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Replies to post #5 on SpaceX

Replies to #5 on SpaceX


07/08/17 12:33 PM

#372 RE: Entangled Proton #5

What if Mr. MUSK, decided to build.....
A newer version of the SPACE STATION?

- Somebody needs to have a gas station( docking station) before any of us can go anywhere. We need supplies, fuel, and food that we can all stop and get in space before heading off........why not build this station with the intent of it being also an artificial structure we can put orbiting around planets that meets our description of mineable resources we can obtain to build more artificial structures to extend outward using ur own planets and moons as host?
----- Touching down and living on a planet your unfamiliar with is going to be more dangerous than putting a artificial structure orbiting the planet, and taking "puddle hopper" flights to the surface. First put structures in orbit around the destination, than work your way to establishing ground bases if need be? One virus could kill a human that is foreign our bodies can't fight..........what's wrong with orbiting planets, using robot mining for resources?

We can create artificial gravity, figuring out how to get our bodies to live in space should be a no brainer.... Lol..
How to create an artificial environment on a space station so good it mimics earth? How to keep the bones from turning to jelly?
----- step 1 orbital station
Step two---- orbital moon station
Step 3 .. Moon base
Step 4 orbital station mars or moon?
Step 5 .. Base on mars......Base on moon?
Etc......etc.... Stations first that orbit, than bases if you want them? Maybe some planets or moons won't be worth it?

ELON, I THINK MAKING SPACE STATIONS THAT ORBIT IS A WINNER IDEA! Launches cost the big bucks, gas stations in space that can roam freely through out the cosmos mining resources and possibly terraforming?


07/25/17 2:38 AM

#373 RE: Entangled Proton #5

Al, I got a idea?
Build our own death star! Lmao..... We can call it the moon, sneak up on planets and wipe their ask out with huge tsunamis, latter they can write about it! Lmfao.....

Think about dark side of the moon.... It"s a space ship, moon is hollow, it goes from planet to planet using Resources until their gone!

We need one of our own, get ELON to finance that death star so we can go anywhere we want! lmfao.....
No chitttttttt, you know it's a great idea! Pm, I'm your bro, space buddy and chittttttt! Lmao....


07/25/17 2:44 AM

#374 RE: Entangled Proton #5

Ask ELON about valiant Thor!
Tellem dark side of the moon man says it's a go with moon project!

Yep, it's a cook book! Lmao......
AL, we need our own death star bro! Something that can move away from our own dying star eventually before it expands and cooks us! Lmao...


07/25/17 2:52 AM

#375 RE: Entangled Proton #5

Does ELON know the moon is a hallow space ship? Lol.....
It's an artificial structure that came here a long time ago causing the great flood you hear about in all cultures!
Waves over 5 miles high sweeping continents clean almost!

Anunaki were real! Cimmerians text are real!
The vada text from India are real!
------kept in the dark because if the artificial moon ever takes off, guess what happens again?
How is that for morning coffee? Lmao...
Pm we'll do lunch! Lmao.....


07/25/17 2:55 AM

#376 RE: Entangled Proton #5

Moon has structures on it!
What's ELON up to ?


07/25/17 2:57 AM

#377 RE: Entangled Proton #5

Why does ELON look like Von Braun?
Talk to me man!
What's up with that pyramid drawing mass energy in Alaska? Lmao....


07/25/17 2:59 AM

#378 RE: Entangled Proton #5

We need updates on elon's vimana ship to the stars!


07/25/17 3:00 AM

#379 RE: Entangled Proton #5

I bet ELON is an ancient aliens fan on Fridays history channel! Lol....


07/25/17 3:01 AM

#380 RE: Entangled Proton #5

Yep! I need to be a moderator here for sure! Lol....


08/13/17 1:56 AM

#389 RE: Entangled Proton #5

Al, when I see ELON standing next to the rocket, it sure looks a lot like Von Braun doesn't it, almost like his dad? ------------


08/16/17 1:30 AM

#391 RE: Entangled Proton #5

Al, what is the old Canadian prime minister talking about?
---- he's talking about alien contact with officials
---- he's talking about not just one intelligent beeing, but as many as 3 to 12.......
---- he's talking about reversed engineered aircraft and that we supposedly have a fleet of space ships
---- he says an alien landed on white house lawn, called himself VALIANT THOR, walked around white house for months with top security clearance, got back in his ship, and took off upward in the sky....

--------- now before you call me a nut job, remember this is the EX PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA WHO IS TALKING ON LIVE T.V.
-------- now the last one u think I am a nut job because it sounds like a scene from a movie........
----------- JUST GOOGLE............ VALIANT THOR

---------- we can handle it in here A.L., U CAN TELL US WHAT ELON IS DOING! Lol........ Pm, I wanna know if he has the worm tunnel working yet that folds space OR the Haydron collider that can travel to different dimensions by ripping holes in space! Lmao...... Let's do this! I AM PUMPED!
----- Hindu Sanskrit ancient text--- get a team on that ELON! ----- they have books with lost technology they are uncovering! ---- vimana technology and reverse engineering using cold fusion, and anti gravity technology using mercury and gyroscope with electrical pulses......... Like Nicoli was doing before his WARDEN TOWER FUNDING WAS CUT, ---------free energy ad clean energy for everyone.....

--------- ELON, CAN U UPDATE US HERE, THANKS! Looks great, we wanna see the reversed engineered rockets, show us some things that will humble us humans a little, we need it!


08/19/17 10:09 PM

#393 RE: Entangled Proton #5

Holding down the fort here! Lmao....
------- any new stuff coming out with HAYDRON COLLIDER.? ----
----- AND WHAT'S UP WITH MOON BASES? -------- my bro says he can see structures on the moon with his telescope.-------- bro, what Are the ANUNAKI up to, and when does their planet swing around our sun again? --------lmao............ Bro! We're ready! SHOW US THE GREY ALIEN! Lmao....... I WAANA see J Rod! Lol..........


09/22/17 11:48 PM

#418 RE: Entangled Proton #5