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We Fly the American Flag @ My Fishin,,,Pond!!!
Watch Trade
My Current Picks!

Currently ImDoin,,,,DD on 



Welcome to My Fishin,,, Pond       

~~~}(( imgoingfishing ))*>

Let`s Go Fishin For Profits $$$? 




as Sept. 28, 2021 Changes to OTC Stocks ill be Makin,,,Changes to this Board                   

IM`GoingFishin,,, for High Risk Low Triples .000`s Sub-Penny Stocks,,, that Have a Real Chance of Jumpin,,,
Invest in the Trade
Buy.000`s with the Best Possiblity of Jumpin,,,

all it takes is the right penny stock,,,

?          Which .000 is Next??
    ?~ ???? .0001-3 Jumps Runs to .01-?

My Best Trade:

.0002 Jumps to .02
UAMM @.02

10,000% Gain!!!
.0002 to .02



  Lets Go High Risk Low Triples .000 Fishin,,,,,,,
~Using Facts, Charts, Rumors, BS, whats really going on DD for Bait n see what we can find Fishin,,, thru the .000 weeds~

  Catch a Bottom Why Over Pay???
when a stock is Droppin,,, Let it Drop!
i place my buy order lower n wait.
Be Ready to Ask-Slap and Average-Up
Lets find Sub-Pennys.000 going to .00`s
Buy The Bottom Hold for The Jump

Lookin for the Best Possible Jumpin,,, sub-pennys .000`s to catch on the bottom.
Lookin,,, for Low-O/S Low-Debt with Various Potential Catalysts Comin,,,
What`s Comin,,, to bring in Buyers @.00`s?

Lets Really Get to Know What`s Expected with .000` stocks!!!
Join in n lets do some DD
know what is really expected in price movements, expected in news, expected in dilution, expected from CEO, expect to happen with the MONEY traded with.
often  Charts or Support levels show the best buyin prices, Charts are one of many tools to use.
keep track of L2 know how a stock trades. Notice when things Change, Change with them!



i also like to Jump In when i see a Stock is Ready to Jump, Ask Slappin,,, can sometimes create a bounce/run
I post n trade by how I see
what is Factual/Real/Current!  all facts/rumors/not sure info, Pro n Con. 
We all have heard or said to do moon or swimming like a rock. 
Lets remember the Past has a big part of what made the current.

its about knowing when to wait for a bottom, when to flip in a channel, when to Fly Fish n push the ask to new Highs.
a combination of all 3 can make Huge Profits over a short time frame.


SUB-Penny Stocks Change Often, My Posts nTradin, n this Board will Change as the Stocks Change.


My Fishin,,, Pond

Bottom Fishin,,, waitin for a real Bottom to be Made!
Channel Fishin,,, findin a stock to buy n sell for a quick Profit!
Fly Fishin,
 Supplin,,, Support @ Best Bid n Ask Slappin, takin shares off the surface!


Buildin a Group of .0001`s - .0013`s Stocks to get to know 



I Add/Remove from '''My Watchin List''' often            Not all im WATCHIN become Trades                I Trade High-Risk Low-Triples  $$$$$$$$$$$$
I watch .0001-.0013        

a Average Day has 700-800 stocks in the .0001-.0013 Range.
Lookin @ new ones to add Expect changes often
My Watch/Trade List 



   Buy the Bottom .000`s                                                                                  Hold                                                                    Sell @ the Top.00`s .0`s


I post  whats Factual/Real/Current. i ask you to do the same.The PAST is what made the Current.
stocks change often my postings change as the stock changes.
I Do send out an email when i call a Bottom, join my email list if you want one.

I Have a very easy going way to life,

Those who choose to bring Drama, Insults, Vulgarty, Personal Attacks, etc in any form are simply removed/banned/blocked ?

This is simply a pubilic message board, its for DD

Those who Choose to post BS on any stocks i`m Watchin should be ready with Links n such to Verify because i do Enjoy Callin Out BS


November 2014 FINRA instituted a new trade reporting platform that displayed 6 digits----


quotes and orders only go to 4 digits--and up to Nov 2014, trade reporting did go out to 6 digits but only 4 digits were printed to the consolidated tape seen by the public-that has changed....    


Stock Market Hours 9:30am to 4pm (EST)

The U.S. stock exchange is open for trading Monday through Friday from 9:30 to 4pm. All US exchanges (ie: NYSE) adhere to standard federal holidays closures. The markets are closed on the following days in 2021.

