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06/23/22 5:35 PM

#2434 RE: MoeHoward #2433

What's your problem with this company? Have you been defrauded by someone from SFEG?
The amount of shit that you throw into this company is unbelievable!
It's a free country.
If some people still want to believe in this company it's not your business ruining their dreams.
go trow your shit somewhere else.
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06/26/22 5:36 PM

#2436 RE: MoeHoward #2433

Yeah, it looks bad on paper. Especially if you read the mandatory disclaimers and warnings, which always are sobering. Agree, it is ugly AF. Can only watch and see how they will navigate these next months to see what may happen. It is probably wise to stay on the sidelines til proven otherwise. Even if you miss a run on any real news that would give some evidence of a real turn-around, you might only miss a small run up given the amount of shares outstanding and the thin trading if the past is any indication. So what if it opens at .06 or thereabouts and maybe sneaks up to .15 or so on positive developments. You still would be able to enter at .15 or so range I'll bet when more risk and some of the stupid is taken out of it. Even if it doubles or triples from here before one might feel comfortable grabbing some shares, that would not be a bad entry for a stock that has to prove itself and is not likely going anywhere fast given the way it looks on paper. And the slow pace with which they get even the most basic things done. Could be better to wait and see. They'll be many, most, who remain skeptics. It only makes sense given some of the things you stated and other things that make it look so shaky. But I can't help but wonder why they went through the trouble of even resurrecting the company again. Certainly not to give people write-offs. They are inconsequential given accounting rules. But I wouldn't bet against you, you could be right. I'd love to see more real, concrete news that touches on the things you bring up and some other things, before they start trading.