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02/11/22 12:39 PM

#137473 RE: BottomBounce #137468

$TPII: B2B relationship with 2 Commercial clients for power storage:

The eTower® is the first ultra-fast charging industrial portable lighting solution with the capability to reduce diesel consumption by up to 80% compared to traditional products. Over the last few months TPII developed strong B2B relationships with Cooper Rentals and Frontier Power Products as the first two industrial clients for the revolutionary product. "Along with the fuel cost savings, we see a unique advantage to obtaining carbon credits for our B2B clients as a differentiating advantage for TPII in the $2.5 billion portable lighting market", commented Mr. Goldenberg.

The EEL Diesel Hybrid GenSet, which the Company specifically engineered for remote off-grid industrial applications will dramatically reduce fuel consumption, annual maintenance and perform autonomously in extreme cold environments. TPII transported a GenSet to Vancouver, BC for a multi-city demonstration tour for Frontier Power Products, Inc through November 29th with very positive initial feedback. Mr. Goldenberg continued," The GenSet may prove to be the most impactful product we designed and produced to date. The remote villages and towns that rely on diesel power to light and heat their homes and business will see a dramatic reduction in their diesel fuel consumption and a more stable current. The Company is extremely confident with the GenSet's performance and are looking forward to long partnership with the entire Frontier team".