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SOME SCAMMERS NEED TO MEET man----CLINT ...... ernie44 11/24/22 1:17 PM
Hey Ronald Blackburn, I hear the IRS garnished tdbowieknife 11/21/22 7:14 AM
Shatner now in his late 90's...... shows how ernie44 11/08/22 10:18 PM
Well... Ronald Blacburn. Did ya pay tdbowieknife 10/24/22 7:17 AM
my portfolio is now a Tombstone ernie44 10/01/22 5:20 PM
Also, here is his email address: Anyone who lost benz280e 09/12/22 2:03 PM
No, that is the correct number for Andrew benz280e 09/12/22 2:01 PM
I'm pretty sure that's the wrong Andrew Reid. tdbowieknife 09/11/22 12:13 PM
And while you’re at it and dialing, here benz280e 09/11/22 12:23 AM
Not sure, but here’s his cell number: (504) 606-0446 benz280e 09/11/22 12:20 AM
Where is Andrew Reid? Anybody? tdbowieknife 09/10/22 11:08 AM
make your losses pay u back ernie44 08/18/22 10:33 AM
but still some idiot bought 1200 dollars worth ernie44 08/02/22 4:56 PM
Treaty has long ago turned to dust. tdbowieknife 08/02/22 10:41 AM
put your names in for a ''go-fund-me'' site ernie44 07/25/22 4:31 PM
RE;TECO...... NOW, WHO WANTS TO contribute to TECO'S TOMBSTONE fun ernie44 07/03/22 2:10 PM
Finial Judgment: tdbowieknife 07/01/22 7:52 AM
Hey, Mike Mulshine. What's your involvement with KLMKH? tdbowieknife 05/29/22 1:22 PM
Same outcome as John Henry OIL, ernie44 05/23/22 12:48 PM
Shared for information, with my name redacted for Belize Oilwatch 05/01/22 9:41 AM
You and me both TD. Our suspicions about Belize Oilwatch 05/01/22 8:56 AM
TECO was never listed anywhere to be delisted tdbowieknife 04/26/22 10:19 PM
SEC finally delisted TECO ernie44 04/26/22 12:30 PM
2 years, the SEC has been on the ernie44 04/24/22 2:38 PM
This was the finding in the case of Belize Oilwatch 04/22/22 3:59 PM
Moonshine, where ya at !? caprock 04/18/22 2:10 PM
Ronald Blackburn, what ya doing? tdbowieknife 04/05/22 10:40 AM
LOL BTDT ernie44 03/21/22 6:00 PM
I’m so deep in the hole it’s pathetic. Sunnybank 03/21/22 5:57 PM
well , it has happened at least once, ernie44 03/21/22 5:44 PM
Excuse my ignorance but how can we expect Sunnybank 03/21/22 4:19 PM
Yup, that’s Blackburn, does he want your shares ?!?!?! benz280e 03/21/22 12:26 PM
called that number--its a JOHN DEERE farm dealer----outstanding ernie44 03/21/22 12:05 PM
expecting another run soon---wont last long ernie44 03/21/22 10:21 AM
Plus, I hear he’s a buyer of the benz280e 03/20/22 7:34 PM
His number, 419-944-7720, i’m sure he would love benz280e 03/20/22 7:31 PM
WILL GIVE HIM A BUZZ ALLRIGHT ernie44 03/20/22 7:02 PM
no-AM sending ---GUIDI, Gabinno, and Gabonnii--to park ernie44 03/12/22 3:24 PM
I hear Ron Blackburn is buying shares, give benz280e 03/12/22 3:07 PM
TECO shares still in my account, that were ernie44 03/12/22 12:47 PM
Nothing. TECO is a busted scam that has tdbowieknife 03/03/22 10:42 AM
with OIL going to the moon---what is teco ernie44 03/02/22 9:55 PM
Hey Moonshine or Kanola Oil caprock 02/23/22 2:07 PM
the money lenders---putting big $$ 100 bills ernie44 02/19/22 6:10 PM
Hey Ronald Blackburn, Ya still robing the KLMKH leases??? tdbowieknife 02/16/22 8:04 AM
Hey Ronald Blackburn, convicted lying fraudster, you pay tdbowieknife 01/26/22 8:54 AM
was known as John Henry Corp--- ernie44 01/16/22 1:55 PM
TODAY--------------------- Am gonna wear my O'Henry Oil T-shirt---just for ernie44 01/10/22 10:26 AM
Trimerica's 2 yr. aniversary for failing to file, ernie44 01/09/22 10:20 AM
Heard the Russians and Saudi's will be releasing ernie44 01/02/22 10:29 PM
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Belize Oilwatch
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Treaty Energy Corp. (fka TECO)

