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07/24/14 8:38 PM

#37 RE: scstocks #35

SC, Saving the stem cells / umbilical cord sounds like a good idea. I haven't been following the stem cell sector directly, but some posters over on Dew's board probably do (Biomaven, etc).

There is a hospital research center in Mexico that reportedly has had amazing results using a patient's own stem cells in treating cancer, autoimmune problems, etc (takes approx 1 month). Lindsey Williams and his wife were both successfully treated there, and he found out about it from his elite friends. He said the 'elites' have been treated at this center for many years, and the treatment is not allowed in the US.

Lindsey doesn't describe the details, but it involves removing one's own stem cells, treating them in some way, and then reinfusing them back into the patient. In the weeks prior to the infusion the patient is also treated nutritionally. Lindsey has a video presentation on the topic over on You Tube and has described it in various audio interviews with the head physician of the Mexican facility. Lindsey's US physicians told him his condition wasn't treatable, so the treatment in Mexico saved his life.