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About BioCorRx

Program Overview

BioCorRx (OTCBB: BICX) is an alcohol treatment and rehabilitation company on the leading edge of alcohol addiction treatment. The company has developed a treatment program that is used by various licensed alcohol addiction clinics throughout the United States.

The program consists of two components:BioCorRx has the worldwide rights (except in Australia and New Zealand) to a highly effective, proprietary implant formulation of the FDA-approved drug, naltrexone. After being surgically implanted by a medical professional, the naltrexone implant significantly reduces cravings for alcohol for as long as a year in some patients, depending on individual metabolism rates.BioCorRx also owns a life coaching program that is tailored specifically to alcoholics. Once a patient has received the implant, they are encouraged to enter the life coaching program to maximize results.

BioCorRx’s revolutionary alcohol treatment program has an 85% success rate as reported by patients in routine telephone and face to face interviews. The implant is administered as an outpatient procedure, and in most cases, patients do not need to miss more than one day of work. They are then able to enter the private life coaching program without co-workers or family members knowing, unless they so choose.


Naltrexone is a medication that blocks the effects of drugs known as opioids and was approved by the FDA in 1995 for the treatment of alcohol dependence.

Learn more about the side effects of naltrexone.

Naltrexone blocks the parts of the brain that "feel pleasure” when patients use alcohol. When these areas of the brain are blocked, patients feel significantly less cravings for alcohol and even if alcohol is used, the effects of it will be extremely limited - making sobriety the only option. Once medical intervention has reduced the physical need for alcohol, the program goes on to address the patient's psychological needs. The combination of these treatments has resulted in the highest chance of sobriety.

naltrexone implant

While other companies use naltrexone in their treatments, the drug is typically administered in oral or injection form, requiring their patients to be responsible for taking the medication or scheduling an appointment.

While some patients do well with the oral formulation, there is a drawback that it must be taken daily and a patient whose craving becomes overwhelming can obtain the euphoria simply by skipping a dose before resuming abuse. Patients who received the program developed by BioCorRx are treated with a slow release dose that can last up to year in many patients (depending on various factors such as metabolism rates), which gives the patients a higher success rate for the treatment of alcoholism.

The outpatient naltrexone implant procedure can take as little as 20 minutes under local anesthetic in some cases. Most patients can return to work or their daily routine in the same day, without the cravings for alcohol.

Mission, Vision, Values


BioCorRx is focused on providing leadership and innovation for the treatment of alcoholism by offering a high-quality, comprehensive and cost-effective recovery program that allows patients and their loved ones to celebrate freedom from the cycle of alcohol addiction. Our program is built on a strong foundation of experience and practice, allowing for an improved quality of life for recovering alcoholics.


BioCorRx strives to be the preeminent, long-term alcohol recovery program used by treatment centers around the world for alcoholics, as well as their family and friends. By providing patients a "Fresh Start" on life, they have the opportunity to live happier, healthier, more productive lives away from the damaging impact of alcohol. We have built an organization that is committed to nurturing research for cutting-edge alcohol recovery technologies and integrating those technologies with comprehensive alcohol recovery treatment programs.


BioCorRx provides the opportunity and tools to treatment centers so they can help patients live happier, healthier, and more productive lives to those suffering from alcohol addiction (as well as their family and friends) by helping them break the addiction cycle and live alcohol-free. We want patients to celebrate freedom from the past and hope for the future. Our team consists of physicians, coaches, founders and management that are committed to providing high-quality services and adherence to ethical care.

Our goal is to give our treatment center partners the ability to deliver our program in a timely, warm and compassionate way to give patients, as well as their families and friends, peace of mind. To achieve this, BioCorRx has built its program around highly-qualified alcohol addiction specialists and effective treatment solutions.

We are committed to quality and continuous improvement in order to meet our partners’ needs for an individualized program dedicated to alcohol addiction recovery.

Investors Overview

BioCorRx is uniquely poised to gain significant market share of the $22 billion annual alcohol treatment market in the US.

More than 7% of the US population ages 18 years and older or 13.8 million Americans have problems with drinking, including 8.1 million people who suffer from alcoholism. And the costs financially are staggering. Alcohol dependency and abuse costs the US over $220 billion a year. For the sake of comparison, this is greater than the amount of money spent to combat cancer ($196 billion) and obesity ($133 billion).

BioCorRx intends to distribute the program to a new clinic in the United States every 60 to 90 days. Clinics using our program are also holding discussions with major health insurance providers to pay for all or a portion of the treatment fees.

Business Model

BioCorRx’s research has discovered that demand for its services are high and that growth in highly marketed segments of the population may be achieved through partnering with additional clinic sites. The company is also exploring the sub-licensing of the program to select regions of the US and internationally.

BioCorRx's goal is to meet its growth targets through licensing opportunities by promoting its naltrexone implant product and counseling service model to existing medical clinics and treatment centers that will purchase the program and/or product from the company. In addition, Fresh Start Private intends to open corporately owned clinics in select key markets where it is deemed appropriate.

Stock Price & Charts

BioCorRx is a fully reporting company. Financial reports and other reports are available for view or by visiting the OTCBB.com online website. Audited financial reports are available quarterly.

Company Structure Details

  • Legal name: BioCorRx
  • Sector: Healthcare
  • Industry: Specialized Health Services
  • Full Time Employees: 4
  • Public Company: SEC Reporting and fully audited
  • Symbol: BICX
  • Exchange: OTCBB
  • Outstanding: 117,800,000
  • Authorized: 200,000,000
  • CUSIP: 35804J102
  • NAICS Code: 623220
  • SIC Number: 8093
  • Transfer Agent: Columbia Stock Transfer Company, 1869 E. Seltice Way #292, Post Falls, ID 83854 Tel (208) 664-3544
  • CIK: 0001443863
  • EIN: 26-1972677
  • Year End: December 31
  • State of incorporation: Nevada
  • Products: Alcohol rehabilitation, exclusive naltrexone implant technology
  • Address: 601 North Parkcenter Drive, Suite 103, Santa Ana, CA 92705 USA
  • Investors: 858-381-4677
  • Email: investors@biocorrx.com
  • Website: www.biocorrx.com


CEYY Chart

Key Executives

Kent Emry - CEO, Director
Brady Granier -COO, Director
Lourdes Felix -CFO, Director
Dr. Jorge Andrade, Jr. - Director
Neil Muller -Co-Founder and President, Director 

Locations of independently owned clinics using our Fresh Start Program

Start Fresh Recovery
720 N. Tustin Ave.
Suite 206
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Start Fresh Executive Recovery
367 E Virginia Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85004
855-393-HOPE (4673)

Fresh Start Private Florida
1415 Panther Lane
Suites 313-320
Naples, FL 34109

Start Fresh Alcohol Recovery Center
2827 S. 88th St
Omaha NE 68124

Coming Soon!

• San Francisco, California
• Chandler, Arizona
• North Scottsdale, Arizona
• Connecticut

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