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Deep Blue Marine

Deep Blue is an underwater exploration and recovery company based in Midvale, Utah. The company was formed in November 2005 and has focused its operations in the Dominican Republic since 2007.


Deep Blue Marine, Inc. is engaged in underwater exploration and recovery of important treasures and artifacts worldwide. In the coming season the company will dive on known and permitted wrecks as well as establish exact locations of other known wrecks. Currently working in the Caribbean on a significant historical wreck, the crew is excited with the possibility of significant discovery.

Deep Blue Marine is a company that brings together rapidly developing technology and a wealth of experience in both underwater recovery and business. Deep Blue Marine works only thoroughly researched and permitted (where applicable) shipwrecks in responsible ways that address environmental concerns and preserve worthy marine antiquities. The crews are highly qualified and have extensive backgrounds. Their areas of experience and expertise include research, salvage operations, marine survey, production of documentaries, all phases of diving, management and marketing of artifacts, and liaison with collectors and auction houses. Deep Blue Marine is built and staffed by experienced and knowledgeable researchers, salvers, and businessmen and because they have agreements for working known and permitted wrecks. In addition, the latest technology and equipment are used for determining exact locations, thus facilitating top efficiency in retrieving valuables, causing the least environmental impact, and maximum preservation of archaeological values.

Starting with the best possible research for the acquisition and interpretation of available information, Deep Blue Marine is able to find general locations of notable shipwrecks. Subsequently, decisions are made by the advisory board regarding which wrecks to pursue. Exact locations are then determined by an able crew, using state-of-the-art equipment and procedures. Recent advances in equipment and technology have lightened the burden of search. In addition to newly developed proprietary equipment, side scan sonar, improved magnetometers, satellite imaging, and aerial reconnaissance are all very helpful in locating objects of interest.




                  Deep Blue Marine TV Show Promo Reel



   Latest Amazing Deep Blue Finds  --  Thanks Capt Billy

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          An Ancient Mayan Grinding Table - WOW!


So far, Deep Blue Marine has recovered over 1000 gold and silver coins, rare Mayan artifacts, cannons, cannonballs, weapons and many other historical treasures.

They have THREE wreck sites currently producing treasure and have located at least 9 others



Securities and Exchange Commission release regarding Wilf Blum

Here is the important information everyone needs to know:

Respondents are in default because they did not file an Answer, did not appear at the prehearing conference, and did not otherwise defend the proceeding.......

....The Commission considers the following factors in determining the public interest: (1) the egregiousness of the respondent's actions; (2) whether the violations were isolated or recurrent; (3) the degree of scienter involved; (4) the sincerity of the respondent's assurances against future violations; (5) the respondent's recognition of the wrongful nature of his or her
conduct; and the likelihood that the respondent's occupation will present opportunities for future violations

Respondents consented to an injunction based on allegations that during a two-year period, they conducted numerous unregistered offerings and distributions of stock in violation of the federal securities laws.This conduct was egregious and recurrent, resulting in more than $3.2 million in illegally-obtained profits.
4. Additionally, the District Court ordered Blum to pay a civil penalty, in an amount to be determined.......

Respondents have not recognized the wrongful nature of
their conduct, and they have provided no assurances against future violations.

......I ORDER that, pursuant to Section 15(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, Wilfred R. Blum and Alexander Lindale, LLC, are barred from association with a broker, dealer, investment adviser, municipal securities dealer, or transfer agent, or from participating in an offering of penny stock. I FURTHER ORDER that, pursuant to Section 9(b) of the Investment Company Act of 1940, Wilfred R. Blum and Alexander Lindale, LLC, are unconditionally and permanently prohibited from serving or acting as an employee, officer, director, member of an advisory board, investment adviser or depositor of, or principal underwriter for, a registered investment company or affiliated person of such investment adviser, depositor, or principal underwriter.

Brenda P. Murray
Chief Administrative Law Judge

Link to the entire document:


Current Projects

We have located several wreck sites in our North Shore contract area.  Our current focus is on a wreck we have named "Rawson's Wreck," since Captain Billy Rawson and crew were the ones who found it.  At this point we are unable to identify the actual name of the ship, so for now we will stick with the assigned name.  This is one of several wreck sites we have located on the North Shore and we believe, based on current recoveries, that it may be the most significant.  It is important to note that everything we have done, and will do, in this area is done under the authorization and supervision of the Dominican National Office of the Ministry of Underwater Culture, who granted us the survey and recovery contract.

