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Has Asher ever acquired a penny stock by frontloading 03/04/17 2:14 PM
There is even a board dedicated to Asher? Backstabbed 02/24/17 9:42 PM
Not able to reach Asher with phone number frontloading 02/06/17 4:34 PM
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OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp. OWCP mick 10/15/16 5:28 PM
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is asher going broke ????? mick 08/18/16 8:38 PM
I have not been following these clowns much lately. surfkast 08/18/16 5:27 PM
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very true, asher/ mick 07/18/16 11:56 AM
Are they still loaning to public companies? IPO$ 07/17/16 9:11 PM
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ASHER ENTERPRISES, INC. surfkast 05/02/16 4:24 PM
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********** ALLSTARS & HALL OF FAME **********
Corey S. Ribotsky, Seth Kramer, and David Blumenfeld

Welcome to the Asher Board.
The purpose of this board is to discuss pennystocks that are funded by 
CONVERTIBLE NOTES and the effects they can have of the price per share.
You decide whether or not you want to run away or stay and play.
you may also vent and tell stories of the last crAsher stock you were in, or are currently in.

Asher Enterprises, Inc - toxic debt financier
Has Asher Enterprises Inc become the most common and most toxic of the penny stock financiers?
Doing a search through SEC reporting companies brings up the name Asher Enterprises Inc almost 800 times since March of 2010

Asher Enterprises, Inc is a toxic debt financing company domiciled in Delaware, located in New York, and run by Curt Kramer.
1 Linden Pl., Suite 207
Great Neck, NY. 11021
Curt Kramer, President
e Name Curt Kramer from Mazuma Holding Inc and Mazuma Funding Corp. Mazuma
ran out of the same office as Asher Enterprises, Inc. While involved with Mazuma, Curt Kramer and
his partner Charlie Mayo helped finance several penny stock scam companies.

Asher Enterprises Inc. involved in smaller sized financing agreements that do not require S-1 filings.

Common factors in Asher Enterprises Inc financing agreements are really high interest rates and especially ugly conversion ratios.
The terms of most Asher Enterprises Inc Notes allow Asher to convert their debt into free trading shares at a 60% discount to the 3 worst closing prices over the previous 10 trading days.
Taking the 3 worst closing prices over the previous 10 trading days can often translate into
Asher Enterprises Inc getting their shares at well below half of the market price.

These kind of toxic debt arrangements are the most damaging type of financing arrangements

because of the high amount of interest the Notes accumulate and the huge discounts given on the shares issued to the Note holder.

The lower the share price goes the more profitable these toxic debt agreements become

for the Note holder like Asher Enterprises Inc. Because of this there is incentive for the Note holder
to short the stock to drive down the price before converting the Note into free trading shares.
After converting the Note into shares the interest changes to pumping the stock to attract buyers
to try to sell those shares at as high a price as possible.
The Note holder will often times pay for a promotion to facilitate the dumping of their shares.
This brings in unsuspecting investors who have no idea they are about to get dumped on probably causing them great losses.

The dumping of these super discount shares drives down the share price of the stock.

The lower the share price goes the harder it becomes for the company to raise capital forcing
the company to seek out more toxic financing agreements.
The lower the share price goes the more discounted shares have to be issued to settle these toxic debts in the future.
The company is now trapped in a toxic death cycle. Once a company signs a toxic financing agreement
like the type that Asher Enterprises Inc offers there is usually no escaping the inevitable toxic death cycle after that.
The outstanding share count will continue to go up and the share price will continue to go down.

Learn to read filings and recognize toxic financing agreements. Look for convertible debt Notes and look at the terms of those Notes.
Not all penny stocks are fully reporting.

For non-reporting companies there is usually no way to know if the company is involved in a toxic financing arrangement.
This is one of the reasons that non-reporting companies are so risky.
You never know when dilution is going to be a major factor in destroying the share price.

Not every toxic Note holder has an easily recognizable name like Asher Enterprises Inc or

Lionheart Associates LLC or JMJ Financial or Tangiers Investors LP or NIR Group.
Sometimes it is the insiders of the company
(former officers/directors, current officers/directors,
friends and relatives of former or current officers/directors, etc)
that set up toxic convertible debt Notes for their own self enrichment.

Convertible debt Note show up in a company filing ?????

you better be well aware of when the Note holder received that debt Note and when that
Note can start being converted into discounted free trading shares.
All convertible debt Notes are red flags for future dilution.

