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05/01/23 5:03 PM

#54091 RE: BullNBear52 #54090

Oh, I see timhyma started the board way back in December 2001. On post #11 he lists his holdings. That was a military newbie who could really use some help. Are any of those stocks still trading?

"ll, FWIW here is what I'm holding.
FBCE @$2.50
GX @ $1.70
IBAS @$1.10
IN @$1.70
USIX @ average $.25

Debating on taking my lumps on GX or doing a double down. The rest I am comfortable with.

Recently played PALM, XING, BIGT, and ENE.

I'm enjoying the $5 and under- no OTCBB plays, LOL."