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420 Property Mgmt. Inc. (FTPM)

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420 Property Management

Company Profile

420 Property Management is a diversified real estate development and property management company with a focus on the burgeoning hemp, cannabis, medical and legal marijuana industries.

Through three integrated operating subsidiaries, 420 manages the full life cycle of real estate investment and property management in the cannabis and hemp industry. From acquisition of zoned agricultural land and commercial properties, to construction and development of technologically advanced cultivation, commercial and agricultural projects; to managing leasable commercial and retail sites.


Corporate Structure


Currently, the Company operates solely in California and is headquartered in San Diego with regional expansion planned for Nevada, Colorado; and British Columbia, Canada.

To be the best Real Estate Development and Management Company dedicated to the growing cannabis and hemp industries – globally.

To continuously increase the value of the Company’s real estate portfolio and yield strong returns on investment through operational efficiency, leasehold improvements and asset growth.

Value Chain


Real Estate Investment

Income Producing Real Estate and Opportunistic Acquisitions

420 Property Management’s investment subsidiary is focused on real estate acquisitions in strategically zoned, high traffic commercial corridors and prime agricultural properties for the cannabis, hemp and legal marijuana industries.

To support its strategy of increasing the agricultural footprint of the Company, initial acquisitions have focused primarily on agricultural properties in California.

420 Property Management plans to execute on a strong deal flow of acquisition and development with an increasing focus on commercial and retail asset classes.

The Company intends to cultivate its portfolio through aggressive acquisition and development; and to improve the management and operating efficiency of each property to ensure strong and growing cash flows.

Learn more about the Property Management subsidiary.

Property Management

First-rate Operational & Property Management Strategies

420 Property Management manages and leases a portfolio of high-quality agricultural, retail, commercial and industrial properties across California, building value through the creation of strong and reoccurring cash flows.

The Company acquires, develops, manages construction, markets and leases quality retail, commercial and agricultural revenue-producing properties on premium sites zoned specifically for the cannabis, hemp and legal marijuana industry use.

Strategic Capital Allocation and Value Enhancement

420 Property Management increases the value of land assets and delivers long-term sustainable returns with core tenants deeply rooted in the research and development, cultivation, production and sale of cannabis and hemp related products.

With an emphasis on operating efficiencies and value enhancement, 420 Property Management reinvests in the necessary leasehold improvements to ensure the entire property portfolio is continually upgrading, raising its desirability and increasing its rental potential.

Partners in Real Estate for the Regulated Industry

420 Property Management is the future of property management for recreational, pharmaceutical, medicinal marijuana and hemp business owners. A trusted partner for entrepreneurs in these industries, 420 Property Management offers an easy and stress free solution to lease prime, properly zoned, cultivation or retail sites that enable businesses.

The Company has done the work to bridge the gap between the public, policy makers and scientific communities thereby ensuring each property in the portfolio is ready to go and meets the needs of each partner. With ample  buying and leasing opportunities across the United States, 420 Property Management delivers the most efficient pre-zoned properties to meet any business owner’s needs in the sector. Learn more about working with us.

Research and Development

420 Property Management invests in the Research and Development of new technologies in the growing cannabis, hemp and marijuana industries. The Company is committed to providing state of the art machinery, tools, and infrastructure to its entire portfolio thus enabling the success of its tenants and partners.

Agriculture and Cultivation

420 Property Management strives to ensure all agricultural and cultivation properties provide the most advanced structures and growing equipment. The company continues to invest in cutting edge equipment from extraction technologies to automated watering and feeding systems to advanced lighting systems, ensuring each facility is equipped with industry leading technologies.

In addition, each site maintains the highest levels of environmental responsibility. With state of the art growing solutions integrated deeply into each site, the use of pesticides or fungicides are not required and often not permitted by the Company.

Agricultural Properties


To date, 420 Property Management has closed on seven properties in the Anza Valley of Southern California and in Perris, California ranging from 5 to 35 acres in size, with ample research and development space. These properties currently boast a 100% occupancy rate with long-term high-quality tenants.

