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07/14/20 11:04 PM

#29 RE: deet49 #28

Without slimpickens, there is no PCHM decade coming soon. He has been my sounding board and shares equally in our success. You've helped people make a fortune there.

slimpickens deserves to make a second fortune on our precious metals journey because of his relentless DD.

And you, my friend, are a genius.



07/15/20 3:20 PM

#31 RE: deet49 #28

Haha Thanks Deet but you don't want to see my penny portfolio. Thankfully I have LMLYP to offer suggestions!


07/21/20 2:06 AM

#37 RE: deet49 #28

siverman 8

we gotta get you up to speed

FRAZ 1000 posts
PCHM you missed it from .002 its now $2 im hopin double digits

silverman - slimplickens has done well with SLV,SLVRF, HCHDF, SCEXF,... Im seeing alot of F's after symbols. He can' sit still. Making bank

deet - he's a friend of the people.

FRAZ, not if when. Less than 600,000 outstanding. Original documents from 1890's. Magnuson was not even a baby at the time of FRAZ initial public document

How would you like to have claims to sugar farms stolen by Castro, but through an act, Francisco Sugar (FRAZ) has its place on line, and for the first time ever, thimgs are hapening. And the lawyer for FRAZ, is the lawyere everfyone goes to

fraz three figures? four?

Now deet can tell you true story.
Claims on mines are cool in a rising silver environment
But claims on cuban property, people kcked out, busnesses forced to disappear, well there is annual interest associated.