U.S. Stock Markets Are Closed On: 2021
New Year Day Jan 1
Martin Luther King. Jr. Day Jan. 18
Washington's Birthday/Presedents' Day Feb. 15
Good Friday April 2
Memorial Day May 31
Independance Day July 4 (observed 5th)
Labor Day Sept. 6
Thanksgiving Day Nov. 25
Black Friday Closed At 1PM Nov. 26 **
Christmas Eve Closed At 1PM Dec. 24 **
Christmas Dec. 25


MY Opinion/DD on Real/Current/Factual


(Smiles, Imgoingfishin,,,)



Authorized Shares 10,000,000,000 09/01/2021
Outstanding Shares 1,196,661,821 09/01/2021
Restricted 1,172,124,405 09/01/2021
Unrestricted 24,537,416 09/01/2021
Held at DTC 21,347,353 09/01/2021
Float 24,223,959 08/16/2021


AGGI Harry Owns 120 Million shares
#318, 17700 Castleton St
City of Industry, CA 91748
Attorney Letter No
Filings June Q 8/31/21
Yield Pink Limited



Authorized Shares 50,000,000,000 08/16/2021
Outstanding Shares 36,849,188,725 08/16/2021
Restricted Not Available
Unrestricted Not Available
Held at DTC Not Available
Float 2,144,970,955 08/16/2021
DRGV Harry Owns 375 Million shares
Dragon Capital Group Corp.
Rm 1907, No. 1038, West Nanjing RD
Westgate Mall
Shanghai 200041

Attorney Letter 9/24/21
Filings June Q 8/29/21
Yield Pink Limited



Authorized Shares 7,500,000,000 09/20/2021
Outstanding Shares 749,961,987 09/20/2021
Restricted 735,067,114 09/20/2021
Unrestricted 14,894,873 09/20/2021
Held at DTC 14,886,369 09/20/2021
Float 14,894,873 07/16/2021


IHGP Harry Owns 720 Million shares
Angela Collette owns 15Million
701 Ann Street, #564
Stroudsburg, PA 18360

Attorney Letter 8/25/21
Filings June Q 9/2/21
Yield Pink Limited



Authorized Shares 50,000,000,000 08/13/2021
Outstanding Shares 20,749,991,788 08/13/2021
Restricted Not Available
Unrestricted Not Available
Held at DTC Not Available
Float 290,626,708 08/13/2021


MZEIQ Harry Owns 19.9 Billion shares 95.999%
Angela Collette owns 415Million
701 Ann Street #564
Stroudsburg, PA 18360
+1 646-383-088

Attorney Letter 9/25/21
Filings June Q 8/29/21
Yield Pink Limited



Authorized Shares 979,999,990 09/21/2021
Outstanding Shares 970,851,065 09/21/2021
Restricted 945,151,065 09/21/2021
Unrestricted 25,700,000 09/21/2021
Held at DTC 8,470,300 09/21/2021
Float 25,700,000 05/31/21


SCAL Harry Owns 10 Million shares
Stem Cell Authority, Ltd.
Room 1907, No. 1038, Westgate Mall
Jing'An District
Shanghai 200041
+86 15821191526

Attorney Letter No
Filings May Q 9/21/21
Yield Pink Limited



Authorized Shares 100,000,000,000 09/20/2021
Outstanding Shares 6,166,091,143 09/20/2021
Restricted 4,611,533,000 09/20/2021
Unrestricted 1,554,558,143 09/20/2021
Float 1,554,558,143 07/09/2021


SVAD Harry Owns 3.5 Billion shares
Angela Collette owns 250Million
701 Ann Street #564
Stroudsburg, PA 18360

Attorney Letter 7/21/21
Filings June Q 7/14/21
Yield Pink Limited
(All After 7/21 Became Pink Current, Changed to Yield, Changed back to Current, Changed to Yield Again)


#1413   SVAD I Added Shares Today! imgoingfishing1 10/04/21 04:14:55 PM
#1412   MZEIQ I Sold! I Own "0" Shares now! imgoingfishing1 10/04/21 04:14:33 PM
#1411   The Rules Amendments Go into Effect Today Sept.28,2021 imgoingfishing1 09/28/21 02:21:44 PM
#1410   Attorney-Letter/Filings AGGI DRGV IHGP MZEIQ SCAL SVAD imgoingfishing1 09/24/21 11:25:47 AM
#1409   AGGI DRGV IHGP MZEIQ SCAL SVAD imgoingfishing1 09/24/21 11:05:39 AM
#1408   $IDEX ( Electric Farming Tractor) Global $75B BottomBounce 01/17/21 03:06:41 PM
#1407   $IDEX Ideanomics Co Plans To Hire People BottomBounce 01/17/21 03:03:02 PM
#1406   "Received email from OTCMarkets!" $FONU Has Been APPROVED imgoingfishing1 10/16/20 10:30:56 AM
#1405   INQD BOOOOMMMM 10K for Dec.2019 FILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! imgoingfishing1 10/01/20 04:25:51 PM
