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These are only my bottom fishing scans to check and see if OCTOBER BLUES :(... 52 wk lows bounce so far so good ................well see once the board starts tracking :)wild bill

xchange Codes for Transaction Logs & Yesterday’s Log

U. S. Stocks:

The following is a description of the Stock Last Sale Special Trade Condition Indicators as they are received on the CTS ticker feed:

@ Regular Sale. (Also, if no symbol is sent, no special conditions apply)

A Acquisition. The trade was part of an Exchange acquisition.

B NASAQ: Bunch Trade. This trade report reflects multiple trades by a single trader within a short (typically 60 second) period.
Non-NASDAQ: Stock was traded in association with another instrument.

C Cash Sale. This trade was a special, cash based transaction. Delivery and payment for the transaction are due on the same day as the transaction.

D Distribution. The trade was part of a large distribution. Typically a large block, the indicator is used so that traders know that this was not a large buyer/seller doing a trade. Thus this is block is not apt to affect the market price.

F Burst Basket Execution. A burst basket execution signifies a trade wherein the equity specialist, acting in the aggregate as a market maker, purchase or sell the component stocks required for execution of a specific basket.

G NASDAQ: Group Trade. This report is the same as a "B" Bunch trade EXCEPT that it is being reported out of sequence. Non-NASDAQ: (Not reported by TDC due to overwhelming customer requests.)FYI Opening/Reopening trade detail. This indicates that the trade is just for informational purposes.

H Interday Trade Detail. Same as G EXCEPT other than opening trade.

I Basket Index on Close Transaction. This signifies a trade involving paired orders, the execution of which is based on the closing value of the index. These trades will be reported after the close when the index closing value is determined.

J NYSE Rule 127. The trade was outside the current quotes and was
a) over 10,000 shares, and/or b) was over $200,000

K AMEX Rule 155. This trade occurred under the regulations specified by AMEX rule 155 for special trades (large dollar values and/or out of market. Aka a "Cleanup Trade".

L Sold Last. This is a late report of a regular trade although the trade did occur in sequence.

N Next Day. This trade specifies delivery between one and four days after the transaction date.

O Opened. This is a late report of the opening trade.

R Seller. This trade specifies delivery conditions for a future date (beyond next day).

S Split Trade. This trade was part of a larger trade which was split across multiple exchanges. It should be treated as a regular sale. However, it is unclear if this rule applies any longer.

T NASDAQ: Form ‘T’ trade. This is a trade which occurred after the NASD system close. These trades are reported on a ‘Form-T’ and are electronically as a group some time after the close. Non-NASDAQ: Custom Basket Cross. This Signifies a trade of (a) two paired split (where the customer requires only a portion of the standardized basket) orders in which the market maker or member organization facilitates both sides of the remaining portion of the baskets, or (b) a combination of a split basket and an entire basket where the market maker facilitates the remaining shares of the split basket only.

W Average price for a block trade that went through in pieces at different prices.

Z Sold. This is a late, out of sequence, report of a regular sale.

