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03/04/24 10:17 PM

#19263 RE: longago #19262

Your post is the first I have heard of this. Not sure how your plan could work in light of the FINRA lifetime ban. I am sure they would not, under any circumstances, allow Haggerty to be a part of buying/controlling a stock in which he was convicted of illegal manipulation. Speaking for myself, I would not be part of any such scheme with Haggerty and would likely ask FINRA to take a look at the entire mess.

As for the BOD, I have no way of knowing what they would or would not do. Nor do I know what they may have planned for the future. I* would hope it to be to increase the gross revenue, the net revenue and better market the company and its products. It isn't that I am disappointed in the progress already made. I simply think there is much, much more than can be done to improve all shareholders positions.

Why focus on internal gamesmanship and personal vendettas when there are 10s & 10s of millions of realistic potential customers for our products out there? I believe the possibilities to be nearly limitless. We just have to step out and make an effort to get it done.