#1404   NEW SEC Rules 9/16/2020 SEC Adopts Amendments imgoingfishing1 09/17/20 03:24:12 PM
#1403   $NEVDF coiling BottomBounce 09/04/20 02:07:32 PM
#1402   SHMN INQD Compare to Whats Current/Next with SNMN imgoingfishing1 09/04/20 08:56:51 AM
#1401   INQD SNMN Who`s-First???? Who`s-NOT!!!! SNMN "Became PINK-CURRENT Today"!!!!! imgoingfishing1 09/02/20 07:03:13 AM
#1400   it-was Buyable@ SNMN@.0007 INQD@.003 NOW SNMN@.0012 INQD@.004 imgoingfishing1 08/28/20 08:11:46 AM
#1399   SNMN INQD Who`s First???? Who`s NOT!!!! SNMN 3-Filings imgoingfishing1 08/27/20 07:13:48 PM
#1398   SNMN INQD Filings By-Monday????? Who`s First???? Who`s NOT!!!! imgoingfishing1 08/23/20 08:51:36 AM
#1397   SNMN INQD Filings By-Monday????? Who`s First???? Who`s NOT!!!! imgoingfishing1 08/14/20 12:52:59 PM
#1396   SNMN Share Structure Float 650M imgoingfishing1 07/19/20 01:53:16 PM
#1394   INQD 10K 10Q DD imgoingfishing1 07/19/20 11:05:47 AM
#1393   INQD News"we are forecasting this next four weeks imgoingfishing1 07/19/20 11:03:11 AM
#1392   INQD Share Structure (Expectin,,,,,,New O/S Numbers 8/1/2020) imgoingfishing1 07/19/20 10:56:58 AM
#1391   SNMN INQD Waitin,,,on Filings (Who`s Pink First?) imgoingfishing1 07/15/20 03:27:08 PM
#1390   INQD MJ Bankin,,, DD Charts imgoingfishing1 06/17/20 07:30:00 AM
#1389   INQD Charts Close@.006 HIGH.007 Volume 227M imgoingfishing1 05/28/20 04:58:20 PM
#1387   INQD On-Watch for .005`s this Mornin,,,,,,,,,,,(SMILES) imgoingfishing1 05/28/20 09:24:26 AM
#1386   INQD I Bought@.0004 on 5/20/20 imgoingfishing1 05/27/20 08:02:51 PM
#1385   GMNI .0003 to .0076 (SMILES) imgoingfishing1 06/04/19 04:26:59 PM
#1384   SHMN GTSM is: GTS-Mischler’s Share Repurchase team imgoingfishing1 05/31/19 10:26:34 AM
#1383   SHMN Sept.2018 thru May2019 Bid/Ask@.0005-6-7 imgoingfishing1 05/21/19 09:57:40 AM
#1381   GMNI My Call Buy@.0003 to Ask.0038/197K Now w/New DD imgoingfishing1 05/16/19 12:43:39 PM
#1380   GMNI Closes@.0038 Another New HIGH!!!!!!! imgoingfishing1 05/14/19 04:00:58 PM
#1379   GMNI Holds 1000% Gains New High AGAIN@.0033 imgoingfishing1 05/09/19 08:40:22 AM
#1378   GMNI 1000% Gains!!! .0003-.003 imgoingfishing1 05/07/19 03:47:16 PM
#1377   GMNI @.002 Breaks-Above-Resistance@.0018 from Jan.2017 imgoingfishing1 05/01/19 03:47:16 PM
#1376   GMNI is@Resistance@.0018 from Jan.2017 imgoingfishing1 04/26/19 04:12:14 PM
#1375   GMNI Ask-Slappin,,Close@.0016 New 52 week High Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! imgoingfishing1 04/25/19 04:05:57 PM
#1374   GMNI .0003to.0013 New 52-Week-High .0013 imgoingfishing1 04/12/19 05:40:10 PM
#1373   WOFA Charts .0003 to .003 is 1000%Gains Possible! imgoingfishing1 03/18/19 09:47:18 AM
#1372   SHMN Chart 2018Yearly Due by End of-the Month imgoingfishing1 03/13/19 06:41:38 PM
#1371   GMNI .0003 Ask-Slapped Hard to .0011 imgoingfishing1 03/13/19 10:11:28 AM
#1370   SHMN .0005 Jump to.0015 Share Buy Back News imgoingfishing1 02/26/19 03:23:31 PM
#1369   SHMN ANNOUNCES SHARES BUYBACK PROGRAM imgoingfishing1 02/26/19 10:41:05 AM
#1368   WOFA Buy@.0003 Bid.0003/44M /// Ask.0005/6M imgoingfishing1 02/25/19 10:13:03 AM
#1367   SHMN IS A: "growing generic pharmaceutical manufacturing/marketing company" imgoingfishing1 02/21/19 10:13:05 AM
#1366   SHMN Do the DD imgoingfishing1 01/29/19 12:05:22 PM
#1365   NICE BottomBounce 01/29/19 11:45:21 AM
#1364   I Trade High Risk Low Triples.000`s imgoingfishing1 01/29/19 11:20:41 AM
#1363   CIIX $.50 seems bottom fishing here. BottomBounce 01/29/19 11:18:47 AM
#1362   WOFA Drops back to .0004 imgoingfishing1 01/29/19 11:04:48 AM
#1361   SHMN NEWS!!!!!!!! reentry into US/OTC/retail, New-Contracts New-Revenue$$$ imgoingfishing1 01/19/19 07:11:06 AM
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