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01/25/23 2:43 PM

#14165 RE: PennyMillions852 #14145

One Single investor ever bought 303,000,000 shares of IFLM a couple of years ago when the OS was only 585,867,360 shares then! So, he ever owned 51.72% of the Entire OS! Which means he had already controlled this Low-OS CLEAN-Shell as a Majority shareholder!

Buying its previous-Expert-Market & current-Pink-Sheet peer at its recent high $0.85 = buying IFLM at $0.1441! In fact the recent high was $0.75 from the chart below!

Hopefully an Huge Reverse-Merger or Buy-Out deal will be announced here very soon...

Upgrading this Hidden Gem back to the Pink-Sheet market is a must thing in the near future! Note, the peer did the Same in June of 2022!