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~Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity...Patience is knowing it's coming and waiting for it~

Welcome to $b_rich$'s Penny Bank Stocks

I do NOT do promotions...just looking for that next hidden gem:)

Opinions expressed on this board are just that. Opinions. We are not licensed brokers. Trading strategies discussed on this board are often high risk and not suitable everyone. If you are losing money in the market, you may wish to seek the advice of a licensed securities professionals.No one is responsible for your gains or losses in the market except YOU. If you follow stocks, strategies discussed on this board, you may LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY. Please weigh the strategies discussed here carefully against what you are willing to risk Please do your own due diligence before buying or selling ANY SECURITY in the open market, there are no guarantees.

Please take profit on the way up and ride free, this means, sell enough to recoup your initial funds along with some profit to give you some cash to work with. You can grow your portfolio this way and not be left out on another runner. Penny stocks generally have a pullback and consolidation period. This generally leads to impatient people selling out at an even or a loss. Also, Keep track of the A/S to know there won't be more dilution to drag the pps down. We want to see everyone make $$$$$ that comes to this board and this may help you build a nice account. All imho, but it's just the way I trade and works pretty well for many traders:).
Trade well Penny Bankers!!!

Helpful links to do some due diligence:

Pinksheets....a great place to start searching for filings, state of incorporation, etc:

sos board. ibox provides links to many states to find corp status, authorized shares, etc.

chart sites often used:

SEC Form Types and Definitions




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Cannabis Stocks News
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#28463  Sticky Note Market Holiday closings for 2015, 2016, and 2017: $b_rich$ 02/05/15 11:44:55 AM
#12417  Sticky Note Best link ever to verify the authorized shares $b_rich$ 07/26/13 02:18:36 PM
#37584   That's what I'm looking for! Not just a $b_rich$ 09/19/17 03:53:42 PM
#37583   PSNX $ 0.0005 agreed big time rich. TheLionAndTheLamb 09/19/17 03:44:57 PM
#37582   I didn't have it, but what an awesome move! $b_rich$ 09/19/17 02:00:43 PM
#37581   Anyone own ALRT? I DO NOT, SURE wish pennypauly 09/19/17 01:52:28 PM
#37580   PSNX...perfect set up. If we get some good $b_rich$ 09/19/17 10:24:25 AM
#37579   ~MWWC .0001 VOLUME ALERTS $$$$$$$$$ ZipCash 09/18/17 12:51:53 PM
#37578   BTGI .0027 10k soon showing $28 million annual rockman213 09/18/17 11:15:14 AM
#37577   SKYF filings out- going current and volume layupdrill 09/18/17 11:07:56 AM
#37576   GRWC on watch .014 $b_rich$ 09/18/17 09:43:20 AM
#37575   Good morning PBS! Make that $$$$$$$:) $b_rich$ 09/18/17 09:22:12 AM
#37574   $GCEI ALERT> International & U.S. Patent "FACTS" 1jk1 09/17/17 06:44:46 AM
#37573   Have a nice weekend everyone! $b_rich$ 09/15/17 04:01:52 PM
#37572   crazy whackers in the penny market these days $b_rich$ 09/15/17 01:42:58 PM
#37571   Took some PSNX $ 0.0005. TheLionAndTheLamb 09/15/17 01:40:36 PM
#37570   Good morning. SNMN more news this morning... rockman213 09/15/17 09:09:48 AM
#37569   Good morning PBS! $b_rich$ 09/15/17 08:54:13 AM
#37568   BTGI bouncing off lows rockman213 09/14/17 03:14:21 PM
#37567   SNMN .0044 looks ready again rockman213 09/14/17 03:02:24 PM
#37566 change in the A/S and no new amendments: $b_rich$ 09/14/17 01:40:49 PM
#37565   Is the SS still the same on PSNX FIREMEDIC0001 09/14/17 12:20:13 PM
#37564   PSNX...I believe there's gonna be a time when $b_rich$ 09/13/17 03:07:25 PM
#37563   Thanks! I'll put it on watch bud:) $b_rich$ 09/13/17 02:05:03 PM
#37562   Yes. They are in the process. Haven't seen rockman213 09/13/17 02:01:13 PM
#37561   Not in, but checking a few things. Are $b_rich$ 09/13/17 01:59:08 PM
#37560   HRRN starting to move rockman213 09/13/17 10:56:10 AM
#37559   looking for that solid break of .001~ With $b_rich$ 09/13/17 10:13:34 AM
#37558   Yes PSNX looking very good... Could move very FIREMEDIC0001 09/13/17 09:45:48 AM
#37557   looking good to go! Ask side is clean:) $b_rich$ 09/13/17 09:42:39 AM
#37556   SNMN moving up nicely rockman213 09/13/17 09:40:19 AM
#37555   PSNX nice. About time! rockman213 09/13/17 09:39:33 AM
#37554   PSNX .0009 Up! $b_rich$ 09/13/17 09:32:01 AM
#37553   Have a good evening everyone:) $b_rich$ 09/12/17 04:00:40 PM
#37552   yeppers! 8's starting to get some nice hits now~ $b_rich$ 09/12/17 01:06:47 PM
#37551   looks like she wants to move my friend1 layupdrill 09/12/17 12:53:28 PM
#37550   PSNX...0007 starting to go! $b_rich$ 09/12/17 12:09:38 PM
#37549   DTII...Beautiful mover for sure rockman! $b_rich$ 09/12/17 10:00:23 AM
#37548   DTII quite a nice move off lows...think BTGI rockman213 09/12/17 09:53:35 AM
#37547   Good morning PBS! $b_rich$ 09/12/17 09:43:18 AM
#37546   can't cry over a profit bud:) $b_rich$ 09/12/17 12:03:56 AM
#37545   Dam BR I bought 30 million shares of layupdrill 09/11/17 06:22:32 PM
#37544   Good morning PBS! Make it a great week:) $b_rich$ 09/11/17 08:52:30 AM
#37543   GEGP $ 0.0003 nice volume today. TheLionAndTheLamb 09/08/17 12:20:14 PM
#37542   Good morning PBS! DTII starting to move~ $b_rich$ 09/08/17 09:33:30 AM
#37541   Got the Realtime 8KSpy Alert on $FUTL ..... BOOOOM.... Zardiw 09/07/17 11:54:27 AM
#37540   YSTR... $b_rich$ 09/07/17 11:25:04 AM
#37539   $FUTL 8K OUT THIS MORNING. BREAKING OUT. DIVIDEND ilovestocks85 09/07/17 10:39:14 AM
#37538   Good morning PBS! $b_rich$ 09/07/17 09:21:26 AM
#37537   IDVC said last night, "$100m is fair value That's it!! 09/06/17 02:52:19 PM
#37536   IDVC make sure you all grab a little, That's it!! 09/06/17 11:41:30 AM
#37535   UPZS $ 0.0026. TheLionAndTheLamb 09/06/17 11:38:20 AM