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06/06/22 2:12 PM

#2427 RE: Hopethat #2426

You do realize that IF they comeback they can do so with no obligation to past shares. They can dissolve them to nothing and offer completely new shares, not replacement. This company has ZERO obligation to the people holding toilet paper that says SFEG on it. I know 99.9999% of the people that lost their money don't have physical shares, so they don't even get toilet paper out of it. And if you don't think there is an issue, then you are crazy. There is an 80yo CFO that could care less. The person heading it is using this for tax writeoffs and nothing more. The only "leader" was the one that cooked the books and can no longer be an exec of a publicly traded company. So, if there is one ounce of leadership here, please state the name of that person.