with each consolidation the shares GrooveMaster 02/22/17 06:58:15 PM
#4465   My guess tomorrow will be green. dragon52 02/22/17 06:49:04 PM
#4464   Candles indicate consolidation to yesterday's candle. Bear raid dragon52 02/22/17 06:48:22 PM
#4463   It will come back with a more sustained layupdrill 02/22/17 06:43:53 PM
#4462   Lol... Should have known it was too good dragon52 02/22/17 06:29:36 PM
#4461   BMd here, sorry about earlier Dragon, misunderstanding layupdrill 02/22/17 06:20:01 PM
#4460   ill be selectively lurking, ha, thanks man, layupdrill 02/22/17 06:19:28 PM
#4459   We'll surprise surprise you are a follower of GrooveMaster 02/22/17 06:17:57 PM
#4458   first thing that went wrong is the dam layupdrill 02/22/17 06:06:41 PM
#4457   I was up over $40,000 today......I had a GrooveMaster 02/22/17 06:04:08 PM
#4456   Actually my friend it is 1400% I started GrooveMaster 02/16/17 01:19:30 AM
#4455   Nice... Not quite 1000...but close, ?? dragon52 02/15/17 09:18:18 PM
#4454   I am up over 1000% since October!!! GrooveMaster 02/15/17 04:06:13 PM
#4453   Yup... hang on dragon52 02/15/17 03:45:54 PM
#4452   ** $NWAV ** Breaking out!!! GrooveMaster 02/15/17 03:31:49 PM
#4451   What a beautiful chart!!! $NWAV GrooveMaster 02/14/17 09:29:57 AM
#4450   $NWAV dragon52 02/14/17 12:04:51 AM
#4449   LOL!!!! $NWAV DD Post GrooveMaster 02/12/17 05:25:25 PM
#4448   This imo is way underrated... dragon52 02/12/17 05:24:55 PM
#4447   Been onboard... dragon52 02/12/17 05:23:39 PM
#4446   WEEEEEE!!!! You jumping on board?? $NWAV!!!! So far GrooveMaster 02/12/17 05:14:26 PM
#4445   NWAV dragon52 02/12/17 04:51:51 PM
#4444   BMXC moving nicely again... maybe for real dragon52 02/09/17 11:11:11 AM
#4443 GrooveMaster 02/09/17 09:41:47 AM
#4442   I've read that... dragon52 02/09/17 09:22:36 AM
#4441   They have a lot of catalysts coming. Ticker GrooveMaster 02/09/17 09:14:17 AM
#4440   Nice run... dragon52 02/09/17 12:36:25 AM
#4439   $NWAV up 25% today!! GrooveMaster 02/06/17 04:16:25 PM
#4438   Hey Dragon when you get a chance sift GrooveMaster 02/03/17 09:27:18 PM
#4437   Kind of thin myself... Gl dragon52 01/30/17 12:18:09 PM
#4436   Might be a good thing. dragon52 01/30/17 12:17:32 PM
#4435   Oh and $NOUV a reverse merger going on... GrooveMaster 01/30/17 10:32:38 AM
#4434   I have been hearing about it.....I am all GrooveMaster 01/30/17 10:30:27 AM
#4433   Looks good. dragon52 01/30/17 10:24:06 AM
#4432   I added both of these this am..... GrooveMaster 01/30/17 10:18:35 AM
#4431   BMXC is moving nicely... dragon52 01/30/17 10:10:03 AM
#4430   Today was unfortunate... I was too busy. dragon52 01/17/17 10:05:30 PM
#4429   No you can't count them chickens until you GrooveMaster 01/17/17 05:33:57 PM
#4428   Not counting my chickens yet... dragon52 01/17/17 01:29:06 PM
#4427   Looks like we found a good one...LOL GrooveMaster 01/17/17 11:54:19 AM
#4426   yup... volume was huge indeed. dragon52 01/16/17 09:54:49 PM
#4425   MJTK will be cataclysmic Tuesday. badguy3101 01/16/17 12:58:23 PM
#4424   that would be extremely... lol dragon52 01/16/17 12:37:05 AM
#4423   It would be nice if FNMA holds off GrooveMaster 01/15/17 06:30:03 PM
#4422   thanks... I also am looking at both, as they dragon52 01/15/17 04:47:26 PM
#4421   I emailed the CEO of GIGL...never heard back. GrooveMaster 01/15/17 04:32:27 PM
#4420   BTW $MJTK @ $1+ is not far fetched... dragon52 01/15/17 04:00:18 PM
#4419   Don't feel bad... dragon52 01/15/17 03:58:12 PM