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Known Issues

Service Unavailable message - That's usually us restarting the webserver after a software update. We believe we have eliminated the causes for the unexpected outages. If you still experience the "Service Unavailable" at times other than when we have a site-message announcing one, please report it on this board.

Favorite Boards and People going to the wrong page - Sometimes clicking on the number of Unread Posts will take you to a post on the wrong board. If anyone is still experiencing this please report it here.

Favorite People - Free Users are getting a "You must subscribe" message when clicking new post counts. This wasn't really a bug - Free Members did not have a clickable link there before. We have temporarily made the "batch read new posts" available to Free Members.

Different page "formats" - Some pages like MailBox, the Moderator screens, and the pages for composing and posting messages have not been converted to the new format yet. They will be converted over the next several weeks.

Advanced Search - June 08, 2008 After one completes an advanced search that generates multiple screens of output, the next advanced search (e.g. by changing the year and leaving the other parameters unchanged) starts on whatever ordinal-numbered screen was last examined on the old search rather than resetting to the first screen of output for the new search. Pending investigation and resolution.

Error when creating folders - June 08, 2008 User received error when creating their 256th folder for filing posts. This is a system limitation, not an interface error. We will look at increasing the limitation.

Short list of posts on board.aspx - This occurs when there are deleted or filtered posts. Under investigation. Example: #board-5506

Wrong Favorites tab after marking Last Read The redirect is not honoring the user config selection. Under review.

iBox Editor - Requests to enable the following tools:  Fonts: size, typeface, and color., target specification on links. Status: Under review. Comment: Link Target specification (new tab or same tab) will be implemented on the next code update.

Helpful Hints

Helpful Hint #1 - Font Sizes - Any registered Member can adjust the font size on grid pages (Favorites, Boards, Hot Lists, etc.) and the font size of posts text by going to Tools >>> My Interface.

  • Gridview Font Size is the Font Size for grid-type pages. 100% is approximately the size of Classic iHub, versus the new default of 115%.
  • Message Window FontSize is the font size for message text when reading individual posts
  • Page & Odd Row Background Color in Grids is the background color for all pages, and also the background color of odd-numbered rows on grid-type pages.
  • Message Box & Even Row Background Color in Grids is the background color of the "text area" of messages and also the background color of even-numbered rows on grid-type pages.
  • Message Window Width Sets the width of the text-area box when reading individual posts. Some users prefer to not have it stretch all the way across the page when reading posts at higher resolutions. (Readability is improved when lines are not too long.)

Helpful Hint #2 - Font weights - Do the fonts look thin or washed out to you? Please refer to:

Helpful Hint #3 - Underlines in column headings What's that about, you ask? Click one. Click it again. It sorts the grid based on the values in that column, and the 2nd click reverses the sort order.

That's all for now...

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