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Moderators tdbowieknife ernie44

                               Treaty Energy is a dead pump and dump scam.                                                                                                                                                   



                                           Treaty Promoter Platon Petratos...

                                                                              Treaty Promoter Platon Petratos


                                        Treaty is never digging out of this hole....



          Criminial indictments agaist Treaty Energy president  Bruce Gwyn... 2 charged with defrauding Alabama                     investor, selling unregistered securities



                                                     Bruce Gwyn Convicted...


SEC Charges Treaty Energy  and Executives With Fraudulent Stock Manipulation


                                                                              The SEC complaint   



                                                                                                    Investigation of Fraud or Other Criminal Activities     
                                                                                                                     Undisclosed Corporate Actions

                                                                                               Promotion/Spam without Adequate Current Information


Authorized shares of common stock... 2,250,000,000

 Common stock outstanding as of August 25th, 2014, was 1,947,554,895.

Treaty Energy is now  20 quarters delinquent with SEC filings...

2013 10-K, 2014 10-Q1, 10-Q2, 10-Q3, 2014 10-K, 2015 10-Q1, 10-Q2, 10- Q3,  2015 10-K, 2016 10-Q1, 10-Q2,  10-Q3, 2016 10-K,  2017 10-Q1, 10-Q2, 10-Q3, 2017 10-K, 2018 10-Q1, 10-Q2 and 2018 10-Q3,

That's 4 and 3/4 years and 5 10-K's worth.

Same ole Treaty.

TECO Stock Suspened by the SEC Relagating it to the Grey Market

                                                                                                                        TECO SEC Suspension:




     Treaty Energy Corporation (TECO) is currently Grey Market No Information 

                                       For those that think TECO can trade on the OTC Pinks again... Forget it... 


                                                                                 More info here:




                                         Treaty Energy Corporation headquarters is a filing cabinet @
                                                                  201 St. Charles Avenue, Suite 2513
                                                                           New Orleans, LA 70170
                                                                             Phone: 504-754-6986
                                                                               Fax: 504-524-7979

                                                                 Abandoned Late 2013 
Treaty Belize Energy Limited
                                                                                                                  Newton Barracks King Park, Suite 125
                                                                                                                      Belize City, Belize, Central America    


Treaty Belize Energy lost the contract for operator of the Princess Petroleum concession December 31st 2013
Treaty Energy has yet to confirm this fact with investors or inform investors of what was actully found in the 3 wells they drilled.

The fact that Treaty lied about finding oil and a claim of 6 million barrels that is complet Bullshit would likley be a big part of the reason.



Treaty Energy's Oil Claim Bogus
posted (January 31, 2012)

But before we get to that - and the response from the leader of the opposition, Francis Fonseca - we take a break from politics to talk about oil. Last night we headlined, but never ran a story about, Treaty Energy finding Oil in Southern Belize. It was an omission and one for which we apologize, but we held off on the story because we got some late information which suggested the press release from Treaty Energy was bogus. Rather than mislead our viewers, we decided to hold off on the story - until more credible information was forthcoming.
And tonight, it is - and just as we thought, it confirms the release is bogus.


It is a stunning piece of fiction and one perpetrated on the entire society - which duly believed reports aired on other media. Today Andre Cho - the Director of Geology - told us he visited Treaty Energy yesterday - and there was no oil at all:..

