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Looking good now bid .0001 M-invest 09/22/21 2:20 PM
This is a good stock to flip on CashValue 06/22/21 5:30 PM
I think that this could make another run! IMO stickwithme 06/16/21 1:53 PM
Nice. I haven’t played a penny in a MikeLandfer 06/14/21 5:18 PM
When it popped last time I ran, loaded t*tm MrPoppaGeorgeo 06/14/21 4:12 PM
I also got out MikeLandfer 06/14/21 3:56 PM
Interesting activity today! I would love to see stickwithme 06/08/21 11:05 AM
Good volume at the end of last week. stickwithme 05/24/21 2:34 PM
6s & 7s were being scooped up the stickwithme 05/20/21 1:11 PM
i would recommend staying away from this stock mrdav30 05/10/21 10:22 AM
IMO Investors might buy into this company if stickwithme 05/07/21 2:04 PM
NYXO, one of the tickers that was not Werbe 05/05/21 2:20 PM
I still think that this stock will turn stickwithme 05/05/21 2:07 PM
TD Ameritrade will stop letting people trade this sick nam vet 04/27/21 10:51 AM
Good start. It still has a heartbeat. stickwithme 04/14/21 9:55 AM
Stay away from it, I finally sold aftershave MrPoppaGeorgeo 04/09/21 12:14 PM
Any new thoughts about this stock? It made stickwithme 04/08/21 2:56 PM
Ask real thin,just need some volume. sick nam vet 03/03/21 9:48 AM
This should be safe from sec. list next sick nam vet 02/27/21 11:20 AM
Like this one ,if u watch,how level 2 sick nam vet 02/20/21 12:47 PM
750 share ask smack moves us up 30%. nyxo 24d 02/19/21 12:02 PM
$$$$ .0010 watch M-invest 02/17/21 1:07 PM
Nice gift after being stuck for years! A_Trader 02/12/21 7:31 AM
Trips don’t exist anymore. DD. MikeLandfer 02/11/21 5:54 PM
What’s going on here TheDDmaster 02/10/21 10:37 AM
It was a scare tactic, his feelings are hurt MrPoppaGeorgeo 02/10/21 9:09 AM
Bless you for your patience rise 02/10/21 9:05 AM
Been in this since it did a reverse SamLBInj 02/10/21 9:01 AM
Maybe they are finally getting current along with rise 02/09/21 4:55 PM
Have been here since 02/18 and refused to Builder1960 02/09/21 4:48 PM
Hahahaha I'll take it! MrPoppaGeorgeo 02/09/21 4:36 PM
Upward trend with no news? rise 02/09/21 4:15 PM
Today was just amazing and strange,the way it sick nam vet 02/09/21 4:12 PM
NYXO, Perfect Timing, Got in just before she SamLBInj 02/09/21 4:03 PM
I've held this po-$hi% for years and years LonesomeGeorge 02/09/21 3:57 PM
out now with big profit.this happened so damn sick nam vet 02/09/21 3:56 PM
Wtf.look at this i new they would get sick nam vet 02/09/21 3:53 PM
Sorry wrong board.still have this sick nam vet 02/09/21 3:51 PM
I haven’t sold yet.. curious why this is MikeLandfer 02/09/21 3:42 PM
Why though.. MikeLandfer 02/09/21 3:40 PM
Finally dumped this garbage with a profit sick nam vet 02/09/21 3:35 PM
Looks like she might start moving MrPoppaGeorgeo 02/09/21 12:29 PM
Out of my $NYXO position for ~22% gain. trading.jeff 02/09/21 11:40 AM
Either Giorgio must have woken up or this trading.jeff 02/08/21 1:49 PM
Finally some attention,6s hitting. sick nam vet 02/08/21 1:49 PM
Sleeper, holding for them to come here and sick nam vet 02/08/21 10:40 AM
Maybe NYXIO will get attention like GME? rise 02/01/21 10:41 AM
Watching.... MrPoppaGeorgeo 01/28/21 9:04 AM
Has my attention. MikeLandfer 01/26/21 5:19 PM
Interesting slow march up though. Usually quick rise 01/26/21 4:17 PM
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09/22/21 2:20 PM
06/22/21 5:30 PM
06/16/21 1:53 PM
06/14/21 5:18 PM
06/14/21 4:12 PM
06/14/21 3:56 PM
06/08/21 11:05 AM
05/24/21 2:34 PM
05/20/21 1:11 PM
05/07/21 2:04 PM
05/05/21 2:20 PM
05/05/21 2:07 PM
sick nam vet
04/27/21 10:51 AM
04/14/21 9:55 AM
04/09/21 12:14 PM
04/08/21 2:56 PM
sick nam vet
03/03/21 9:48 AM
sick nam vet
02/27/21 11:20 AM
sick nam vet
02/20/21 12:47 PM
02/17/21 1:07 PM
02/12/21 7:31 AM
02/11/21 5:54 PM
02/10/21 10:37 AM
02/10/21 9:09 AM
02/10/21 9:05 AM
02/10/21 9:01 AM
02/09/21 4:48 PM
02/09/21 4:36 PM
02/09/21 4:15 PM
sick nam vet
02/09/21 4:12 PM
02/09/21 3:57 PM
sick nam vet
02/09/21 3:56 PM
sick nam vet
02/09/21 3:53 PM
sick nam vet
02/09/21 3:51 PM
02/09/21 3:42 PM
02/09/21 3:40 PM
sick nam vet
02/09/21 3:35 PM
02/09/21 12:29 PM
02/09/21 11:40 AM
02/08/21 1:49 PM
sick nam vet
02/08/21 1:49 PM
sick nam vet
02/08/21 10:40 AM
01/28/21 9:04 AM
01/26/21 5:19 PM

Nyxio Technologies Corporation (NYXO)

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Contact Info
  • Phone: (800) 398-4132
    EMAIL::  marketing.nyxio@nyxio.com

    Nyxio has become active again on Twitter. Most recent tweets will be posted here along with their links:

    Tweet from July 19, 2019:
    We fully expect to be OTC current soon. Filings are almost complete.


