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It will be interesting to watch Jeff and ThSeeker 04/28/22 8:37 AM
Apr 26, 2022, 11:43 PM (2 days ago) ThSeeker 04/28/22 8:37 AM
Effective March 21,2022 KHRIF will change to CYFRF: Renee 03/18/22 11:13 AM
Investment of CAD $630k into Cryptocurrency Hedge Fund ThSeeker 03/15/22 10:11 AM
Good PR. Nice to see Jeff is always ThSeeker 02/23/22 8:27 AM
Wasabi Dividend and Disposal of Animoca Brands Shares ThSeeker 02/23/22 8:21 AM
This thing is a gem IMO. Highly overlooked. TwoThreeTrades 02/20/22 10:05 AM
Hold has invested in this ThSeeker 01/18/22 8:16 AM
WEBINAR: ThSeeker 12/10/21 11:29 PM
Cypherpunk Holdings Announces Strategic Review and Investment Focus ThSeeker 12/10/21 8:51 AM
Another reason showing Cypherpunk is undervalued ThSeeker 11/24/21 9:36 AM
Cypherpunk's recent investment in Animoca doubles. ThSeeker 10/22/21 8:34 AM
Cypherpunk Announces Agreement with MiningStore ThSeeker 10/21/21 2:16 PM
Up over 35% over last 5 days. Finally ThSeeker 10/20/21 9:36 AM
Cypherpunk Holdings Announces Corporate Update ThSeeker 10/19/21 8:18 PM
Cypherpunk Holdings Announces Purchase of Shares of Animoca Brands ThSeeker 09/30/21 1:49 PM
Recovery continues. Keep it up. Unfortunately the ThSeeker 08/09/21 10:11 AM
Finally coming back to life. ThSeeker 08/06/21 10:59 PM
Really pleased that they invested in Ethereum 511.9 ThSeeker 06/29/21 1:10 PM
Cypherpunk Holdings Corporate Update on Cryptocurrency Holdings ThSeeker 06/29/21 1:02 PM
We got the answer on how much Chia ThSeeker 06/02/21 8:34 AM
Net Income $.08 ThSeeker 06/02/21 8:31 AM
Just read some very interesting news about PAYPAL ThSeeker 05/26/21 4:40 PM
We were promised the long awaited update on ThSeeker 05/26/21 4:24 PM
I contacted the CEO Tony yesterday. I asked ThSeeker 05/13/21 2:42 PM
OK folks based on my DD this afternoon ThSeeker 05/10/21 4:26 PM
The value of CHIA is 21,400,000ish tokens with ThSeeker 05/07/21 4:22 PM
Thanks for posting. Just one of many reasons ThSeeker 05/03/21 6:54 PM
KHFRI @ .21: Founding investor in red hot gp22 05/03/21 1:47 PM
HODL now owns 360 Bitcoin according to ThSeeker 04/28/21 8:13 AM
Hoping that our darkest days are over now ThSeeker 04/26/21 9:51 AM
NEWS: oronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - April 13, ThSeeker 04/13/21 10:46 AM
PEER comparison showing how undervalued CypherPunk is ThSeeker 04/13/21 10:40 AM
Seems this is finally getting it mind back. ThSeeker 04/12/21 3:38 PM
IR Veronika is very professional and said ThSeeker 04/06/21 4:08 PM
Not really it tracks HODL rather well. Right ThSeeker 04/06/21 3:43 PM
Going to .01. They want no US astroblaster 04/06/21 12:49 PM
Cypherpunk Holdings: building a portfolio of privacy technology ThSeeker 04/02/21 11:51 AM
CEO bought another 100,000 shares today after 200,000 ThSeeker 03/31/21 4:55 PM
Exclusive: PayPal launches crypto checkout service ThSeeker 03/30/21 9:20 AM
CEO is buying - a show of confidence ThSeeker 03/29/21 6:22 PM
Visa has announced that they will be using ThSeeker 03/29/21 11:49 AM
The good medium term news is we should ThSeeker 03/26/21 12:07 PM
Company has no interest in US investors. astroblaster 03/25/21 7:43 PM
Cypherpunk Holdings Inc. Announces Closing of CAD$10 Million ThSeeker 03/24/21 9:07 PM
Very good news Fed Chair Powell says Bitcoin ThSeeker 03/24/21 9:41 AM
Been picking up KHRIF all day and lower ThSeeker 03/22/21 2:00 PM
Well Cypherpunk is on sale again this morning. ThSeeker 03/22/21 10:16 AM
Cypherpunk Holdings Inc. Announces CAD$10 Million Private Placement ThSeeker 03/21/21 10:42 PM
Another example of this being undervalued. ThSeeker 03/20/21 3:14 PM
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CypherPunk Holdings (CYFRF)