Andre Cho, Director of Geology and Petroleum
"They indicated, as you said in their press release, that it was commercial, and I believe they said that they think they can recover 6 million barrels."

"The government's official position is that that is not true. We inspected the well on Monday 30th of January. Treaty drilled into this limestone on Friday, and they immediately put out a press release that it is commercial. Common sense tells you that something is wrong there. They had informed us and we went down and inspected the well. we looked at the rock cuttings that they say have oil. There is no oil, no live oil, in the rock cuttings. Live oil is liquid oil, you would see that in the rock cuttings, and you would see that while you are analyzing the rock cuttings for oil."

"We can say for sure that they did not make a discovery. It's just an irresponsible act on behalf of Treaty Energy to have declared a discovery."

Jules Vasquez
"Is there any potential that might be in this particular well?"

Andre Cho
"From what we see it doesn't have any commercial potential."

Jules Vasquez
"It falsely raises the expectations of an entire nation."

Andre Cho
"Exactly, I don't know what their motive is but that's what it has done. As you know it caused a lot of excitement and a lot on inquiries. We have a meeting scheduled with them. We are having quarterly operations meetings with all our petroleum contractors, and, coincidentally, they are scheduled for tomorrow, so it will be a matter on the agenda to discuss, and they will need to be chastised."

Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister
"You have to start to wonder if these people did this so that they can talk up their share price, because it might be a local subsidiary of a foreign company with the same name. You have to wonder if it's a way to try to attract more financing."


Treaty's been deciving investors, the public and the people of Belize all along. Treaty has known for some time that Princess Petroleum was going to plug the San Juan 1,2 and 3 wells.

Treaty has yet to make this information public


Pictures of the drilling equipment rusting away in Belize

Pictures of the 3 abandoned wells in Belize

Lawsuites against Treaty Energy

Texas Railroad Commission Enforcment actions against Treaty Energy

Texas Sands Operating TRRC issues and no Right to Conduct Buiness in Texas





Company Officers

Andrew V. Reid:  Chairman and Co CEO

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority's database indicates that Reid is no stranger to securities fraud.

In 2002, while working for Williams Financial Group in Dallas, Reid took a $10,090.58 check from a customer and deposited it in his own account rather than forwarding it to the firm. When Reid failed to respond, the National Association of Securities Dealers barred him from association with any member firm.

In 2004, Reid was accused of unsuitable trading and investing, fraud, negligence and violating state and federal securities regulations that caused $6 million in damage to investors. After arbitration, the case was settled in 2006 for $35,000.

In 2003, Reid's employer, Corporate Securities Group, filed a complaint alleging "unsuitable investment" in municipal bonds that caused more than $100,000 of damage. Arbitration is pending.

In 2001, while working for First Allied Securities in San Diego, Reid was accused of having an unexplained debit balance of $60,321.09. The case was settled for $290.

In 2001, GMS Group of New Jersey accused Reid, who worked for the firm, of making "unsuitable recommendations, misrepresentations and breach of contract in connection with their investments in certain high yield corporate debt and other securities" resulting in damages of $200,000. The case was settled in arbitration for $106,275.

FINRA Report


Bruce Gwyn:   Company President and Director
 --- Resigned March 24th 2014.

A Metairie-based futures fund manager was suspended and his two companies permanently banned from the U.S. futures industry after allegations he misled investors, the regulatory National Futures Association said Friday.

Bruce A. Gwyn, of Metairie, the two firms' former principal, agreed to a seven-year withdrawal from membership in the National Futures Association, authorities said. His companies, Level III Management LLC and Level III Trading LLC, were barred.

The action came after the National Futures Association alleged that Gwyn willfully misled investors, including New Orleans area residents, by exaggerating the fund's value by the millions and using fund profits for personal expenses. Investors put their money in Level III Trading Partners LP, the commodity pool that the management firm operated.

The National Futures Association is a Chicago-based regulatory agency for the U.S. futures industry. Membership is necessary to conduct business on U.S. futures exchanges.