420 Property Management has developed integrated growing solutions for greenhouse growers, helping them to maximize their production of cannabis. Designed to out perform current growing systems, 420’s greenhouses produce consistent quality and deliver higher yields over traditional growers. Our greenhouse team have many years of combined growing experience and has incorporated advanced technologies in automated agricultural production to each site.



Benefits of Greenhouse Growing

Ability to control temperature Provides temperature regulation and less fluctuation with ventilation, resulting in stronger growth and less plant stress. Lets light in which turns to heat energy.
Ability to control pests Controls access by pests, as well as pollen from unwanted plants (such as weeds)
Ability to control humidity Regulating air circulation and exchange controls humidity caused by moisture evaporating from soil and given off by photosynthesizing plants (transpiration). The right amount of humidity makes it harder for plants and the soil to lose water through evaporation during hot sunny days.
Provides privacy and light deprivation Translucent or slightly shaded glass/plastic provides privacy and obscures vision from the outside, while providing enough light to promote strong plant growth through light controlled light deprivation
Protects plants from adverse weather conditionsProvides shelter from storms that can blow over and tear plants, and protection from frosts
Improves Operational Efficiency and Increases ROI Small greenhouses require less maintenance and are capable of generating 3 crops per year, generating significant revenue while lowering capital costs.

California Properties

The California portfolio consists of mixed use greenhouse structures for research and development, greenhouse structures for medicinal marijuana cultivation and unique greenhouse structures that include light deprivation techniques. Each property is utilized for year round growth, ensuring perpetual harvest for our clients.

Security and Compliance

The 420 Property Management portfolio is not only in compliance with all municipal and state laws and regulations, it exceeds them. Each property meets the required high security standards with fencing, surveillance and monitoring systems. In addition, 420 Property Management provides the next generation in monitoring tools via real-time surveillance streaming and web app technologies.

Industrial Properties

Cultivation and R&D Centers

420 Property Management is investing in state-of-the-art cultivation centers to lead the future growers of the industry. Utilizing cutting edge technologies, each facility is capable of producing harvests on a month-to-month basis and are built on a perpetual harvest format. Each of our indoor facilities will utilize solar fields to run all lighting and equipment necessary for plant growth, providing our buildings with a green footprint in the industry.

Corporate Information

420 Property Management LLC
2173 Salk Avenue, Suite 250,
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Toll free: 1-800-357-4581

Company Officers
Norman J. Payton, CEO
Terry Arnold, President
Wayne Hansen, CFO
Dave Fong, VP, Fin.

Accounting/Auditing Firm
Anton & Chia LLP
3501 Jamboree Rd., Suite 540
Newport Beach, CA, 92660
United States

Transfer Agent
Action Stock Transfer Corporation

Our Team

420’s Experienced Management Team

The 420 management team has over 40 years of experience in the fields of medicinal, pharmaceutical, and recreational cannabis, as well as hemp. Property management is the team’s specialty.

Norman James Payton, CEO, and Director
Jamie is an experienced executive manager with proven leadership skills, and a thorough understanding and background of growth-oriented businesses. His current experience includes operating a very successful movie production company that coordinates and supplies stuntmen, wranglers, horse stunt performer, providing horses, livestock, transportation of the animals and the professional personnel needed for the successful production of feature films, TV movies, series and major commercials.

Wayne Hansen, CFO
Wayne is the Chief Financial Officer of 420 Property Management. He has over 25 years experience in corporate financial management, and is currently President of Caulfield Capital Management Inc. He was formerly the Office Managing Partner, Asia Liaison Partner and Practice Partner at BDO Dunwoody.

Investor Contact

420 Property Management LLC
2173 Salk Avenue, Suite 250,
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Toll free: 1-800-357-4581

Jamie Payton, CEO

Business Hours
Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 5 PM
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

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