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10/22/19 2:25 PM

#332736 RE: Gremlin9999 #332735

I think we're on the expert market for a reason.


lucky, mydog

10/22/19 4:11 PM

#332738 RE: Gremlin9999 #332735

there are 3 ways a company can respond to the revocation oip.

1) they can ignore it in which case they will be revoked. that requires at least one further hearing in front of an alj and a lot depends on their docket schedule.

2) they can respond and contest the oip in which case they will be revoked. it just takes longer. the longest running case to date is dbmm but even they too will likely be revoked. that is an eagerly awaited outcome. no other company has ever contested a revocation oip and won.

3) they can respond accept the sec's recommendation of voluntary revocation. those can become effective very quickly. in a couple of the latest cases the revocation came at the conclusion of the suspension.

ehre chose option #2, although they could still change it to option3.
so, to answer your question, we don't know.


10/22/19 11:11 PM

#332750 RE: Gremlin9999 #332735

ERHE will be revoked, but when? That's the question.
SEC never seems to be in a rush.