Gwyn could not immediately be reached for comment Friday. The NFA's decision says that Gwyn and his companies agreed to withdraw without admitting or denying any of the allegations.

According to the complaint, Gwyn told investors that the fund was valued at $1.7 million in December 2011 and $3.7 million in February 2012. The NFA said that in fact, the fund was invested in over-the-counter penny stocks worth at most $200,000 and stock in private companies that was worthless.

Gwyn used more than $200,000 from the fund on personal expenses including food, gas and spa services, according to the complaint.

National Futures Association also noted transfers to Gwyn's personal account that occurred soon after deposits came into the fund. For example, on Dec. 21, 2011, the fund received a wire for $44,000 from Alpine Securities Corp., a firm that held some of the fund's investments, the complaint alleges.

The next day, the fund transferred $44,000 to Gwyn's personal bank account, according to the complaint.

The remaining assets were in stock in privately held companies that "supposedly included oil and energy companies, a management company for businesses that own and operate specialty retail meat stores, and an entertainment production company that booked magic shows," the complaint says.

The report continues: "L3M and Gwyn failed to provide NFA with any current bank statements or other supporting documents from independent sources to demonstrate that the fund was actually invested in the above companies in 2011, and, if so, what the value of these investments were." The National Futures Association decided that those interests had no market value, despite the fund reporting the value at $650,000.

Gwyn would be required to pay a $50,000 fine before applying for membership after the seven-year disbarment.

Gwyn is listed as president, chief operating officer and director of New Orleans-based Treaty Energy Corp on the company's website. A message left at the company's office late Friday was not immediately returned.

He was also listed as a director of Axiom Global Properties, the New Orleans-based company that once operated under the name Orpheum Property Inc. and owned the shuttered Orpheum Theater. Disgruntled investors in that venture wrested control of the property in court last year and put it up for sale. A phone number listed on Axiom's website was disconnected Friday.


                          Stolen Drilling Rig that was Sent to Belize


                                                                                       Wilson Rig
                                                                Wilson Drilling rig that was reposesed many years ago and never drilled a single well  forTreaty...




                                                                                              Grey Market       


 DD Sites For Treaty Investors|6=120104|8=%24188%2C578.00|9=1|10=5|11=3|106=120104|107=C+%26+C+PETROLEUM+MANAGEMENT%2C+LLC&rrcActionMan=H4sIAAAAAAAAAL1Qy2rDMBD8GvdiEFr5EfewB2PcXuy0TdzmYHJQbZEEHNtIch-gj-8mpRCSQKGH3pbZ2dmZccA5CgccEG60btLG7oZ-0ei25ms84u_qVY6jEYzWzFhpFbMfbDJekCacGAI9cZevUhqDw7jrJYm8qZXquiXRJ_M0Kf35rczagXgh7pXdDm01ZLLrCIhQKzvpvhqWSupmS1CC_MJQbY7bVG8MG6WW-xfZTYp8xgiCky7dnYwzzHxPxH7mP-bV4qHIn0u_TOfpfV7m88oTmV8U2dkT-NfU5idtjKPcKH2S6moFsK7PeQe_CE4gcBdgELoQuYswPHRy5fzXBhNKE0KSUD3RLGGcu1uSB46RA8DgDw1_AWpbZbdkAgAA 


Treaty's Fiscal Year

First quarter (Q1) ends March 31, second quarter (Q2) ends June 30, third quarter(Q3) ends September 30, and fourth quarter (Q4) ends December 31


Transfer Agent

VStock Transfer LLC

Transfer Agent
18 Lafayette Place
Woodmere, NY 11598

March 12th 2015 Authoized Shares raised to 2,250,000,000 Shares
Shares Outstanding 2,126,263,214  
a/o Oct 31, 2016

Accounting/Auditing Firm

BF Borgers CPA PC
5400 West Cedar Avenue
Lakewood, CO, 80226
Phone: 303.953.1454 Fax: 303.945.7991

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