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Integra Resources Corp. (ITRG)

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Integra Resources (NYSE American: ITRG; TSX-V: ITR)

Integra Resources Corp. is a development-stage mining company focused on the exploration and de-risking of the past producing DeLamar Gold-Silver Project in Idaho, USA. Integra is led by the management team from Integra Gold Corp. which successfully grew, developed and sold the Lamaque Project, in Quebec, for C$600 M in 2017.

"Integra Resources has pretty much everything going for itself as even the gold price is cooperating. We expect to see in excess of 5 million gold-equivalent ounces in the next resource update (H1 2021) and this updated resource will be the basis for a pre-feasibility study which should be ready by the end of next year. There still are a lot of moving parts and we’ll only be able to figure out how good the 2021 PFS will be after seeing the resource update. In any case, at $1900 gold we will probably see an after-tax NPV5% exceeding US$1B but it obviously wouldn’t be reasonable to use a multi-year high gold price as base case scenario, and we would expect Integra to use $1400-1500 gold (depending on the gold market in 2021) in which case we expect to see an after-tax NPV exceeding US$600M. The DeLamar project is shaping up like it could be Idaho’s next major gold mine, and we expect the pre-feasibility study in 2021 to confirm the viability of this project, even at a substantially lower gold price than what the yellow metal is trading at these days."

Most recent presentation:
Recent BMO conference interview:

Must watch:

Integra Resources (ITR) - High-Grade + Bulk Gold & Silver Developer
Integra Resources - Please do it again, Just do it again

Analysis and reading:

Share Structure

Issued and outstanding common shares as of February 3, 2021:  54,793,577   

Fully Diluted : 59,910,909


Notable Shareholders

Largest shareholder: Sprott Asset Management LP  6.74% (increased their position by more than 20% in Q4 2020)

Mining company: 
Coeur Mining, Inc. 5.57%

Management: George Gregory Salamis (CEO) 2.72%
                        Stephen de Jong (Chairman) 1.81%

Ross Beady and Pierre Lassonde are also shareholders

Retails: ~53%
Insiders: ~12%
Institutions & Coeur Mining: ~35%

Resources (Will be updated on Q2 2021)

• 3.9 M oz AuEq (M&I) and 0.5 M oz AuEq (Inf.)

Silver (One of the biggest undeveloped Silver deposit in the USA)
M&I 116,514,000 oz Ag
Inferred 12,240,000 oz Ag

M&I 2,376,000 oz Au

Inferred 343,000 oz Au

Recent Exploration Highlights 

Florida Mountain
Integra Resources Intersects 4.53 g/t Gold and 262.67 g/t Silver Over 85.35 m at Florida Mountain, Including 11.74 g/t Gold and 652.45 g/t Silver Over 30.48

Integra Continues to Display Size Potential, Intersecting 1.12 g/t AuEq Over 283.46 m at the DeLamar Deposit

Drill hole IMS-20-015 1.43 g/t AuEq over 78.94 m

War Eagle

Integra Resources Intersects 24.20 g/t Gold and 655.06 g/t Silver Over 7.62 m 400 m North of 2019 Drilling at War Eagle

>>> Georgianna // Lucky days Grassroots Discoveries

Drill hole IGE-20-002

0.66 grams per tonne (“g/t”) gold (“Au”) and 117.25 g/t silver (“Ag”) (2.17 g/t gold equivalent (“AuEq”)) over 10.67 meters (“m”), including 1.48 g/t Au and 351.00 g/t Ag (5.99 g/t AuEq) over 3.05 m
Broader low-grade intercepts include 0.30 g/t Au and 10.87 g/t Ag (0.44 g/t AuEq) over 41.76 m

Lucky Days
Drill hole LDE-21-002
0.50 g/t Au and 41.15 g/t Ag (1.03 g/t AuEq) over 25.15 m, including 2.13 g/t Au and 213.28 g/t Ag (4.87 g/t AuEq) over 2.13 m

ECONOMICS PEA (PFS exp. Q3/Q4 2021)

• Large, heap leach operation plus mill

•Compelling PEA (For an operation that the management can build - PFS will be for a larger operation with production of around 180 Koz per annum for a mid-tier or major producer)

Initial Capex US$161 million

After-tax NPV5% ($1,350/oz Au) US$358 million - PROFITABILITY INDEX: 2.2X

Production Profile 124 Koz AuEq per year for 10 years / Yr 2 to Yr 6 annual average of 148 k oz Au Eq  
Total AISC: US$742 / oz AuEq 

US$/oz Au     US$/oz Ag      After-tax NPV(5%)           IRR                  Payback (Years)                   Cumulative LOM Free Cash Flow (US$ MM) 
                                                 U$S MM    

$1,350            $16.90                 $357.6                       43%                      2.35                                                      $528.2
$1,800            $22.53                 $675.4                       74%                      1.48                                                      $950.7

Upcoming potential Catalysts:

10,000 m drill program underway for 2021 with drill to completed at Blacksheep (Discovery drilling), Florida Mountain (High grade and Bulk-Expansion) and War Eagle (High Grade-discovery)

43-101 resource update in Q2

Prefeasibility study expected in September or October

Submission of Plan of Operations (mine plan) to the Bureau of Land Management in Idaho Q1 2022

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