On the Rawson's Wreck site we have found the remains of a ship that we believe went down in the early to mid 16th century.  We initially located a ballast pile in the area of the reef, as well as a small corroded falcon-type cannon made of foundry iron.  The history of this wreck is not totally clear at this point, but we hope to gain more insights as our recovery work continues.  The wreck's location has been a well kept secret amongst the local fishermen, who for years have occasionally recovered, cannons, coins, and ceramic pieces that have worked their way to the surface of the sandy bottom.  We don't consider ourselves to be the discoverers of this site, but rather the re-discoverers of what is potentially a very historic shipwreck.

We believe that this wreck went undiscovered by previous treasure hunters due to its proximity to a steel-hulled German wreck that is found within a stone's throw of our site.  Any mag hits would have been erroneously attributed to the German wreck. After moving the mast from the German wreck, we made numerous passes with the magnetometer and metal detectors over this site and had several hits in the sand and reef areas.  The artifacts we have recovered to date were hidden deep in the cracks and interstices, and we expect to continue experiencing positive results in the future with our methodical and systematic archaeological excavation methods.  After 400 plus years, the metal and stone artifacts have undoubtedly settled deep into the sand and substrata.

So far, by simply moving the sand between the coral and rock fissures, we have found silver coins, silver discs with imprinted seals, indigenous stone figurines, small pieces of gold jewelry, and other artifacts such as stone cannon balls and small iron balls covered with lead.  Additionally, we have found a 5-link iron chain (encrusted with sulfides) that was used to support the boat rigging.  At this point we are quite certain that this ship went down sometime in the middle of the 16th century as most of the coins appear to have been minted in the original Mexico City mint prior to 1550.

We are undoubtedly on a shipwreck which represents a significant underwater archaeological find dating to the 16th century.  Over the years this site has weathered many storms and hurricanes, therefore it is unlikely that we will find any of the wood from this ship.  That being said, it is remotely possible that we may find a section of the hull if it was protected by being buried in the sand and reef. The artifacts that have washed up on the beach over the years are probably a result of great storms or hurricanes that frequently pass through this area.  While the prevailing winds in this area typically blow from east to west, hurricane winds are quite the opposite and blow from west to east.  The position of the ballast stones and the artifacts on this site suggest that the ship blew in from west to east, as would happen in a hurricane.  We know the sand between the reefs on this site is very deep.  We expect to find more well-preserved artifacts and coins as we go deeper and deeper.  The deep sand may have actually helped keep the artifacts safe and may have also prevented looting by the local fishermen who wouldn't have had the capability to explore any deeper than into the first few inches of the sand.

We should note that it is remotely possible that, because of its importance, some of the ship's cargo may have been found and recovered in the months and years after the disaster.  Our findings so far indicate that a recovery probably did not occur.  Until we conduct further professional excavation with systematic scientific methodologies, we can't offer further speculation.  Our best guess is that it will take at least eighteen months, and perhaps as long as three years, of intensive work to fully recover the majority of the artifacts associated with this shipwreck.

Our optimal work window on the North Shore is from March through October, with marginal opportunities from November through February.  It is important to try to understand this situation in relation to the work we are doing on this site.  The company could subject itself to great risk with regard to the weather if proper precautions are not taken.

Periods of bad weather present a great loss of money, time, and opportunity which has a direct bearing on the bottom line.  If you consider the 11 man crew and the expense of provisioning and outfitting the boat, the overall cost is around $35,000 per month.  The majority of these are fixed costs that the company incurs whether or not the boats are on site and working.  When the weather is unfavorable you can see the affected loss.  We share this information to help you understand that this is not a situation where we can go out every day like clockwork to continue our recovery operations, but we dive every possible day that we can.



Company Info:


Share structure: As of 2-22-12
Authorized: 2,000,000,000
Outstanding 1,799,341,609
Float: 1,304,463,904
Restricted: 494,877,7

Share structure: As of 4-02-12
Authorized: 2,000,000,000
Outstanding 1,799,341,609
Float: 1,304,463,904
Restricted: 494,877,7

  These figures can be checked at: Standard Transfer 801-571-8844


Nevada S. of State
Deep Blue Marine Inc.
Business Entity Information
File Date: 
 Domestic Corporation
Entity Number: 
Qualifying State: 
List of Officers Due: 
Managed By: 
Expiration Date: 
NV Business ID: 
Business License Exp: 

 Financial Information
No Par Share Count: 
Capital Amount: 
 $ 2,000,000.00
Par Share Count: 
Par Share Value: 
 $ 0.001


Utah S. of State
Status: Active
Registered Agent: Lisa A. Larsen
Status: Active
Registered Agent: Lisa A. Larsen
Status: Active
Registered Agent: Allan Baird






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