    Tweet from July 18, 2019: 
We are currently developing a number of items & will begin updating shareholders at the start of next week via official press releases. We may have been quiet the last couple years, but we have been busy!



Genius TV

The Nyxio Genius TV is the first fully integrated television with a built-in personal computer on the market.

Designed to save time, money, space and energy, the state-of-the-art Genius TV is a full-spectrum entertainment system: Combining HDTV technology with a personal computer and media center. The Genius TV’s touch-screen feature allows for easy navigation through numerous applications, and the split-screen design accommodates viewing television, films, videos, games or Web conferences while simultaneously viewing content via television or PC. Sleek and stylish, the Genius TV is robust enough to fulfill residential and professional needs.


Venture MMV

The Nyxio Venture MMV (Mobile Media Viewer) is a new class of personal, portable video eyewear with unmatched features and performance.


Ergonomically designed with a sleek, narrow profile, Venture MMV promises to deliver an unparalleled state-of-the-art viewing experience. The Venture is compatible with most video and audio formats, and delivers crystal clear high-resolution. The built-in comfort ear buds provide superb sound quality to your personal cinema. The USB and micro SD interface allows easy and high speed file uploading of all your favorite media to a wide screen virtual display in a non-traditional LCD panel.

Perfect for travel and leisure, the Venture MMV’s lightweight design, high storage capability, and media versatility will bring a new level of ease and enjoyment to the personal virtual experience.

  • 4 GB flash memory
    Up to 32 GB with a micro SD for storage of media files
    Virtual screen size: 62 inch virtual distance
    Screen resolution: 432×240, Screen ratio: 16:9
    Picture format: JPG, BMP, GIF
    Video format: AVI, Music format: MP3
    Device weight: 1.01 lbs
    Power duration: 2-3 hours


This PC conversion program converts audio files from a number of formats into the MP3 format used by the Venture MMV.
Audio Converter Download

This PC conversion program converts video files from a number of formats into the AVI format used by the Venture MMV.
Video Converter Download


This Macintosh conversion program converts audio files from a number of formats into the MP3 format used by the Venture MMV.
Mac – Audio Converter Download

This Macintosh conversion program converts video files from a number of formats into the AVI format used by the Venture MMV.
Mac – Video Converter Download


Vuzion Smart TV with Android OS

Created for the love of Android TM, the new Nyxio Vuzion combines a high definition LED TV, Internet, AND Android OS!


Equipped with a webcam, wireless remote, built-in microphone, and speakers, the Vuzion is an HD television that offers HDMI, VGA, USB, web browsing, stored personal content, and gaming. To expand its entertainment capabilities, use the Android Market to download and use all of your favorite Android applications and games.

All-inclusive, efficient, and easy-to-use, the Nyxio Vuzion is the future of Android and Smart TVs.

  • 21.5″, 26″, 32”, 42”, 55” and 65” LED display with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution (HD)
    Optional touch screen (single point)
    320 Gigabyte internal disk drive
    Bluetooth enabled
    1.3 mega pixel embedded Webcam
    Android operating system
    Inputs: HDMI, VGA, AV, Audio In, Tuner
    MicroSD card slot
    4 USB port, 3 for Android and 1 to show content through the TV


Ascend Smart Keyboard

The Nyxio Ascend Smart Keyboard is the next generation PC for the user who desires portability.


The Ascend takes the desktop PC to the next level by housing the PC within the keyboard. Compatible with any TV or monitor, the Ascend saves time, space and money.

Ascend is a keyboard AND personal computer in one sleek design. With the Ascend, you get the versatility and portability of a laptop with the benefit of transforming any TV or monitor into a fully-functioning computer.

  • 2GB RAM memory
    Processor: Intel Atom D510 (Dual core)
    Touch pad: Integrated touch pad, left and right click
    Audio: HD Audio, 2 built-in speakers
    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate
    Built-in Wi-Fi
    Microphone and speaker input
    DVD player/burner
    Size: 6.75 in by 16.88 in
    Weight: 5.07 lbs

Ascend User Guide.pdf


Realm All-In-One TV and PC

The Nyxio Realm All-In-One PC/TV combines the latest in PC technology with HDTV for you and your family.


The Realm goes from work, to school, to entertainment with the touch of a finger. The full HD 22″ touch screen allows unlimited easy access to the Internet, digital TV, social networks, movies, music and more. Integrated with Window 7 Operating System, it provides the latest in vivid high definition display technology delivering the best graphics and quality images for viewing your favorite games, movies or other applications.

The Realm’s stylish space and energy saving design comes complete with built-in WiFi, Camera, Microphone, DVD player and BluetoImage result for nyxio


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