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Penny Stock News | Updates | Plays

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Educational Posts

What is a 'Stock'?

A stock is a type of security that signifies ownership in a corporation and represents a claim on part of the corporation's assets and earnings.

All OTC Stocks:

What matters in all OTC stocks,
is that their stock price rises and falls.

The Price is what should be traded,
and nothing else.

Dont be concerned,
with the stock being "pump and dump"
Buy Before the pump, and sell before the dump.

Otc Companies only have two things,
Stock for sale, and stories of progress.

The OTC process,
is to trade the stock sales,
and react to retails belief in the stories.

Message board discussion is not DD research.
Its opinion on why they see value,
and its clutter that helps other
makes poor buy and hold decisions,
based on value which doesnt ever exist.

Trading "pennyland" stock is simple
Buy some before the breakout starts,
sell before the retrace starts,
be glad to sell at some higher level
than what you bought at,
and then move on the next one!


All stock recommendations and comments are strictly opinions of the writer.

These Recommendations and comments are not based on whether to buy, sell or hold shares of a particular stock
and no performance is guaranteed a rise or depreciate.

It is advised to be cautious about any and all reccomended stocks being posted and shared. 

All investors Self Due Dilgence should be studied and investigated before buying, selling or holding any stock.

All Investors should be aware of the risk and consenquences before investing into stocks.

