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BlastGard International, Inc. (BLGA)

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BlastGard International, Inc. is in the business of providing protection for individuals and property. We have developed and have been marketing BlastWrap products to protect people and property against explosive forces. The Company owns 98.2% of HighCom Security, Inc. (“HighCom”) which provides a wide range of security and personal protective gear. Our protective gear includes shields, helmets, vests and plates which provide police and military with the protective gear they need to do their jobs. The Company's patented BlastWrap® technology effectively mitigates blast effects and suppresses post-blast fires. This unique technology can be used to create new, finished products or be used to retrofit to existing products. BlastGard's core market focus is on blast effects mitigation for the commercial sector, military, law enforcement and government agencies.

HighCom Security First Company in the World to Achieve BA 9000 Certification, a new National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Body Armor Quality Management Standard
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For fiscal 2014, we achieved revenues of $5,048,190 as compared to $2,068,212 for the comparable period of the prior year, an increase of $2,979,978 . Our gross profit for fiscal 2014 was $1,747,216 as compared to $1,031,606 for the comparable period of the prior year, an increase of $715,610 . Management believes that the improved operations for 2014 are a result of governments and local police budgets permitting them to purchase the necessary protective gear, including, without limitation, shields, helmets vests and plates to protect their police officers and military. Management is anticipating increased sales and gross profits for 2015 as we have a backlog or firm orders for the first quarter of approximately $3,000,000 . Our gross profit percentage for 2014 was approximately 34.6% as compared to approximately 49.9% for the comparable period of the prior year. The decrease in margins was primarily due to increased operating costs and raw material increases.

Michael Gordon , CEO - HighCom Civilian Armor Test

Laura Ingraham talks about HighCom Security

Our corporate vision is to be recognized as the leading worldwide provider of environmentally responsible solutions to protect lives and structures and to mitigate the risk/hazards posed from fire/explosions, accidental or planned, through products, research, information, and services by integrating scientific, engineering technologies in a customer driven organization that delivers an equitable return to our shareholders and a rewarding work place for our employees. 
BlastWrap® has been designated as Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technologies and placed on the “Approved Products List for Homeland Security.” We were issued the “Designation” and “Certification” for our technology by the Department of Homeland Security under the Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act of 2002 (the SAFETY ACT) in July of 2006. In the 4th quarter of 2011, the designation and certification was extended for another five years.

General Services Administration enters into contracts with commercial firms to provide supplies and services at stated prices. This streamlined procurement vehicle is available to federal agencies and other organizations to obtain engineering and environmental services from pre-qualified vendors. GSA has completed federally mandated contracting requirements—competition, pricing, small business and other contracting evaluations—normally required prior to obtaining services. BlastGard’s finished products are in the GSA System.

There are no other products available in the marketplace with such dramatic pressure and impulse reduction and such low a momentum exchange. BlastWrap® also differs from other technologies in that it doesn’t offer another armored barrier at a protected position but provides a proven method of reducing blast energy at source or before it can interact with structure.  BlastWrap® adds little extra weight and cost but builds in a large amount of threat protection to existing platforms. BlastWrap was tested in 2006 by Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head Picatinny Detachment and by the U. S. Army Aviation and Missile Research Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC) in Huntsville, AL.

Our BlastGard® Technology extracts heat, decelerates both blast wind and shock waves, and quenches the hot gases in all blasts and fireballs. BlastWrap® does not interact with the explosive elements, and is therefore not altered by them. However, after a single intense detonation, BlastWrap® must be replaced.

  • For blasts that produce fireballs or intense hot gases at higher pressures, BlastGard® Technology has the ability, through testing, to cool the blast zone rapidly, thereby reducing structural damage.
    In detonation of high explosives, where at least half of the energy released is in the shock wave, attenuation occurs even more rapidly, and in doing so substantially reduces explosion phenomena.

An explosion results from the rapid conversion of chemical energy into rapidly expanding high-pressure gases. The rapidly expanding gases compress the surrounding air much like a piston and create a shock wave that travels ahead of the explosive gases.  The “overpressure” (pressure above ambient) in a shock wave acts to “pre-condition” the air as it passes through to make the following accelerated gas “piston” more damaging. This high intensity, short duration overpressure wave transfers impulse (momentum) which stresses, damages or destroys structures in its path. Impulse follows the shock wave but lingers and decays with time. The negative phase is a partial vacuum that “whips” lighter structures to magnify damage. A shock wave can be likened to an initial hard punch, while the impulse is more like a powerful bulldozer.  Any reduction in the effective power of the shock wave will increase the target’s capability to withstand the destructive impulse.

BlastWrap is scientifically engineered and designed to remove much or most of the energy from an explosion. It actually interferes with the blast energy process. There are two primary components of any explosion – mechanical effects (which are shock impulse and acoustic waves) and chemical/thermal effects (fireball). In fact, shock impulse is the real killer in a high explosive blast. BlastWrap dissipates blast shock wave energy through irreversible processes, such as drag, turbulence, friction, viscosity, reflection, etc.; and at the same time, BlastWrap dramatically quenches the flame fronts or fireballs created as a result of the explosion in milliseconds. This is important because a fireball (which represents the rapid gas expansion by the burning of materials) creates enormous pressures, commonly called “the blast wind.” As a result of that, BlastWrap also kills the phenomena of afterburn which can initiate post-blast fires.

The Defense Industry & Applications
In aircraft dry bays, cargo holds, and containers.BlastWrap® technology offers the only practical means of protecting commercial aircraft against internal detonation of solid explosive charges without requiring specially hardened luggage containers. BlastWrap®, for example, can be used as cargo compartment linings and partitions.BlastWrap®'s weight and dimensions are well within the allowable margins for these aircraft. Use of BlastWrap® linings in air cargo containers enhances protection capabilities, and BlastWrap® is unique in being suitable for retrofit in existing containers.

As walls to protect buildings against vehicle bombs

Aboard naval vessels and merchant ships to minimize damage from breaching blasts emanating from mines, cruise missiles, and torpedoes

To surround fuel tanks for suppressing fireballs' and explosions

As dividers to suppress fireballs and fuel mist explosions from accidents aboard both aircraft and ships, in process facilities, and on offshore platforms to suppress fireballs and explosions

As separators and partitions in explosives manufacturing and handling facilities, such as a load/assembly/pack (LAP) depots, fireworks plants, and propellant manufacturing sites

As pallets and buffers between stacks of palletized munitions and ordnance

To line portable and fixed magazinesTo make missile launch boxes for military vehicles and naval vessels

To make cabinets and containers for handling fuses, small rockets, and explosive devices

To build and maintain reputation as industry leader and reputable supplier

To expand market size and share, exploiting past sales, contacts, and technology innovations to maximum advantage.


Share structure and Company Info

This taken from the last 10Q.  Indicates that the next q is going to be huge.

Sales Backlog

As of July 1, 2012, the Company had $1.8 million of sales orders in production that were expected to ship in July and August, 2012. The Company has hired temporary personnel to complete these orders and this will substantially increase our operating expenses in the third quarter. Management is optimistic that additional sales will occur in the third quarter of 2012, although no assurances can be given in this regard.

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