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CypherPunk Holdings


  • Cryptography and blockchain technologies are the backbone of the forthcoming digital revolution...but there is so much more.
    The accelerating pace of L2 & L3 innovations is terraforming humanity’s social fabric and rewriting the norms of socialization.
    Crypto is creating a sovereign Self: Self-custody; Self-determination; Self-governance.
    There are strong positive economics in Self. At Cypherpunk, we ensure our investments serve to empower our Self and your Self.


Issued & Outstanding: 160,070,718
Reserved for Issuance: 41,223,475

New Corporate Branding & Website

Cypherpunk is pleased to announce that it has launched a new corporate website. The updated website was created as a part of a rebranding of the Company's corporate image and introduces Cypherpunk's new corporate logo. This logo symbolizes the Company's core belief in the distributed nature of cryptocurrency, privacy and cryptography technologies and is inspired by a geometrical design. The updated website also includes a statement of the Company values and its mission statement of "Becoming a sector leader for cryptocurrency, privacy and cryptography focused investments." To view the updated website with the new branding please use the following link:


Update of Investment Portfolio

Cryptocurrency Holdings

Cypherpunk currently holds an aggregate of 401 bitcoins (BTC) and 357 Ether (ETH).

Equity Holdings

Animoca Brands (Equity Investment)
Animoca Brands is a company operating in the digital entertainment, blockchain and gamification sectors. It develops and publishes a broad portfolio of products including the REVV token and SAND token; original games including The Sandbox, Crazy Kings, and Crazy Defense Heroes; and products using popular intellectual properties. The Company holds 2 million ordinary shares of Animoca Brands. Animoca is currently trading via Primary Markets on a matched basis via

Chia Network Inc. (Equity Investment)
Chia Network is a developer of a blockchain and smart transaction platform, created by the inventor of BitTorrent, Bram Cohen.

zkSNACKS Limited (Equity Investment)
The products of zkSnacks include Wasabi Wallet, which is an open source, non-custodial, privacy-focused Bitcoin wallet for desktop use.

NGRAVE (Convertible Debt)
NGRAVE is a digital asset and blockchain security provider located in Antwerpen, Belgium. Its flagship product "ZERO" - also known as "The Coldest Wallet" - is a fully offline hardware wallet that features the world's highest security certification, EAL7, for its secure operating system.

Katana Cryptographic Ltd (Equity Investment)
Katana Cryptographic has developed an advanced and secure mobile bitcoin wallet known as "Samourai". The goal of the Samourai wallet is to empower people with the cryptographic tools readily available today in order to enable individual financial independence and self-sovereignty.

Other Investments

IPv4 Addresses
The Company also holds a total inventory of 24,576 IPv4 addresses, which it leases to its customers.


Company Officers

Antanas (Tony) Guoga, Executive Chairman
Jeffrey Gao, Chief Executive Officer
Jon Matonis, Chief Economist
Moe Adham, CIO
Doug Harris, Chief Financial Officer

Investor Relations Contact:
Veronika Oswald
Investor Relations
Office: 1-647-946-1300

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