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#5754  Sticky Note **Text BULLISHHORNS to 94253 for Penny Stock Alerts!** Cads4life12 08/10/17 05:42:43 PM
#5141  Sticky Note **Full List of Resources & Tools** Cads4life12 07/25/17 03:18:05 PM
#3943  Sticky Note ****Our Winning Picks!**** Cads4life12 07/08/17 07:52:48 PM
#237  Sticky Note ***Sign up for FREE E-Mail Alerts!*** Cads4life12 06/02/17 11:16:17 AM
#38  Sticky Note Penny Stock News & Updates DISCLAIMER: Cads4life12 05/28/17 09:06:34 PM
#6249   $TWOH Two Hands' Master Co-parenting apps coming soon, http://www.twohandsapp.c carelesswhisper 10/18/17 10:03:15 AM
#6248   We have found a gem. DD provided in Cads4life12 10/17/17 01:04:00 PM
#6246   INMG AWESOME PR TODAY  Cherry 10/11/17 08:26:56 PM
#6245   BYOC is nolonger restricted with TDA! Cads4life12 10/11/17 02:58:56 PM
#6244   Agreed @ idiot. Still green. May recover HOD ThirdSyte 10/10/17 11:22:36 AM
#6243   Some idiot puts up $6k and $5k at wealthmoney 10/10/17 11:18:34 AM
#6242   LOGG Over 15x average volume: 19/21 Up 50% ThirdSyte 10/10/17 09:54:11 AM
#6241   LOGG Float less than 7M. Looks to be getting volume. ThirdSyte 10/10/17 09:45:35 AM
#6240   $GEVO "Before Gevo’s ATJ could be sold to MazelTov 10/04/17 07:00:17 PM
#6239   $TWOH opened green this morning, huge upside potential IntodaMoney 10/04/17 09:49:58 AM
#6238   $ABBY...30M float, holding gains in strong channel with ThirdSyte 10/01/17 08:24:57 PM
#6237   $NGTF carries strong momentum today, going for a carelesswhisper 09/29/17 03:11:45 PM
#6236   ***Sign up for FREE E-Mail Alerts!*** Cads4life12 09/28/17 12:15:55 PM
#6235   **Text BULLISHHORNS to 94253 for Penny Stock Alerts!** Cads4life12 09/28/17 12:15:36 PM
#6234   $HTBX MOVIN IN RIGHT DIRECTION.. NICE MOVE! MazelTov 09/27/17 10:04:10 PM
#6233   ~~~ $UURAF - Excellent entry point! MazelTov 09/27/17 09:59:48 PM
#6232   $CBMJ Big news for this small company. 44M DiscoveryStock 09/27/17 08:07:59 PM
#6231   QEDN - On High Alert! Cads4life12 09/26/17 02:23:27 PM
#6230   Better keep an eye on PFWI Peeete 09/25/17 01:56:11 PM
#6229   $SIGO - setting up for next leg! October Backstabbed 09/25/17 10:24:59 AM
#6228   Watch $OTIC has released number of excellent news MazelTov 09/23/17 03:32:29 PM
#6227   $UURAF / Rare Earth Minerals are used for MazelTov 09/23/17 03:28:13 PM
#6226   $HTBX THANKS FORCHEAPIES...ADDING MORE! MazelTov 09/23/17 03:25:27 PM
#6225   $HTBX THANKS FORCHEAPIES...ADDING MORE! MazelTov 09/23/17 03:22:16 PM
#6224   Something going on with GEGI and NECA iamthe1percent 09/20/17 10:46:00 PM
#6223   PJET UHLN TPNI OCLG IJJP JUST WAITING 09/20/17 01:18:53 PM
#6222   DTII - News out! - Announces Expansion of Cads4life12 09/20/17 12:43:32 PM
#6221   $AMMX...pumpers out? I don't think so. This shit ThirdSyte 09/18/17 07:51:32 PM
#6220   $DDDX...profits at .03 p.s. Need I say more? At ThirdSyte 09/18/17 07:50:05 PM
#6219   $FNHI...after moooonths of the same channel, 10k FILED!! ThirdSyte 09/18/17 07:47:57 PM
#6218   BRSE...MLHC...NOG...SLNO...TNDM...DNR...BPTH...VTNR... glenn1919 09/17/17 04:34:21 PM
#6217   $PMCB Dr. Matthias Löhr 2017 ASCO Interview PMCB [ $Pistol Pete$ 09/15/17 12:56:18 AM
#6216   **Text BULLISHHORNS to 94253 for Penny Stock Alerts!** Cads4life12 09/14/17 11:36:18 AM
#6215   ***Sign up for FREE E-Mail Alerts!*** Cads4life12 09/14/17 11:35:55 AM
#6214   Analysts Set Primero Mining Corp $PPPMF $PPP MazelTov 09/14/17 11:35:40 AM
#6213   Good Morning Traders! Cads4life12 09/14/17 11:35:36 AM
#6212   msmy just got neews today. MASTER P 09/14/17 11:11:35 AM
#6211   $TWOH is one hot play today, radar. $TWOH IntodaMoney 09/13/17 02:01:57 PM
#6210   $LVGI Limitless Venture Group Inc. (OTCBB: LVGI )[ $Pistol Pete$ 09/13/17 01:09:30 PM
#6209   $TMXN news on int'l sales - IntodaMoney 09/13/17 11:10:56 AM
#6208   $TWOH +75%! $TWOH's FB page has lots of swisscasharmy 09/13/17 10:09:53 AM
#6207   ARYC is being talked about on many boards UndervaluedStocks 09/13/17 09:38:27 AM
#6206   $SRMX Take a look at this one, for ddman00 09/12/17 06:05:39 PM
#6205   $TXTM big day closed up 33.33% yesterday, on AusPowers 09/12/17 09:19:45 AM
#6204   $FERN news out subslover 09/12/17 08:19:49 AM
#6203   New Email Reply From CEO ; "NEWS COMING"! AMMX Cads4life12 09/11/17 10:38:56 AM
#6202   $TXTM is due for news, check this out: AusPowers 09/11/17 09:52:19 AM
#6201   $FILM $INMG $RDAR $VDRM $QSIM Three2001 09/10/17 05:52:06 PM
#6200   $AMMX $PFWI $APHD $ABBY Crabby!! 09/10/17 05:42:20 PM
#6199   $TONR getting some action Benztrader 09/08/17 01:42:51 PM