Hopefully some of the changes that come out of the recent SEC Roundtable on the Execution,

Clearance and Settlement of Microcap Securities will help curve these self enrichment scams
that involve insider owned Toxic debt Notes and also prevent the market manipulation that so
often comes with all Toxic financing agreements like the ones offered by Asher Enterprises Inc.

i did not write this, here is where i got this from:

Generic info on Asher Enterprises

Asher Enterprises
Asher Enterprises: A privately owned investment company, Asher Enterprises is located in Great Neck, New York.
As an investment company, this organization provides funds to small businesses.
Small businesses often have limited access to funding, so private investments are important to their growth.
Curt Kramer, sole shareholder, ensures that each investment, no matter how small, makes a large difference.
The Purpose of Asher Enterprises
Kramer has created a company that helps small businesses thrive. Through private investment,
up and coming companies can access the funds they need to launch.
These funds contribute to operations and development.
As a result, small businesses can access capital without having to fight banks for it.
For many small business owners, this is one of the most important perks of the company.
Our Firm vs. Big Banks
Banks have traditionally offered little to small businesses.
They want to see growth and success before lending their money. But how can small businesses
show growth before securing the funds necessary to achieve it?
This is where privately owned investment companies come into play.
These companies loan money to small businesses from their own assets.
How Our Company Operates
Our firm gives loans in exchange for Convertible Promissory Notes.
The company can convert these notes into equity. By using equity instead of cash,
the cash flow of the small businesses is left undisturbed. Borrowers often prefer this
arrangement-another way in which private investment trumps business with banks.

Catering to the Needs of Small Businesses
Kramer understands the limitations that small businesses face with regard to funding.
Capital and loans simply are not readily available for small businesses.
To solve this issue, the company provides access to necessary funds.
However, the organization takes this a step further than many other firms.
Its approach reduces traditional obstacles that slow the business development process. This helps businesses grow faster.

A History of Success
Since first opening its doors, this investment company has worked with over 400 borrowers.
Many of these borrowers have gone so far as to ask for advances.
This trust, and willingness to work with the organization, proves that the company is successful.
The investment structure it has put into place is appreciated by borrowers. As a result, it is beneficial to all parties involved.
The organization's business model entails providing convertible loans to small companies.

This business structure is compliant with Securities Exchange Commission objectives.

Additionally, the company's goals are common with those of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.
Simply put, these goals are to improve the business environment for small organizations.
The JOBS Act passed by the House of Representatives further echoes this objective.

An Ally to Small Businesses

In today's financial climate, banks do not take many risks on up and coming businesses. At the same time, the economy has prompted many entrepreneurs to start new ventures. The discrepancy between these two facts could prove ruinous for new business owners. Fortunately, private investment firms can provide funding that banks refuse to supply. This is, largely, why so many small businesses are growing despite a down economy.

Creating Value for Borrowers - Asher Enterprises Great Neck, NY understands what small business owners need to thrive. 
Asher Enterprises Follows Guidance of Investment Guru

Asher Enterprises, of Great Neck, New York, is led by Curt Kramer. Family-oriented, Kramer is a successful
private investor who understands the market. His leadership has created an organization that provides an invaluable service to small businesses.

But what makes Kramer so successful? Here are a few interesting facts about the man behind the business.

As a financial professional, he is a discerning consumer. Kramer's spending habits are well-balanced and responsible.
When he has extra money, he enjoys helping people in need. This includes investing in new businesses and contributing to charities.
Philanthropy is very near and dear to Kramer's heart.
He loves the fact that he can help children who are afflicted with serious illnesses.
As a father, he understands the pain that other parents feel when their kids are sick. He has contributed to the following organizations:
North Shore LIJ
Kramer's Kidz Club at Cohen's Children's Hospital
Kramer's Kidz Club at Children's Medical Center
St. Jude Children's Hospital
Children's Medical Center
Make a Wish Foundation
In Great Neck, New York, Asher Enterprises is a beloved organization.
The company has helped hundreds of people realize their entrepreneurial dreams.
Asher Enterprises Great Neck, NY has become, in that way, a pivotal part of the business environment.
Curt Kramer continues to lead Asher Enterprises to success.




Contact Info

vis vires group, inc.
GREAT NECK NY    11021
Business Phone: 5164989890

Recent SEC Filings


Key Features  ----  Pump & Dump


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