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Arrayit Corporation (ARYC)

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Arrayit (ARYC) leads and empowers the genetic, research, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic communities through the discovery, development and manufacture of proprietary life science technologies and consumables for disease prevention, treatment and cure.


- Powerful Science for Life™



Corporate Overview

Arrayit Corporation is a leading life sciences company providing innovative products and services to empower scientists and clinicians to explore the human genome as well as the genomes of plants and animals. Arrayit's worldwide business position leverages the company's widely used patented microarray manufacturing platform and revolutionary VIP™ genotyping technology. Nearly every major research center in the world uses Arrayit products including research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, universities, biotechnology companies, hospitals, government agencies, and nonprofit research organizations. Novel insights into the function of genes and proteins, early stage disease diagnostics, better and safer medicines, and more nutritional crop plants are some of the many aspects of human health empowered by Arrayit technology.

Corporate Philosophy
Arrayit is an exciting and innovative public company that strives to increase shareholder equity by inventing, developing, manufacturing and supplying sophisticated life sciences products and services to an extensive customer base spanning 50 countries.
Our corporate philosophy is embodied by a highly skilled, multidisciplinary team of investors, business professionals, scientists, engineers and executive and support staff who place shareholder value, product quality, customer service and price competitiveness as our highest priorities. Arrayit empowers decisive strategic advantage and large return on investment for our customers in the research, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and health care markets.

Corporate History
Arrayit Corporation was founded in 1993 by Rene' Schena and Todd Martinsky as TeleChem International, Inc, a chemical import and export company specializing in plastics, water soluble fertilizers, alternative fuels, and the life sciences. After several years of successful revenues growth, the company expanded in 1999 by adding Dr. Mark Schena and Paul Haje, who together with Ms. Schena and Mr. Martinsky, founded Arrayit Life Sciences, a division of TeleChem International, Inc. Arrayit sought to build on the opportunities created by the deciphering of the human genome and the rise of microarray technology. Arrayit microarrays are sophisticated glass substrates containing large collections of DNA and protein spots that allow all 25,000 human genes and every major protein in the human body to be analyzed in a few hours. Arrayit VIP™ microarrays enable the analysis of the DNA from 100,000 patients in one day. Since 1999, Arrayit has has build a powerful portfolio of patents, trade secrets, and more than 650 life sciences products. The company was featured on the television series
NOVA in 2001, received successive appointments to the Inc. 500 list in 2002 and 2003, and has received numerous local awards including the Rising Star award from the City of Sunnyvale and the Silicon Valley 50 award in 2003. The company changed its name to Arrayit Corporation and began trading on the OTC Bulletin Board in 2009 as ticker symbol ARYC. The company's products and services are used in the life sciences, pharmaceutical, and diagnostics markets, which are estimated at $690 billion in annual revenue.


OvaDx® Ovarian Cancer Diagnostic Test

In Development

Arrayit Diagnostics, Inc. provides the market's first large panel biomarker screening test for ovarian cancer. OvaDx® is a sophisticated microarray-based test that measures the activation of the immune system in blood samples in response to early stage ovarian tumor cell development. Research studies with OvaDx® indicate high sensitivity and specificity for all types and stages of ovarian cancer including stage IA-IV borderline serous, clear cell, endometrioid, mixed epithelial, mucinous, serous, and ovarian adenocarcinoma. Upon FDA approval, Arrayit Diagnostics will offer OvaDx® as an elective test for women seeking greater wellness and for women in the elevated risk category for ovarian cancer. OvaDx® will be used by doctors to advance the forefront of ovarian cancer treatment including improved surgical options, more effective chemotherapies, and to supplement existing tests including CA-125, OVA1®, and transvaginal ultrasound.


Diagnostics - Parkinson's Disease

Parkinsons Disease
Arrayit has leveraged the company's patented and proprietary microarray discovery platform to decipher the molecular basis of Parkinson's Disease (PD). This important research project, completed as a collaboration with The Parkinson's Institute (Sunnyvale, California), offers exciting promise for the pre-symptomatic and post-symptomatic diagnosis and treatment of this serious neurodegenerative condition. Arrayit is currently seeking a strategic partner to accelerate FDA approval of the Arrayit PDx™ Parkinson's Disagnostic Test, speed the benchmarking of PDx™ as a companion diagnostic, and determine and enhance the efficacy of pipeline therapeutic proteins and small molecules.


Avant Diagnostics, Inc.

Definitive diagnostic screening test for early stage detection


About Avant Diagnostics, Inc.


Avant Diagnostics, Inc., ("AD") previously named Arrayit Diagnostics, Inc., is a Nevada corporation presently a majority-owned subsidiary of Arrayit Corporation ("Arrayit"). AD's business is based upon the completion of the human genome sequencing project. Genetic research is increasingly focused on identifying the variations of the specific genes in the genome. These variations are what define individual characteristics, including disease states or a statistical propensity for disease. The implications are far-reaching and impact not only the research community, but also the individual patients and the medical providers. Diagnostic tests that detect diseases very early in their progression will provide options for earlier treatments that may improve the patient's quality of life and prognosis by delaying or preventing disease progression or even death. Medical providers will incur major cost savings by avoiding costly late stage disease treatments.


© 2013 by Avant Diagnostics, Inc., all rights reserved.

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