#516   I caught a trout last weekend ctine2020 11/11/10 12:53:13 PM
#515   nubl .055 mmte .0004 possible runners grabbed starter wildbill 09/16/09 09:52:47 AM
#514   omg OPGX lookin to break .002 today buyin wildbill 08/11/09 09:43:00 AM
#513   Anybody bottom-feed with PHMB? Pound dog 08/05/09 12:47:32 PM
#512   so far so good bid thx:) wildbill 08/04/09 12:36:13 PM
#511   Nice one WB! KIRBY 08/04/09 12:01:33 PM
#510   VLNT .0026 x.0028 now! WEEE wildbill 08/04/09 10:43:14 AM
#509   vlnt grabbed some 002's r/m rumour vol alert wildbill 08/04/09 10:27:23 AM
#508   nvsr ! headin for .04 weeee!! wildbill 08/03/09 11:37:05 AM
#507   llbo out flat will wait for reentry bastages wildbill 08/03/09 10:30:08 AM
#506   nvsr .03 now :) grabbed some LLBO .0079 wildbill 08/03/09 09:37:01 AM
#505   nvsr nice support @.0112 any green is good wildbill 07/22/09 04:13:05 PM
#504   on nvsr :P oh yeah trust me wildbill 07/22/09 03:27:26 PM
#503   The NVSR explosion will be arriving soon.. Mt. Blanc 07/22/09 01:17:07 PM
#502   nvsr is exactly that Mt, buy and hold wildbill 07/22/09 11:15:07 AM
#501   The accumulation churn is now.... NVSR Mt. Blanc 07/22/09 10:42:14 AM
#500   Enjoy the Boomage here... Mt. Blanc 07/21/09 02:04:26 PM
#499   nvsr .009 now weeee!! wildbill 07/21/09 12:47:40 PM
#498   sofn - if peeps would learn to sell wildbill 07/21/09 12:46:42 PM
#497   SOFN .0008's looking good@.0012 high of .0014 ..so wildbill 07/21/09 12:45:26 PM
#496   NVSR snagged some.0072 nice news out wildbill 07/21/09 10:45:35 AM
#495   SOFN grabbed some .0008's wildbill 07/20/09 10:30:11 AM
#494   wow EVRM rockin lately!! finally payin off nice!!unusual wildbill 07/14/09 11:10:58 AM
#493   isdr .029 grabbed some on vol explosion wildbill 05/12/09 09:45:03 AM
#492   zipn ..6 hrs? how bout 6 minutes LOL wildbill 04/09/09 10:16:18 AM
#491   zipn .025s gone can we get .03 for wildbill 04/09/09 10:13:51 AM
#490   zippy zipn .02s fallin.022 on deck this apple wildbill 04/09/09 10:07:22 AM
#489   zipn nite sittin @ .02 unbeil wildbill 04/09/09 09:56:50 AM
#488   zipn .019 monsta!!!!!!!!! wildbill 04/09/09 09:53:54 AM
#487   zipn gappin .015x .016(edit) awesome :) wildbill 04/09/09 08:40:51 AM
#486   ZIPN .013 .. WAHOOO!! jammin babyyyy:) wildbill 04/08/09 05:24:48 PM
#485   ZIPN .0029 seems ripe for a bounce Zippi wildbill 04/08/09 07:21:54 AM
#484   aarrggh!! LLSR amonsta i want.13's back ;)up .08/.21 wildbill 04/01/09 10:31:05 AM
#483   evrm Short Term Indicators from barcharts wildbill 04/01/09 07:38:47 AM
#481   evrm looks oversold http://stockcharts.com/c-sc/sc?s=evrm&p=D&yr=0&mn=6&dy=0&i= wildbill 04/01/09 07:19:14 AM
#480   MESA .26 pm nice triple !!now if evrm wildbill 03/31/09 08:07:11 AM
#479   MESA grabbed some @.08 was .28 a month wildbill 02/18/09 08:56:17 AM
#478   lovin stem , dymh charts ! sscc gamblin wildbill 01/26/09 09:47:31 AM
#477   grrr i hate the concept of electoral college wildbill 11/04/08 10:07:46 PM
#476   Sunrise's stock is currently selling at a very axelvento 10/23/08 08:21:27 AM
#475   AVGN .69 this morn think ill hold wildbill 10/23/08 08:18:04 AM
#474   avgn snagged some.61 we shall see,fingahs crossed wildbill 10/22/08 10:17:25 AM
#473   AVGN .60's watchin for bottom for a huge wildbill 10/22/08 09:32:06 AM
#472   GSPI .028 could get a nice boost today wildbill 10/22/08 09:30:04 AM
#471   DYMH NICE NEW DEVELOPMENTS COMPANY FULL SPEED wildbill 10/19/08 01:06:26 PM
#470   (Marketwire) -- 10/15/08 -- Dynamic Media Holdings, wildbill 10/15/08 09:30:41 AM
#469   DYMH .009new ceo, fresh ideas, forward thinking man wildbill 10/15/08 09:28:35 AM
#468   dymh .008 nice dip :) to double my wildbill 09/30/08 06:49:09 PM
#467   DYMH .012 :) just the beginning, when numbers wildbill 09/29/08 04:26:07 PM