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05/18/24 4:49 PM

#7415 RE: alertmeipp #7414

10K shares average average $7.50, the worst performance in my portfolio. Not adding not selling.
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05/18/24 11:43 PM

#7417 RE: alertmeipp #7414

90k total across several accounts. Deeply underwater (more than 50 percent) but this is nothing unusual for me, been in biotechs since 2013.
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05/19/24 9:18 AM

#7419 RE: alertmeipp #7414

Roughly 25k over several accounts and probably another 10k when the 7.5/5/2.5 strikes get PUT to me by October..should bring avg. cost to down to low teens, ouch but still keeping the faith by year end :) …53 years of investing and working on Wall Street has me immune to drops like this!!! We WILL recover, Product superiority over shitty
(initial )management rollout !!!
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05/20/24 8:40 AM

#7424 RE: alertmeipp #7414

40k shares @ 3.13 average. been swing trading mostly for few months (slight loss) but now holding for 2-3 QTRs or more. just want to give summer and 2 ERs (next two), before adding or exiting at loss.. love the product, hate the mgmt. EOLS is certainly not more valuable than RVNC (fact). at this rate, at some pt, hostile takeover will occur. bankruptcy fears on twitter unjustified.