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janice shell

04/30/23 9:01 PM

#54067 RE: bar1080 #54065

TFRY is how I learned about penny stocks. And unlike many, I took the lesson to heart.

I too always wondered how they kept the fry machines clean and sanitary and compliant with all the local health and safety requirements. But I never saw that issue discussed.

It was often discussed, at least on the SI board. And I think at RB as well. We in fact proposed that the machines were actually run and cared for by a midget who worked inside. Still makes sense to me.

Sure the boards were full of shills. What would you expect? At SI--I think it was SI--a group of us pumped it like crazy for about a week. It was great fun.
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janice shell

04/30/23 9:02 PM

#54068 RE: bar1080 #54065

Also: You don't seem to understand. I only though TFRY might succeed for 10 days or a couple of weeks.