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08/06/21 11:17 PM

#14131 RE: Major Profits #14130

Too late. SEC deadline is approaching.

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08/28/21 6:31 PM

#14138 RE: Major Profits #14130

Why not? IFLM has the FIXED Sought-After Tiny OS and float plus its CLEAN-Shell status! So it is a perfect "Custodianship-Taking-Over" target!

When that happens we should see it surge to the Penny Land immediately based on what happened to its peers (such as MDCE)...

Do you know who were buying IFLM most recently since the majority of brokerage firms do not allow their clients to buy IFLM anymore? Which firm still allows the clients to buy IFLM now? TIA! I'm willing to buy out all the current 0.0001-asking shares.