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04/25/22 1:21 AM

#5 RE: Mephisto Berserk #4

Yes, that foreign fee of $50 is outrageous for HAMRF, not the Canadian symbol.
I do not pay any costs for all other trades that I make with Vanguard.
After April 28th Vanguard will not let account holders purchase most OTC stocks.
I will still be able to hold and sell them but I will be unable to purchase additional OTC stocks.

It looks like I should find a new brokerage firm. I have been with Vanguard for quite some time.
Can you suggest some good firms? I would prefer very low or zero commissions.
What types of stocks do you prefer?
My investment choices today consist of Gold, Silver, Uranium and Lithium.
I have a watchlist with other types though.
If I like a stock and its potential, I have been buying it on the dips. Lots of dips lately.
Thanks for your insight.